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Planescape: Torment

by Shadow Catboy

Part 37: Interlude


The Tavern of Broken Dreams (Music)

The Harmonium guard Mikon growls, "You're telling me that a den of robbers and thieves is living right under our noses? And stealing from graves?!"

You roll your eyes and sip your next drink slowly. While many had milled in and out to relieve themselves, doing so now would all but forfeit your seat at the bar. Perhaps you could offer Mikon a gold piece to keep watch over your seat, but fewer breaks means more gold saved.

The man truly is a new recruit. The Harmonium may have conquered and pacified a few worlds, but no police force could root out all the criminals and lowlifes from the Hive. Poverty would simply breed more, even if the Free League and Xaositects didn't send the Hardheads scurrying. Then again, all the bloodshed in the streets would surely attract the Lady, and Factol Sarin is much too sensible to...

In the background, Oudilin strums his harp. Throughout the tale he had moved from a quirky strum when Scii-tavakis spoke of the Buried Village, to a calm, wistful tune through the exploration of the crypt. The song played like a forgotten memory, interrupted only by a dramatic crescendo each time Scii described battles and fights in full, gory detail. The woman was a bloodthirsty little savage.

The elf purses her lips and toys with her spear. Crouched over and catlike on the stool, Scii looks ready to heft the obsidian tip straight through Mikon's Clueless skull.

"In the world I hail from, it is quite rude to interrupt a telling. Worthy of slitting a man from navel to nose, in fact," she cocks her head and grins madly. Bloodthirsty indeed.

Oudilin's fingers dance across the strings, strumming a tense, dramatic tune. In his corner he cocks his head and smiles as a few patrons chuckle.

"But if you truly are curious," she continues, casually setting aside her threat, "I did visit the dingy corner of the Hive soon after decoding the Puzzle Box. This long after the Nameless One walked these streets, one can only expect that much has changed, however. Pharod's name had been long forgotten in the Buried Village, and the Dustmen had reinforced the crypts with deadly protective wards. All that remains is a hidden alcove where madmen and vagrants hide, visited occasionally by the Bleak Cabal."

Mikon leans back and grumbles something under his breath about arresting the woman for threatening a keeper of the peace. But by himself and with only two hands to wield his swords, it was doubtful that he could fight off the furious mob that would form if he did so.

Scii-tavakis pauses to see if there were any other protests she could quell with a death threat. Hearing nothing she continues, "Now, I was never one for philosophizing, so let us skip ahead to something more interesting..."