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Original Thread: Let's Play Pikmin 3: Three Drunks Explore a New World



Pikmin 3 was released for Nintendo’s Wii U in the summer of 2013. This is the first time the series has seen a new release since Pikmin 2 on the GameCube in 2004. Even though Pikmin 3 was heavily teased to arrive on the Wii in 2008/2009, the Wii only saw New Play Control re-releases of Pikmin and Pikmin 2 that were actually incredibly badass.

The Pikmin games typically focus on martians crash-landing on a post-apocalyptic Earth. During their travel, they rely on small bug-like plant creatures called Pikmin to lift and kill various things obscuring their progress. I’ve heard the Overlord games copy this format. Pikmin (2001) introduced the series with three types of Pikmin (red, blue, and yellow) and Pikmin 2 brought in two more types (white and purple) to further complicate the game world. I played Pikmin to 100% completion when it came out, but I never saw Pikmin 2 all the way through.

These games are also Miyamoto-as-hell.

LP Style and Intent
I have played about an hour into Pikmin 3 to get the feel for it, but this is largely going to be a blind LP. I’m not worried about the content lacking information because I have enough exposure to the series to where sitting down with the game for an hour felt like coming home.

Pikmin games have always had the virtue of clear, succinct stopping points with its day and night system. Videos will more than likely be segmented to each day, which should be around fifteen minutes per video. Because it would be strange to invite my friends over to hang out for fifteen minutes at a time, we may record for an hour or two, and I’ll piecemeal and parcel the content over a week. Seems like a lot to edit. Exciting!

I will have two friends accommodate me in the same room as I play. One of them played a lot of Pikmin 2’s multiplayer with me as a kid, and one is just a straight-up Nintendo Idiot and doesn’t know anything, that stupid piece of garbage.

The Hardware bear with me, I like this stuff a whole bunch
I got bored a couple weeks ago, and started to talk with my friend about audio equipment and editing. One thing led to another, and I acquired an audio mixer with some dynamic microphones. To me, half the fun of doing a Let’s Play for me is the hardware and tech behind it, so here are some thumbnails of the setup, for those interested. We're getting used to the equipment, so please leave us some feedback on how everything sounds and what we can improve on.

Fruit Collected


Day 1 -- Crash landing on a mysterious new planet.
Day 2 -- Finding Brittany
Day 3 -- Exploring the Garden of Hope
Day 4 -- Mawdad or Mawmad?
Day 5 -- Tundra Troubles
Day 6 -- Holy Hostiles!
Day 7 -- Shed some light on the situation
Day 8 -- Viva el Capitan!
Day 9 -- Messin' with Multitasking
Day 10 -- Building Bridges
Day 11 -- Fruit and Death
Day 12 -- Oh, THAT'S how you quickly kill dozens of Pikmin.
Day 13 -- Staycation
Day 14 -- Twilight River
Day 16 -- Go Royals!, or "How to murder babbys."
Day 17 -- Banjo-Kazooie
Day 19 -- The Plot Twist
Day 20 -- Time Wasted
Day 21 -- Back 2 Tha Water
Day 22 -- Dune was a book.
Day 23 -- Sweet Jesus, It's Day 23
Day 24 -- Madness, Mayhem, Ideas
Day 25 -- Goldmember
Day 26 -- Game the game
Day 27 -- Blob man cometh
Day 28 -- Frustration exclamation.
Day 2928 -- Where do we go from here?
Tropical Wilds 100%
Twilight River 100%
Garden of Hope 100%
Distant Tundra 100%
Day 37 -- First (second) boss attempt.

Treasure 1:
Treasure 2:

Bingo Mode
vs. Grant:

Art accompanying the LP

"Charlie Stalin" by Sean and Ometeotl

"This LP in a nutshell" by SectumSempra

by cofaigh

"The Struggle" by cofaigh

"Bingo Battle (Pikmin 3 Remix)" by Tortango

"this_LP.gif" by Dad Jokes

"The Bloomin' Onions" by KillerEggplant
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