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Original Thread: T-Minus 279,000 Light Years Until Starvation - Let's Play Pikmin 3



Mugiwara Yoshi takes the reigns again after several years for an LP we've wanted to do for even longer!

The game
Pikmin 3 brings the modestly-successful, genre-bending series to the not-very-successful, dead-in-the-water Wii U. The game makes use of the Wii U's tablet for multiple new gameplay functions, including allowing you to see everything across the whole map, having different teams of Pikmin operate independently, and have your characters interact like actual characters for once and not just take orders from their ship. We also get two new Pikmin in place of the Purples and Whites: Rock Pikmin, which can be thrown around to break glass and resist piercing or crushing attacks, and Winged Pikmin, which are able to fly in the face of the developers' intentions.
The game finds a middle ground in the level of peril between the first two games. Where Pikmin had you recover your ship parts in a strict 30 day time limit, and 2 had you collect treasure with no limit at all, 3 requires you to gather fruits to survive which extend the time you have. Because there is only overground and no long underground caves again, this does mean the game won't take very long at all - 15 in-game days max.
A sometimes challenging, if not particularly long, game with a bit of a learning curve, Pikmin 3 is at least worth the time we waited between its release and 2's.

The story is such:
You are Alph, Brittany and Charlie from the planet Koppai - scientists who are sent to the Pikmin planet to gather fruit seeds to bring back home and save the starving population. Having reliably crashed their ship like Pikmin protagonists are supposed to, they only have three days of food reserves left and must gather more fruits to juice. Discovering the Pikmin and how to utilize them on their own, they set out to gather as many fruits as they can to save their planet and themselves from starving. Along the way, they discover that some previous visitors may not have left yet...

The LP:
Yoshi will be gathering all of the fruits and upgrades, as well as occasionally including alternate takes to show off tricks or sequence breaks. The expected length of the LP is 14-16 days. He won't be so intent on keeping all of his Pikmin alive this time around, because goddamn, let a guy ease back into LPing.
I (ThornBrain) have also played and beaten the game, so I too will have relevant info to provide, but I'll more likely handle the quipping job.


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