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Part 99: Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes - Trial (Day 4) - Part 6

Case 5 - Rise From the Ashes
Trial (Day 4) - Part 6

: If you really had nothing to do with the forgery...

: W-what's that!?
: And what's that on it... a handprint?

: Chief Gant! Your explanation, please!

: ...
: I don't know.
: You tell me, son.
: Huh?
: My dear Wrighto. Don't you know
: the second rule of evidence law?

: Rule 2: "Unregistered evidence presented must be relevant to the case in trial."
: Tell me, how is that rag relevant to this trial?

: It appears... the defense was not prepared.
: (I guess it's too early to use this piece of evidence.)
: Please accept my profound apologies, Chief.
: Would you mind giving the defense another chance?
: Well, okay. I'll do it just this once. But only because you asked, Udgey.
: Thank you. I assure you the defense is terribly sorry.
: Ha ha ha...
: (Yeah. Sorry I didn't nail you...)

Whoops. Let's try that again.

: You claim you had nothing to do with the forgery...

: but I'm afraid that is a claim you cannot back up.

: Explain yourself.
: Several pieces of evidence were found in your office.

: That's that Blue Badger you showed us earlier.
: A piece of this jar was discovered in your safe.
: ...
: Not only that,

: was actually found inside your desk!
: It was found where!?
: You see, Chief Gant.
: These articles of evidence uncovered in your office...

: Chief Gant! What's the meaning of this!?
: Ho!
: Here's a defense attorney who may even rival Worthy!
: So you admit to it, then? That you were involved in the forgery?
: Who, me?
: Or do you mean...
: you?
: Me? Why would I have anything to do with that!?
: Well...
: You were the one who snuck into my office when you "found" this evidence.
: ...!
: Prosecutors aren't the only ones capable of forging evidence, you know.
: Defense attorneys can do so too.
: Isn't that right, Wrighto?

: However! Detective Gumshoe was present during the investigation!
: Worthy, my boy. Not even detectives are exempt from the law.
: Rest assured Dick will receive his due punishment.
: Wh...
: (If Detective Gumshoe's salary drops any further, he'll end up paying to work!)

: Yes, well. In light of the Detective's presence...
: please give us your testimony regarding these pieces of evidence found in your office,
: and their relation to the forgery that took place at the crime scene.
: My, my...
: Kids these days no longer know how to put two and two together...

: Hmm...
: Mr. Wright.
: Yes, Your Honor?
: When investigating the crime scene...

: you should have been more careful to observe protocol.
: You do understand that I am the Chief of Police, right? There will be consequences...
: Ooh...
: Indeed, I believe I will press charges... so you won't make the same mistake again.
: My apologies, Chief, but would you mind waiting
: until tomorrow for that?
: Today is...
: well, you know...
: All right, Udgey.
: In return, though...

: I know! I know! That place, right?
: (Huh? What are these guys, telepathic?)

: I'd appreciate it if you'd stop making these ridiculous allegations.
: Yes, you do have a point...
: You wouldn't have the guts to do something like that...
: What!?
: I'll have you know, back in the day I once broke into a cattle ranch, and tipped-
: M-Mr. Wright! What are you saying!?
: Anyway, you can't prove you didn't carry in the evidence, can you?
: If you have proof to the contrary, you're going to need it later.
: Later? What are you talking about?
: What else?
: I'm talking about when your fingerprints are found.
: Yes. If they're found inside my safe,
: they would prove your investigation was illegal.
: Grrr... (I've never faced anyone as slimy as this guy!)

: What do you mean by that?
: This is all purely hypothetical, of course...
: but suppose I did place those items in my safe. Such an act...
: wouldn't necessarily constitute forgery.

: If concealing evidence found at a crime scene isn't forgery...
: I'm not through speaking yet, Mr. Wright.
: It all depends on "when" the evidence was discovered.

: wasn't discovered in the initial investigation?
: It would appear not.
: After all, it wasn't listed in the evidence list.
: For all we know, it could have suddenly materialized the day after Darke was sentenced.

: Oh, and wouldn't that be convenient...
: Wright.
: !
: The Chief is talking about a "possibility." So long as you can't rule that out... your remarks, however clever they may be,
: will only succeed in wasting time.
: (Tell me something I don't know...)
: Come now, Mr. Wright.
: Think about it.

: How can you look me in the eye and say that!?
: Because I'm innocent.
: ...!
: Remember?
: Who was it that murdered Neil?
: I'm not sure I care for the word "murder" here...
: but in the end the person responsible for Mr. Marshall's unfortunate demise...

: ...
: Well? Now do you see?

: Really, Chief Gant?
: At the very least, there is one very large benefit you've reaped from all this.
: Oh? I wasn't aware.
: What is this "benefit"?
: That would of course be the position you have - Chief of Police.
: Oh...
: The resolution of the SL-9 Incident secured your promotion to Chief.
: That in itself is sufficient motive!
: ...
: Ho! Ho! Ho! Oh,
: that's a good one.

: Huh?
: Do you really think I'm that incompetent?
: What do you mean?
: Even without that case, I was already in line to become the next chief.
: The resolution of SL-9 merely sped up the inevitable a little.
: Is that true, Edgeworth?
: Yes..
: He was going to be made Chief anyway.

: Be careful when pointing that finger...
: or you might wind up being the one pointed at!
: So that means...
: there's only one possible motivation for you to commit forgery. If you didn't do it for yourself...
: then you did it for someone else.

: Don't be silly, Worthy. You know me better than that. There are only three people I look out for:
: Me, Myself and I. ...
: There, it's out in the open now.
: Udgey, would you mind if I changed my testimony a little?
: By all means, please do!

: "Nothing in it" for you?
: Sorry, but the only person I care about is Yours Truly.
: That girl... Lana's little sister, was it?

: You're right...
: You don't feel sorry for anyone.
: Be tough on crime and tough on people.
: That's how I was raised.
: You seem to be lax enough on yourself, though.
: Ho! Ho! Ho!
: Oh, that's a good one, Worthy!
: (Hmm...)
: (Could there have been something in it for him?)

: (Bah! I can't think of how it would help him!)
: (That means...)

: Relax and take a deep breath, Mr. Wright.
: !
: Try to think "outside the box."
: After all, that's what you're good at, isn't it?
: Think outside the box... (I never thought I'd heart him tell me that...)

: (It's "Who would ask the Chief for help?")

And we loop.

: It appears...
: the defense has nothing more to say.
: Chief, would you please repeat your testimony from the beginning?
: ...

Next time: What did Gant have to gain?