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Part 144: Fake Update: Fun with Vhailor!

Fake Update: Fun with Vhailor!

Since we don't have Vhailor in the party I'll just be showing off a couple of quick dialogues that we would've gotten if he were here. The first one is when you face down the corrupt judge who is trying to execute An'izius.

This sour-faced little man raises an eyebrow as you approach. He speaks in the tone of an overfed, arrogant nobleman. "Mind you, sirrah, that you're interrupting an official process, and watch your words carefully: I am a powerful magistrate here, and would hate for you share this man's..." He indicates the official about to be executed. "... rather *sorry* fate."

"An 'official process?' Doubtful. You won't execute this man."

"Oh?" He drops one bushy eyebrow while raising the other. "So you would place yourself in the righteous path of justice? And just *how* do you intend to stop the execution, sirrah?"

Vhailor suddenly steps forward, eyes blazing. "This is *not* Justice, but a mere, childish *mockery* of it. There shall be *no* execution, 'magistrate'... unless your actions force me to serve Her myself."

All color bleeds from the judge's face. "P-p-perhaps w-we were a b-bit hasty in our judgements, Mercykiller. Guards! Free this man!" He smiles meekly at Vhailor. "Thank you for your most timely aid, sir."

"You shall conduct yourself in a more appropriate manner in the future, magistrate. Do not let contrary news reach my ears... or I shall *return* for you, be the journey one thousand, thousand leagues. Strive to keep Justice in your heart, and you shall be safe. Farewell."

Awesome. And now when you defeat Trias...

"Best of luck, Trias. Farewell."

*The deva shall NOT walk free. No matter your vow, JUSTICE must be SERVED.*

Vhailor strikes him down, shattering the bones of his proud face, bloodying his immaculate form.

With his dying strength, Trias says, "Know that you have damned yourself. In killing me, you have shattered the last shield that you have against the horrors that will consume you. The fiend I tricked... he is now free..." His weak chuckle trickles off, and the light vanishes from his eyes.

"Just die, already."

Oops. Remember that Fhjull Fork-Tongue is bound to do charity work so long as Trias lives. Now that he's dead Fhjull is free to wreak havoc across the planes once more. Justice sucks.

Though hey, since we robbed him blind he can't be much of a threat, now can he?