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Part 4: A

holy fuck this took longer than I thought it would

Update 04

Welcome back! Last time Fatty decided to be a rebel and try fooling around with some glitches himself, as a result I had to punish him.

I decided to leave Fatty in the middle of nowhere with this dude, I could have put him in my PC or something but after last time I'd rather not take any chances.

Now, you may be asking, how did Fatty the Raichu suddenly learn those glitchy moves? Was it the work of the glitched up Misty we fought? Perhaps it occurred from catching Blocky? Could it be a side effect from the Mew trick? While these are all fun theories to go into, I'm afraid I will have to disappoint you and just straight out say I used a gameshark code, four gameshark codes actually!

01a673D1-- 1st attack
01a774D1-- 2nd attack
01a875D1-- 3rd attack
01a976D1-- 4th attack

When you have all four codes on, every pokemon in your party will have these glitch moves. All codes must be on, otherwise the game will freeze in battle. Even then, with the codes on, 80 percent of the time you try to fight with them the game will freeze on you, which leads me to my next point.

These codes, which result in the moves, are very unpredictable. To give you an idea, the whole evolution thing caught me by surprise, so much so that all I could do was take screenshots while the evolution chain was occurring. When I realized that I didn't capture any video of this glorious event, I tried to recreate it, I probably tried over a hundred times, it never happened again. What did happen you may ask? Well, as I said, usually it froze, the other thing that happened... Would be best if I showed you later, where it really threw ME off the loop, except I could take a video of it this time cause I was prepared. You'll see.

Anyway our next destination is the SS Anne and the third gym. To my convenience using WTW to pass by the guard posts does not mess with the game at all. As a matter of fact you could probably infiltrate Silph. Co. right now if you wanted to, but we're not there yet. Actually I don't even think we're gonna do that, all we get is a Lapras and a Master Ball, boring.

I also wanted to show this off real quick, Blocky's inclusion into the team, like the battle screen, causes random q's to appear. You can't select them or anything, but they're cluttering up my screen and it's annoying. (Seriously what is it with Blocky and q)

Now, it's time for our ~pokegod of the day~! In today's episode, our special guest is A. That's all his name is, A, legibly at least. A's cry is the Sing attack, that is it's the sing sound clip. If you ask me it is sufficient nightmare fuel because sing by itself is creepy.

Cutting right to the chase, I don't want A to land a move because his one move has the possibility to freeze your game (and delete your save file in the process). Now A has a special problem that on one hand makes things less risky for your game when catching it, but on the other hand... It's just annoying.

When you catch A for the first time, you get to see his pokedex entry, now what happens at the pokedex entry is strange, he just changes into rhydon. The pokedex won't freeze and you won't get an evolution screen or anything like that, the game will just give you Rhydon's pokedex description and hand you a Rhydon instead of A. Now a theory on why this happens is that the event is related to the fact that Rhydon was the first pokemon coded into the game (not the first thought up, just the first coded). As a matter of fact, Rhydon contains a hexvalue of 01, the second hex value, with the first being occupied by a different glitch pokemon we'll run into later.

As you can see from the stats screen, this Rhydon is nothing special, besides being a level 14 Rhydon I guess. I'm not gonna keep him or anything, instead now we're going to have to catch A again. Catching A a second time will allow you to skip the pokedex entry which would transform A into Rhydon and you can use him in all his glory.

A's overworld sprite is... Many different things, sometimes it'll be an old man that loses his legs and head spastically, other times he'll just be some sort of incomprehensible mess. His stats are normal for a pokemon that would be his level so I didn't capture that. His moves however, welp take a look for yourself. There's only one move, it has no name, and no PP. Don't worry though, this isn't the same as what Fatty had last time.

Also check out A's pokedex number, 250! Show that off to your schoolyard friends, they'll shit a brick.

Also a quick small screenshot showing off how more random characters are appearing on my pokemon menu, I'm afraid this might turn into a problem as I obtain more pokegods, or they may just magically go away. Maybe I'll just get rid of blocky and they'll be gone, who knows.

Here's something I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with, after catching or encountering A your game's battle sprites will probably get all bunched up. At least on your side, your opponent will simply be mirrored the other way.

Now this is A's one move it has when you catch it, it's the cooltrainer move that " !" had in the first update. Now I think I should finally explain why "Cooltrainer" and other trainer names like "Misty" appear on certain glitch/sharked moves. Well from what I understand when the game can't determine the type of a move it will do one of two things: it'll either use some random glitch jargon which was left behind and was going to be programmed as a move type and use that as a move type since it's close (TM/HM moves usually have this typing). If the game doesn't do that, it'll take a legible approach, apparently trainer names have something similar to move typing, and the game decides to use the last trainer you fight as a move typing.

If you haven't fought a trainer before, or if you fought a wild pokemon after a trainer then you'll get the Cooltrainer type. The reason for this is that Cooltrainer is supposedly the first trainer programmed into the game, like Rhydon was the first pokemon. As you have seen, the more unstable moves are the ones that tend to have the trainer names as moves, you'd think it would be the other way around.
Now A's cooltrainer move is weird in that it is zero when you catch it, what's weirder is that the PP can not be recovered by the pokemon center. You would need a Pokemon Center or PP UP to raise the PP to try the move. The move itself has the same animation as fissure and does similar damage, however if the move does NOT kill the opposing pokemon then your game will freeze and there is a possibility of save data erasing or corrupting. Be very careful using A when you try to catch him and fighting him when he only knows the Cooltrainer move. That reminds me, here's the glitch dex entry for A!

Pokemon #250
Type 1/Normal, Type 2/Normal
Hex Value: BF
Starting Moves: Cooltrainer, Pay Day, Guillotine, Razor Wind
Yellow Equivalent: 4 4

Base and Max Stats:
HP: 37, Atk: 0, Def: 40, Spd: 178, Spl: 19
HP: 277, Atk: 98, Def: 178, Spd: 454, Spl: 136

Learned Moves: Tackle (Lv. 8), Gust (Lv. 14), TM08 (Lv. 15), TM50 (Lv. 16) Razor WInd (Lv. 19), TM16 (Lv. 20), Hydro Pump (Lv. 31), TM17 (Lv. 32) Peck (Lv. 33), Razor Wind (Lv. 34), Mega Punch (Lv. 35), Poison Sting (Lv. 40), Fury Attack (Lv. 41), Whirlwind (Lv. 42), Reflect (Lv. 44), Transform (Lv. 48), TM24 (Lv. 60)

Learned Moves over level 100: TM40 (Lv. 103), TM40 (Lv. 111), Bite (Lv. 114), Bite (Lv. 115), TM 24 (Lv. 124), TM 24 (Lv. 125), Cut (Lv. 126), TM08 (Lv. 133), Swords Dance (Lv. 145), HM05 (Lv. 167), TM24 (Lv. 175), Bone Club (Lv. 191), Defense Curl (Lv. 192), Absorb (Lv. 198), Sludge (Lv. 199), Screech (Lv. 200), Defense Curl (Lv. 201), Absorb (Lv. 203), Sludge (Lv. 204), Screech (Lv. 205), Defense Curl (Lv. 206), Reflect (Lv. 209), TM54 (Lv. 216), <crashes game> (Lv. 224), Comet Punch (Lv. 230), TM04 (Lv. 240), <crashes when learned> (Lv. 248), TM40 (Lv. 249), Slam (Lv. 254)

TM Moves: Bubblebeam, Ice Beam, Counter, Seismic Toss, Thunder, Earthquake, Fissure, Psychic, Teleport, Bide, Metronome, Softboiled, Sky Attack, Rest, Psywave, Rock Slide

Encounter Flag: unknown
Capture Flag: Krabby encounter

A is a bit more dangerous than H poke in that he has the ability to erase your save file if not carefully taken care of. His cry is the regular sing attack sound (of course it has to be one of the creepier ones in the game) and when using him in battle his back sprite will vary (more fun for you dudes to draw interpretations I guess). If you catch A at a low enough level, it will start with the moves Pay Day, Guillotine, Razor Wind, and the Cooltrainer move. A learns a LOT of TM and HM moves, so we're gonna keep him in our party for a bit and actually use him to see what a good bunch of these moves do.

With that covered let me explain another neat thing about A, at his level A only knows the Cooltrainer move, but he is one level away from learning gust, now the cooltrainer move is a bit useless and too risky, so instead we're gonna do the whole switcharoo trick until A levels up, when A learns Gust it'll automatically replace the Cooltrainer move and A will also automatically learn Pay day, guillotine, and Razor Wind. The moveset is pretty weird since A has the capture flag of a krabby.

Now what better place to train A than the third gym and SS Anne? I decided to tackle the gym first since it had higher level pokemon first and, hey, sequence breaking!

And would you look at that, A's overworld sprite changed again! The third of his three forms, this thing I can not comprehend at ALL. I mean, it's probably just some singular distorted version of a sprite that probably hasn't been used much before, but you guys have been pretty good so far at solving these mysteries, this one's a bit of a challenge since it's pretty small (it looks like diapers if you ask me).

SA user crashman believes it is a messed up overworld plant pokemon sprite. I find this believable.

Oh! I should mention that after catching A the opposing pokemon's sprites won't mess up, IF they don't get hurt or do a move that causes the sprite to flash. If such an event occurs this happens, quite frankly I find this to be a far more appealing look for the fat Pikachu of old. (I miss fat Pikachu)

And finally, balls.

Yeah sorry Surge, sometimes gods will do that to you, just roll with it. (I really do love how appropriate the second screenshot is). Unfortunately despite beating the gym A still hasn't leveled up yet. He needs a ridiculous amount of EXP to level up, over 2000 when he's only level 13! I could just go back to Cerulean Cave and train him off there, but I wanted to check out a few things in SS Anne, and I get far more than I bargain for.

Posting this image just to say that this guy says something very interesting in the R/B/Y remakes. That is, if you have a badly pirated copy of the game, this sailor will add a little tidbit for you "By the way, if you like this game, buy it or die." What a nice piece of text, if I was a 6 year old playing the game that was unknowingly pirated, I would have thrown the game in the garbage disposal. Anyway it seems that I forgot to get the SS Anne ticket from Bill but that isn't much of an issue, you can just walk over the sailor no sweat.

Ah yes the SS Anne area, the map that shows SS Anne is pretty boring. If you walk/surf around the water there's a bunch of walls surrounding the ship that are just out of sight through normal means. Other than that there's nothing interesting here... Nope.

Another thing I wanted to see was any place you could use the WTW code when at the front area of SS Anne that's outside. Unfortunately putting one step into the water freezes the game, but you can walk on the border between normal areas and water!... Still nothing gained or interesting from it though, the SS Anne is BORING

That's what I thought, and as I beat through a bunch of trainers to help A level up, I ran into Blue. "Cool" I thought "he has some high leveled pokes, good exp, what can go wrong?" When one of your glitched pokemon decides to break a law, everything goes wrong.

video (Yes something happens after Ivysaur dies, it takes forever for it to die I know)

So, this is what happened. I battled Gary not thinking anything weird would happen so I didn't take screenshots until just now. What happened was Gary took out Ivysaur, and I accidently switched in Blocky instead of Mew to substitute for A. This wouldn't be a problem except... Those moves that Fatty had last time? Blocky has them now. The fucked up part about it? The gameshark codes that activate the moves are OFF. No pokemon should have them, yet they are THERE. Even Fatty didn't have the moves, but somehow Blocky inherited and kept them. This results in me frantically getting a video to run while mashing the screenshot capture button.

Blocky did... something. There was no attack animation that indicated what he did, but eventually the Ivysaur just burned itself to death. What followed after is similar to the evolution chain that recently occurred.

Ivysaur face gained exp for some reason!

Apparently Blocky is my PC?

Wait what?

Aww shit ya'll know not to fuck with me now! (unless you're some sort of 100+ glitch please don't hurt me)

Again, a pokemon appears on my team out of nowhere without my knowledge. I have never laid eyes on this "DY" (die?) and never will.

Whoah, hang on a second, I just saw it die! It was scared, the fear in its eyes, contained the call for help as glitchy flames slowly engulfed it...

Oh! Um uh, I guess I'll pick the top?


And then the game froze. So now things are happening beyond my control, things may only be more interesting from here. Next time we'll finally get A to level up, probably catch another pokegod, or not I dunno. Definitely gonna get another badge? Fuck I don't know anymore.

Also guys a vote, should we keep blocky in case something interesting happens again, or stuff him away in a box forever?


Nope nothing interesting here