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Original Thread: Landing is the best part. Let's Play Pilotwings!



What's Pilotwings?
A really sweet game. You wanna have a chill 16-bit time? Pop in Pilotwings. It's got very nice music, fun gameplay and a somewhat steep but fair difficulty curve. It was also a SNES launch title and showcases Mode 7 like no other game.

What's this LP?
Basically a relaxed stroll through the game with varying guests, having a good time and enjoying a bit of Pilotwings.

Anything else?
Apart from the videos I'll go into some of the more interesting things related to the game. Just a few informative posts to accompany the updates. There's a bunch of really sweet remixes of the games soundtrack for example. And something about Birdman.


with El Generico & BB2k
with El Generico & BB2k yet again
with Heavy Sigh and BB2k
with Heavy Sigh and a BB2k in the back row
V Dithiannim, Goggle Fox & The Moon from here on out V

Other Stuff

Remixalbum "Take Flight" by halc

Kim Jong-Al by Dyslexiactic
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