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Part 81: Fake Update

Welp, some new developments means I'll have to put in some crunch time in the name of at the lab, which means working 7 days a week. Unfortunately it means this week's update is gonna be a bit late, so here's a fake update to help tide the thread over.

Fake Update:

This is one of the minor sidequests that I didn't bother to include in an update. All the cool ones take place in the Clerk's Ward. This one takes place in the Northwest quadrant of the Hive. Turns out the owner of the shitty, run-down flophouse there has a crazy guy named Nestor there he wants to get rid of.

This Nestor dude keeps whining about his missing fork, to the extent that he'll go violent over it.

Apparently it was due to a tussle with a dude named One-Ear. This tiefling jackass, right here.

The Nameless One, being a pacifistic sort of fellow, engages in tactful diplomacy.

One bloodletting later...


Guess it was a portal key. Goodbye, Nestor!