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Part 3: Phenac City, Part Two

Phenac City, Part 2: Getting Nothing Worthwhile Done (2009/05/30)

In this update, we'll continue our exploration of Phenac City, starting off with the PokeMart. It's your basic supplies store that you find in all the Pokemon games, selling healing items, and some other things, with one noteworthy absence.

> I recommend it. After all, it's my hou... Er... Ahem!
> Uh... Well, anyway, that shop has the best reputation around these parts!

My hou... my hourglass? House?

> Darn! The one I want's under that capsule!
Sadly, we can never help this kid.

I sell off 2x ICE HEAL, 2x PARALYZ HEAL, and 2x AWAKENING, because they're rarely, if ever, things I've needed in previous runs. The CALL command can be used to awaken Pokemon, making AWAKENING redundant in Colosseum, aside from waking up party Pokemon who aren't in battle. Antidotes are the only thing worth hanging onto, other than Full Heals: the former stops Poisoning, which has a really annoying effect of losing HP with each few steps as well as a flashing screen affect, the latter being useful for healing everything else, with a slightly greater expense, but it only takes up one bag item slot.

> They have all sorts of Pokemon merchandise here, It's fun to just look, even!
… A tad depressing. Someday, kiddo. Someday. Moving on...

On the top floor, we get the following:

> But if your Pokemon falls asleep in a battle, just call out its name. That will wake it up. It doesn't get any cheaper than free!
A lad who explains what items cure given status conditions, as well as mentioning the anti-SLP trick in this game (note the CALL command isn't available in the handhelds, or any non-Gamecube story mode game).

> But, as you know, there are no wild Pokemon around these parts.
> So there's no demand for Poke Balls. Meaning nobody sells them. That's common knowledge, too.

Pokemon catching, a crash course. Geez, he doesn't even mention the "weaken to make catching easier" bit. He also mentions that we most likely aren't going to find Poke Balls in Poke Marts (unlike the handhelds).

Hm. No wild Pokemon. That means we're probably going to be stuck with Umbreon and Espeon... but why would there be a storage system for Pokemon? Is it just for show? In case we want to have just one Pokemon in our party? I doubt there are any in-game trades, and even if there were, I wouldn't want to lose either starter.

The upstairs counter sells battle items. They act as in-battle buffs, that last until you switch out the Pokemon, or the battle ends. Not worth it, and a waste of money, in my book.

> Every trainer should be carrying at least a POTION or two.
> It's not as if there's always going to be a POKEMON CENTER when you need one. That's why a POTION comes in handy.

The old lady makes a good point. Not having Potions, Super Potions, or other HP recovery items can means a lot of backtracking. We'll pick up more of them, when I feel it's needed. The Potions heal 20 HP; Super Potions heal 50 HP. Potions will become surprisingly useless, once our level is higher.

This athlete always runs around the fountain when we see him, the Castform exercising with (hovering fast to follow) him.

>So, what's up? Did you manage to find anything out?
YES: Is that right! Well, that's great, then! Ahahaha!

… Well, that's useful. Let's try...
NO: Is that right. That's got to be vexing.
> I know! If it's about Pokemon, there's the PRE GYM!
> It's actually called PRESTIGE PRECEPT CENTER, but everyone calls it PRE GYM
Thank heavens. The other way seems like a bit of a mouthful.
> PRE GYM is a place where skilled trainers work on their own abilities as well as their Pokemon.
> You'll find many trainers there who are knowledgeable about Pokemon. I'm sure they could help you.
> The PRE GYM is on the raised middle part of the town. You should visit there.

On our checklist of places we ought to visit, but don't now: The mayor's office, and the Pre Gym.

> So, young one, how about indulging this old man? Let us battle.
Talking to an old man leads him to ask for a battle. We oblige.
Hoothoot (Lv.25, M)
Sentret (Lv.25, F)
DRIG: Whoa! I've got to concede this one, lad!
> Ah, yes. You're young, but you've got a bit of spine!
> Why, you're just like me when I was young. Well done, indeed!

Next, we arbitrarily invade the house north of the old man.

> After all, where those people are from is far away from here. They wouldn't come out here.
> The thugs of PYRITE TOWN... They're much more frightening to me.

Pyrite Town, great! Another location. Sadly, though, we can't visit it, yet.

> Usually, they'd have at least one channel showing anime or something. Grumble...
This needs no further explanation. However, the TV is glowing between normal and white, which means there's a new broadcast to watch! So, let's see what's on...

> A TEAM SNAGEM member was arrested after being found hiding in ECLO CANYON after the SNAGEM HIDEOUT exploded.
> During interrogation, the SNAGEM member revealed that the explosion resulted from a clash between SNAGEM members.
> The explosion apparently destroyed the SNAG MACHINE used for stealing Pokemon. However, it is said that only the large SNAG MACHINE was destroyed.
> The small, portable SNAG MACHINE appears to have been taken by the TEAM SNAGEM member who blew up the SNAGEM HIDEOUT.

But... wait, no it didn't, the protagonist set those charges? The protagonist took the Snag Machine and blew up the Hideout, which means... the protagonist was a part of Team Snagem. If you don't see this broadcast, don't fret. This conclusion slaps you in the face soon enough.

> Those thugs must have come back and taken off in it.
> I bet they came from PYRITE TOWN. I'm sure of it!

Another mention of that location, and still we can't go there. A pity we couldn't have taken that hunk of junk. Could've probably sold it, or something. At least we still have the awesomecycle.

This right here's the Pre Gym. But, we're heading left first, to the Mayor's Office! Finally! As we approach, the doors open before we even get to them, and out walks...

> Hm... I like what I see in your expression.
> Fufufu... I have a feeling I may see you again somewhere.

He exits east. His hair and rather ugly kilt keep blowing in the wind, by the way.

> Look at me. It's not cold, but I'm covered in goose pimples. Shudder...
Glad to see I'm not the only one disturbed by his appearance.

At the north-most region of the town is the Stadium.

NO: They say that TEAM SNAGEM's hideout was blown up!
> Who could have done such a thing?

A stadium which, coincidentally, isn't accepting entries.

> This is where we register trainers for challenges.
> However, the current challenge has already started. So, we are no longer accepting trainers for this challenge.
> Please come back and enter the next challenge.

… Logical, if nothing else.

YES: Oh, yeah? Well, me, too. I came here hoping to participate in the challenge.
> But I was disappointed. By the time I arrived, the challenge had already started.
> I wanted to win this knockout challenge. I would've liked to win the cash prize and the TECHNICAL MACHINE (TM).

Riveting conclusions so far: There was a challenge. We missed signing up for it. Therefore, there is no challenge in which we can currently participate. Ever-so-subtly mentioned, winning this challenge nets some cash, as well as a TM. As mentioned before, TMs can be used one time, to teach a Pokemon a move.
NO: Oh, so you must be here to watch the battles. It's great to see some awesome Pokemon moves in a live setting.
> The winner gets cash and a TM, which is short for TECHNICAL MACHINE. A TM is used for teaching a move to a Pokemon, so it's important.

Important it is. Well, only the good TMs are.

Unsurprisingly, we are unable to force the doors open.

Spiffy Point: On the posters, on the walls near the entrance/exit, on the left is Groudon and some other Pokemon, on the right is Roselia. You can just barely see them, if you're pressed to the wall opposite the poster. Curse you, fixed camera.

Upon conversation, a well-hidden Roller Boy asks for a battle. After the battle, he actually ends up being the first person to give us a TM, for the move Torment. The TM is compatible with Umbreon, and not Espeon. This battle also brings Espeon to Lv.26.
Wurmple (Lv.25, M)
Silcoon (Lv.25, M)
KAIB: Ouch, no! That wasn't supposed to happen!
> I didn't think I'd lose.
> Big guy, you're tough. I want you to have this since you're so good.
* obtained the TM41!

Showing which Pokemon the TM is compatible with.

It's not a particularly good TM or move for use in-game, but it has its uses in competitive battling. Sometimes. We'll sell it for money later. But, if you've ever needed a spare TM41, beat the game, and never beat this trainer, now you know where to find one! The two trainers in this update have been optional battles; you could go through the whole game, and never know you could fight them, if you don't ask.

> It's because of the thugs that live in PYRITE TOWN, which is the next town over. They've been showing up here.
> I don't want to have anything to do with them. Let sleeping dogs lie: that's what I say!

… Dogs?

We enter one last house, with two occupants.

> But if you're thinking about going on, you should be careful.
> There is a town called PYRITE ahead. That place is filled with thugs and other nasty people.

Okay, we get the hint. Pyrite = bad people.
Another old man fills us in on how Orre, or at least Phenac City, was settled:

> It was the MAYOR's grandfather, the first MAYOR, who founded PHENAC by drawing water to this parched land.
Er... through irrigation? Pokemon? Digging for wells? Doesn't make too much sense to me, but good enough, I suppose.

And here we are, at the Pre Gym's doors.

> He's really cool! Of course, he's a really tough trainer at Pokemon battles, too!
That he is. So tough, in fact, that even if you beat all of the people who study at his (not officially a) Gym, he still won't take you on, unless you have 6 Pokemon in your party. Which we have no idea how we will do, because, you know. No wild Pokemon.

Next update: wasting more time in Phenac City, not actually paying attention to the plot at all, and the underlings of the Pre Gym!