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Part 5: Mini-Update: More info about the Johto Starters

Mini-Update: More info about the Johto Starters

Remember, natures can affect any stat (other than HP). One stat goes up by 10% of the base, and another goes down by 10%. If these are the same stat, there is no net change.

Spiffy Point: Other than Feraligatr's Attack base stat and Typhlosion's Special Attack base stat, each of these three Pokemon gains 20 base stat in each stat category after its evolution.

Each of these Pokemon has a nearly-identical Ability: when the Pokemon's HP is 1/3 its max, or lower, the strength of attacks the same type as the Pokemon does 50% more damage. These abilities are Overgrow, Blaze, and Torrent, respectively, and are kept upon evolution.

Each Pokemon has the same 7:1 male:female ratio. Each of these Pokemon has a previous evolution, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile, respectively. They will not be seen during the game, but if anyone wishes to see previous evolutions of Snaggable Pokemon featured in this game, I'd be more than willing to fire up a finished save file and transfer the previous evolutions over, to be seen in bonus videos.

These are our choices to Snag one of the above in, Poke, Premier, and Great.

Mahukita and Hariyama's stats are listed in the previous update, for reference.