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Part 142: Fake Update

Fake Update:

Now there's a couple reasons why I didn't patch up my game or include all the newer, modded-in content.

First, I'm a bit of a game purist. When I do a runthrough for the first time I really prefer to play the game as-is, though with patches to fix up any major game-ending bugs of course.

Second, I am very skeptical when it comes to Infinity Engine mods. Most of the writing is absolutely terrible. Take, for example, the creepy jailbait Mary Sue BG2 mod, Saerileth. Shugojin's LP of that pretty much scared me off of that shit.

"Meh, I'd hit it."

Third, if I did patch the game up, I probably wouldn't be able to show you this awesome (though late-game) exploit in the Curst Warehouse.

"You know, this would've really helped us before we had to go crawling through the bowels of Baator."

PS:T was famous for encouraging characters to solve things through dialogue rather than killing the shit out of your enemies. This was done with huge XP bonuses for solving conversation-based quests, and since Curst is packed to the gills with these (you basically have to run around convincing people to be nice for a change) there are plenty of opportunities to beef up before facing Trias.

Fortunately for us, we can stick one in an infinite loop.

"Infinite loops? Sounds hauntingly familiar..."

Step 1: Remove all your party members save one. Here, we'll have Annah by our side.

"Or maybe she should stick to his front so the chief can guard her rear. ZING."

"You know skull? Yer going ta be doin' yer grinning onna tip of a pike one of these days... aye, and that'll be the least of yer worries after I'm through with yeh."

"I'll be good."

Step 2: Enter the warehouse and pause immediately after.

Step 3: Ebb Creakknees will be there. Leaving Annah at the door so you can rush out quickly, talk to Ebb and convince him through the magic of diplomacy that he needs to help fight for the good of Curst. Or just press '1' four times.

Step 4: Rush out of the warehouse, repeat. Ebb will have respawned and you can talk to him repeatedly, for 225,000 experience points each time.

Of course, experience isn't the only goody we get from the Warehouse.

Ah, pixel-hunting secrets. They never go out of style.

The Ancient Scroll is basically a Wish spell. Unfortunately most of the wishes are lame, as seen here:

The two best wishes are for a magic item, the Ring of Thex:

Or for spell knowledge.

Personally, I'm going for the Ring of Thex since TNO already has two of these three spells. We'll be switching out the Aegis of Torment for this and handing the Aegis to Dak'kon. We'll miss our on Power Word: Kill, but frankly it's not that great of a spell when TNO can just stab something to death right now.

That's it for now. Next up: clearing out of Carceri.