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Part 67: Fake Update

Forever_Peace posted:

Also, out of curiosity, what the interest be like for an evil run-through of the game sometime in the future? Would it be so much of a that no one would read it?

Psycho Serum posted:

I think you would have to be either illiterate or a sociopath to finish an evil runthrough. It's not even an interesting way to play the game, it's a parade of gut-twisting misery and soul destroying cruelty. The one time I tried I got as far as the Grimoire of Pestilent Thought, did as it said until it went silent and then felt so I gave up.

Forever_Peace posted:

I just tried to start one. I told myself I could do it, that it was just a game and it isn't that hard to just click the evil options. Deionarra fucked me up pretty good, and I only lasted until the dustman bar with the young suicidal dusty.

RedMagus posted:

I did an complete evil playthrough once.

I really lost a lot of the flavor of the game though, since after a while it was "click option, click fast through text, get reward/XP for that part". I didn't want to read through it much anymore after the hive area.

I lost part of my soul that week.

It's honestly so sweet and adorable to see goons empathizing with the characters of a game instead of the whole "Let's go chaotic evil it'll be fucking hilarious lolz!" we often see in other Infinity Engine games. Guess we aren't the internet toughguys we so often try to pass off as.

Then again I just left a thread full of goons gushing over pictures of bunny rabbits in Pet Island so maybe I should've known this beforehand.

In any case, I agree with everyone 100% that an evil playthrough is just not possible for a sane, well-adjusted human being. So here's a fake update for you, courtesy of Evil TNO with a Goatee.

Fake Update:

"YEAH. You eat it, bitch! No one fucks with The Nameless One! NO ONE! Aww fuck all she had was this lame dagger. Ah well, that was an awesome kill though, right, Dak'kon-sensei?"