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Part 27: Mega-Update: Mt. Battle (Areas 7, 8, 9, 10)

Mega-Update: Mt. Battle (Areas 7, 8, 9, 10)

Spiffy Point: Alternate Intro Screens
By letting the intro video replay itself, or entering the menu and then exiting, you can actually see there are four variations on the intro screen. They will cycle through, in order, making it very possible to miss seeing the alternates.

Area 7: 900PC, Pokémon Lv. 44-50
Ah, fresh air. We're high above the clouds now, which I would consider somewhat disconcerting, given our lack of mountain-climbing equipment. It's a long way down; pity Dakim didn't try to take over one of these higher Zones, and jump off when he lost. We've been seeing more final evolutions of Pokémon as we've progressed, and this pattern is only going to keep holding true.

Zone 61:
Fufufu... If you think I'm just a kid, you're in for a lot of pain! AREA 7, start!
Yanma (Lv.44)
Masquerain (Lv.44)
Ledian (Lv.45)
Ariados (Lv.46)
GORT: Ouch! Owowowow!
GORT: Big guy, you're good! You're not just a big guy!

Weaknesses: Fire/Flying/Rock (All), Electric/Ice (All but Ariados)
A bunch of Bug-types. Easy enough a starting battle.

Zone 62:
You're going to battle me? Really?
Lunatone (Lv.44)
Solrock (Lv.45)
Sandslash (Lv.46)
Dunsparce (Lv.47)
PERD: Sigh... I lost...
PERD: I like to battle, but I dislike losing.

Weaknesses: Water/Grass (All but Dunsparce), Fighting (Dunsparce)
The Lunatone and Solrock will try to use Cosmic Power, to bolster their Defense and Special Defense, given the opportunity. Paralysis or outright attacking their weaknesses works well to hamper this.

Zone 63:
I need to get on with my next research project. Let's not waste any time and get this over and done with.
Delibird (Lv.47)
Dustox (Lv.45)
Clamperl (Lv.45)
Magcargo (Lv.45)
MANTE: I'm over and done with!
MANTE: Well, well. It's time for me to get on with my next research project.

Weaknesses: Rock (Delibird, Dustox), Electric (Delibird, Clamperl), Water/Ground (Magcargo)
Plusle grew to Lv.48!
Stantler grew to Lv.50!

Zone 64:
Going on a run with POKéMON is exhilarating. But for pure exhilaration, it doesn't measure up to battling!
Ninjask (Lv.48)
Dodrio (Lv.47)
Jumpluff (Lv.48)
Linoone (Lv.45)
METON: Even losing is exhilarating!
METON: Battling POKéMON is so exhilarating!

Weaknesses: Ice (All but Linoone), Fighting (Linoone)
Running indeed! Meton's Pokémon are all ones with high Speed base stats; even worse, Ninjask will gain a stage of Speed each turn, thanks to its ability: Speed Boost. Even better, Ninjask loves using Double Team, raising its evasion to make your attacks less likely to hit. Arrange your team before this Zone accordingly; most Pokémon, except for Jumpluff, will favor physical attacks, so using Pokémon with Intimidate could work to your benefit. Given the chance, Linoone will use Mud Sport, to half the efficiency of any Electric attacks.

Zone 65:
It's so good of you to come so far for this.
Murkrow (Lv.45)
Misdreavus (Lv.48)
Sableye (Lv.48)
Banette (Lv.48)
LONNO: Aaaahhh. I'm tired.
LONNO: A hard battle is rough on my lower back.

Weaknesses: Ghost (Banette, Misdreavus), Electric/Ice/Rock (Murkrow), Dark (All but Murkrow)
Stantler grew to Lv.51!
Plusle grew to Lv.49!
A bunch of Ghost- and Dark-types. Misdreavus has Perish Song, which will cause any Pokémon to faint in three turns after its use, if it still remains active. Switching out eliminates this counter.

Zone 66:
Oh? You're here already? L-O-V-E-L-Y!
Azumarill (Lv.47)
Girafarig (Lv.48)
Roselia (Lv.45)
Bellossom (Lv.45)
REME: You battle lovely, too!
REME: Little boy, you're so lovely!

Weaknesses: Fire, Ice (Roselia, Bellossom), Bug (Bellossom, Girafarig), Electric, Grass (Azumarill)
Feraligatr grew to Lv.53!
Girafarig is a Double-Screener: usually, it will set up either Reflect or Light Screen, then the one that hadn't been set up already. The former reduces physical attack damage, the latter special. Brick Break will easily shatter either or both screens. Azumarill uses the Defense Curl-Rollout combo: turn one of Defense Curl will double the base power of Rollout, if the latter is used immediately afterwards.

Zone 67:
I want to demonstrate some techniques I learned at the PRE GYM.
Swellow (Lv.48)
Sneasel (Lv.47)
Girafarig (Lv.45)
Vigoroth (Lv.48)
FERDA: My techniques were worthless!
FERDA: There's something wrong. I don't get how I lost.

Weaknesses: Fighting (Sneasel, Vigoroth), Rock (Swellow, Sneasel), Dark (Girafarig)

Zone 68:
Hohoh. I'm impressed that you made it this far.
Sharpedo (Lv.48)
Camerupt (Lv.47)
Chimecho (Lv.45)
Medicham (Lv.48)
GILAM: Hohoh.
GILAM: Hohoh. You battle in an incredible way.

Weaknesses: Bug (Chimecho, Sharpedo), Ghost (Chimecho, Medicham), Water (Camerupt)
Stantler grew to Lv.52!
Medicham has Calm Mind to boost both Special Attack and Special Defense, as well as Mind Reader, to ensure the next attack connects. This team is relatively easy to sweep with Surf and Thunder.

Zone 69:
Now here comes a perky youngster!
Granbull (Lv.48)
Pupitar (Lv.47)
Mantine (Lv.47)
Sealeo (Lv.49)
ODON: I miss being young!
ODON: Share your youth with me!

Weaknesses: Fighting (All but Mantine), Rock (Sealeo, Mantine)
Plusle grew to Lv.50!

Zone 70:
I'm ATHEY. I'm responsible for AREA 7. You should be proud to have come so far. Show me how you battle!

Mawile (Lv.48)
Machoke (Lv.47)
Quagsire (Lv.47)
Dusclops (Lv.49)
Altaria (Lv.50)
ATHEY: That's most impressive!
ATHEY: You really are impressive. Have you considered becoming a MT. BATTLE trainer? Don't forget to collect your POKé COUPONS in the BREAK ROOM.

Weaknesses: See below.
This team is pretty well balanced; you'll need strong, diverse attacks to bring Athey's Pokémon down. Mawile goes down to Fire or Fighting-type attacks, Machoke to Psychic-type, Quagsire to Grass-type, Dusclops to Ghost or Dark, and Altaria to Ice. Surprisingly, Athey's Quagsire is the Damp variety, not Water Absorb, so Surf can actually hurt it.

Area 8: 900PC, Pokémon Lv. 49-55
Zone Trainers are still sticking to themes, but their Pokémon are getting more diverse, as well as stronger offensively and defensively, and using more powerful attacks.

Zone 71:
Are you prepared to lose? AREA 8 starts with me. Here we come!
Wigglytuff (Lv.49)
Sunflora (Lv.49)
Noctowl (Lv.50)
Piloswine (Lv.50)
CARIL: I accept this loss.
CARIL: A most splendid battle. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thank you so much.

Weaknesses: Fire (Sunflora, Piloswine), Ice (Sunflora, Noctowl), Fighting (Wigglytuff, Piloswine)
Stantler grew to Lv.53!

Zone 72:
Whenever and wherever it may be, I battle as if it were my last.
Seviper (Lv.49)
Swalot (Lv.50)
Golbat (Lv.50)
Kadabra (Lv.51)
CHENEK: You're tough, you!
CHENEK: A battle waged in earnest feels grand even when it ends in a loss. Naturally, a win would feel much better.

Weaknesses: Psychic (All but Kadabra), Bug/Ghost/Dark (Kadabra)
Feraligatr grew to Lv.54!
Plusle grew to Lv.51!

Zone 73:
Guy, are you okay? It's okay if you want to give up.
Gligar (Lv.50)
Sneasel (Lv.50)
Hitmontop (Lv.51)
Grumpig (Lv.52)
TRAN: I give up!
TRAN: You didn't even need to think about giving up, did you?

Weaknesses: Bug (Gligar, Grumpig), Ice (Gligar), Fighting (Sneasel), Psychic (Hitmontop), Dark/Ghost (Grumpig)

Zone 74:
I might not look it, but I'm one for gaining real experience in battle. I toughened up my party through field-work.
Masquerain (Lv.51)
Mightyena (Lv.50)
Stantler (Lv.52)
Granbull (Lv.51)
RIBEK: I guess we were lacking in fieldwork still.
RIBEK: If we meet somewhere, can I get you to help with my fieldwork?

Weaknesses: Fighting (All but Masquerain), Rock/Ice/Electric (Masquerain)
Stantler grew to Lv.54!
All of these Pokémon have the Intimidate ability, which makes it difficult to capitalize on the Fighting weakness most have.

Zone 75:
My POKéMON and I have ample base stamina. We won't lose if we get into an extended battle.
Dusclops (Lv.51)
Lanturn (Lv.51)
Skarmory (Lv.52)
Vileplume (Lv.52)
VITALO: How'd we get whipped so quickly?
VITALO: It's imperative that we train for high-speed battling next.

Weaknesses: Electric (Skarmory), Fire (Skarmory, Vileplume), Ghost/Dark (Dusclops), Ground/Grass (Lanturn)
Espeon grew to Lv.53!

Zone 76:
I constantly run simulations of POKéMON battles. I'll be perfect in a real battle!
Glalie (Lv.51)
Breloom (Lv.54)
Swellow (Lv.51)
Rhydon (Lv.51)
DARAS: You were perfect!
DARAS: I can't figure it out. If things went exactly as per my simulations, things would have been perfect.

Weaknesses: Ice (All but Glalie), Fighting/Steel (Glalie, Rhydon), Fire (Glalie, Breloom), Rock (Glalie, Swellow)

Zone 77:
Trainers who love their POKéMON should pump up their physiques, too.
Metang (Lv.52)
Granbull (Lv.51)
Jumpluff (Lv.51)
Xatu (Lv.53)
DIAN: Nothing doing!
DIAN: Maybe it isn't enough to get a pumped-up physique...

Weaknesses: Fire (Metang, Jumpluff), Rock (Jumpluff, Xatu), Fighting (Granbull)
Stantler grew to Lv.55!

Zone 78:
Awesome, that's you! It's an accomplishment just getting here.
Tropius (Lv.51)
Absol (Lv.52)
Lairon (Lv.52)
Exploud (Lv.53)
HAUF: Whoa-ho-hoy!
HAUF: Wow, oh wow, you really are awesome. Maybe you'll be able to keep things rolling all the way to the end!

Weaknesses: Fighting (All but Tropius), Ice (Tropius), Ground (Lairon)
Plusle grew to Lv.52!

Zone 79:
Hello, sweetie pie! You look just like my grandson, you cute little boy.
Torkoal (Lv.52)
Shiftry (Lv.51)
Noctowl (Lv.52)
Relicanth (Lv.54)
NALDO: Oh, dear me. Dear me.
NALDO: Have you no compassion? Make way for seniors!

Weaknesses: Electric (Noctowl, Relicanth), Ice (Shiftry, Noctowl), Ground (Torkoal, Relicanth), Rock (Torkoal, Noctowl)
Feraligatr grew to Lv.55!
Plusle grew to Lv.53!

Zone 80:
Hmm. You have a unique air about you that sets you apart from the challengers I've seen. But, who cares? First, we battle!

Hariyama (Lv.52)
Cacturne (Lv.53)
Weezing (Lv.53)
Golem (Lv.54)
Starmie (Lv.55)
SHOBON: Hmm... I knew you were different!
SHOBON: You battle differently, too. Like, somehow, hmm... I can't find the words for it! Anyway, go get your POKé COUPONS in the BREAK ROOM.

Weaknesses: Water (Golem), Grass (Golem, Starmie), Ice (Cacturne, Golem), Fighting (Cacturne, Golem), Flying (Hariyama, Cacturne), Psychic (Hariyama, Weezing)
Plusle grew to Lv.54!
Be prepared for a Sandstorm, benefiting Cacturne and Golem. Other than that, just go for the weaknesses, and focus on taking down one Pokémon at a time.

Area 9: 1000PC, Pokémon Lv. 54-60
Pokémon start appearing here at the highest level Mt. Battle has to offer: Lv.60.

Zone 81:
Ohhh! Finally, a challenger has reached these lofty heights! This is it, AREA 9! Let's see some passion!
Girafarig (Lv.54)
Ninjask (Lv.55)
Zangoose (Lv.54)
Dodrio (Lv.55)
DOBEL: The challenger is victorious!
DOBEL: How far can this challenger go? I'll enjoy tracking his progress!

Weaknesses: Electric/Ice (Ninjask, Dodrio), Fighting (Zangoose), Dark (Girafarig)
Ampharos grew to Lv.53!
Another Speed and Evasion booster. That Ninjask has Shadow Ball, hitting off of its good Attack stat, so watch out.

Zone 82:
Hi, welcome. Want to know the secret behind attracting girls?
Breloom (Lv.55)
Sharpedo (Lv.55)
Camerupt (Lv.56)
Forretress (Lv.55)
KETO: That's not what I wanted to teach you!
KETO: I should have been teaching you the secret of battling. Wahahah!

Weaknesses: Fire (Breloom, Forretress), Water (Camerupt), Electric/Fighting (Sharpedo), Flying (Breloom)
Espeon grew to Lv.54!

Zone 83:
Hi! I heard rumors abou how strong you are. Let's see if those rumors are true!
Banette (Lv.55)
Magneton (Lv.56)
Mantine (Lv.56)
Whiscash (Lv.55)
MOIT: D-Devastating!
MOIT: The rumors about you were true, it seems.

Weaknesses: Electric (Mantine), Grass (Whiscash), Ground (Magneton), Ghost/Dark (Banette)
Hitmontop grew to Lv.54!
A pretty well-balanced team with many good resistances (though most have double-weaknesses); be prepared for rain to come.

Zone 84:
I'm famous around these parts. Call me the Headband Dude!
Raichu (Lv.56)
Lombre (Lv.55)
Electrode (Lv.56)
Altaria (Lv.58)
MATSO: Mwooooooh!
MATSO: Drat! I was thinking about why couldn't get anything to work. I'd forgotten my headband!

Weaknesses: Ground (Raichu, Electrode), Ice (Altaria), Bug/Poison (Lombre)
Ampharos grew to Lv.54!
More fast or Speed stage boosting Pokémon.

Zone 85:
You should get out of that long coat and into something more comfortable for working out.
Crawdaunt (Lv.56)
Octillery (Lv.54)
Huntail (Lv.56)
Golduck (Lv.55)
RITACO: Aww... That's an upset!
RITACO: Will wearing a coat like that make me a better trainer?

Weaknesses: Electric, Grass (All)
Plusle grew to Lv.55!

Zone 86:
Please take a good look at my red-hot battling!
Bellossom (Lv.55)
Gorebyss (Lv.56)
Miltank (Lv.58)
Ampharos (Lv.57)
RISTIN: Did you get a good look at my red-hot battle?
RISTIN: If we were measuring how hot we were in battle, I would clearly have won.

Weaknesses: Fire/Ice/Poison (Bellossom), Fighting (Miltank), Electric/Grass (Gorebyss), Ground (Ampharos)
Ampharos grew to Lv.55!
No shared weaknesses on this team.

Zone 87:
Despite the way I look, I've done way more training than you.
Skarmory (Lv.58)
Xatu (Lv.57)
Shiftry (Lv.58)
Rhydon (Lv.58)
DORN: Why?
DORN: Does this mean I need more training?

Weaknesses: Ice (All but Skarmory), Fire (Skarmory, Shiftry), Electric (Skarmory, Xatu), Fighting (Shiftry, Rhydon), Water/Grass (Rhydon)
Hitmontop grew to Lv.55!
Espeon grew to Lv.55!
Rhydon will redirect any Electric attacks to itself, thanks to its Lightningrod ability, and negate them, thanks to its Ground type). Use alternative weaknesses on the Flying-types, until Rhydon is downed.

Zone 88:
I'm battling with the POKéMON my papa gave me.
Weezing (Lv.57)
Muk (Lv.57)
Altaria (Lv.58)
Donphan (Lv.58)
JUREK: Papa!
JUREK: I'll get Papa to give me tougher POKéMON.

Weaknesses: Psychic (Weezing, Muk), Ice (Altaria, Donphan), Water/Grass (Donphan)
Feraligatr grew to Lv.56!

Zone 89:
I've written a research paper on POKéMON battles. Would you care to read it?
Cradily (Lv.57)
Armaldo (Lv.58)
Heracross (Lv.58)
Ninetales (Lv.58)
VONDER: I'd love to read research papers by you!
VONDER: You can look forward to the completion of my research paper.

Weaknesses: Water (Armaldo, Ninetales), Rock (Heracross, Ninetales), Flying (Heracross), Ice/Fighting/Bug (Cradily), Steel (Cradily, Armaldo)
Espeon grew to Lv.56!

Zone 90:
And now, AREA 9 is all but done, save for me. Bring everything that you can bear.

Tropius (Lv.60)
Ludicolo (Lv.60)
Vileplume (Lv.59)
Bellossom (Lv.59)
Shiftry (Lv.60)
NORUS: Gagagah! Gaoooh!
NORUS: It will be fun for me to see how much tougher you can become. There's just AREA 10 to go. Before you go there, be sure to get your POKé COUPONS in the BREAK ROOM.

Weaknesses: Fire, Ice (All but Ludicolo), Bug (All but Tropius)
There's a severe regression of team stability here... Attack the above with: Ice, Poison/Bug, Ice, Ice, Ice. Give these Pokémon frostbite. Alternatively, Fire will work equally well, and Bug will hit everything but Tropius for super-effective. All of these Pokémon know Solarbeam, some knowing Sunny Day to make the attacks go from two turns to one for set-up.

Area 10 is going to be an update into itself, but there's one issue I'd like to address: given the makeup of our team, in terms of levels, typing, and stats, the battle in Zone 100 will essentially rip us apart: at our current level, running into that last trainer is a death trap. Still, there is one advantage you have, that the trainer doesn't: healing items. Though it's not the route I prefer, I picked up ten Revival Herbs down in The Under, for a circumstance just like this one, where Revives heal too little after being fainted. I was planning on making the last battle a video update, so I wanted to ask, before I record it, which option you would prefer:

Grind a bit to level-up more, and don't use items.
Don't grind anymore, and use items.

We also, at this point, have 4,100 Poké Coupons, though none of the TMs we can buy would be worthwhile to our team.

Espeon: Synchronize, Mild w/TwistedSpoon (Lv.56, M, Poke Ball): Psybeam, Return, Reflect, Morning Sun

Feraligatr: Torrent, Quiet w/Mystic Water (Lv.56, F, Premier Ball): Surf, Slash, Bite, Ice Beam

Ampharos: Static, Quirky w/Quick Claw (Lv.55, F, Great Ball): Thunderbolt, Thunder, Cotton Spore, Light Screen

Hitmontop: Intimidate, Relaxed w/Black Belt (Lv.55, M, Great Ball): Agility, Focus Energy, Brick Break, Rapid Spin

Stantler: Intimidate, Adamant w/(none) (Lv.55, M, Nest Ball): Astonish, Hypnosis, Leer, Take Down

Plusle: Plus, Jolly w/(none) (Lv.55, M, Poke Ball): Thunder, Thunder Wave, Agility, Baton Pass

… At least that's where this would have ended, had I not managed to get through the final Zone, with one last try.

Area 10: 1200PC, Pokémon Lv. 58-60
All Pokémon here are at their final evolution, stick well to their theme, and complement each other well. Brace yourself for a rough challenge, with the best of the best Mt. Battle has to offer!

Zone 91:
Well, well, well! You have finally marched your way up to AREA 10. I, TANDO, shall meet your challenge!
Golem (Lv.58)
Relicanth (Lv.59)
Cacturne (Lv.60)
Sandslash (Lv.60)
TANDO: A worthy trainer you are!
TANDO: There are just nine ZONES to go. Don't falter!

Weaknesses: Grass (All but Cacturne), Water (Golem, Sandslash)
Espeon grew to Lv.57!
The name of this game is Sandstorm. The latter two have the Sand Veil ability, upping their evasion during a Sandstorm. Use Grass-type (or some Water-type) attacks for everything but Cacturne, who can be taken down by Fighting, Fire, Ice or Bug-type attacks.

Zone 92:
Fwofwofwo. Young one, it's good to see you've climbed this far. But your climb stops here!
Golbat (Lv.59)
Swalot (Lv.59)
Muk (Lv.60)
Tentacruel (Lv.60)
PANNE: Your excellence shines!
PANNE: Just eight ZONES left. Don't lose your focus.

Weaknesses: Psychic (All), Electric (Golbat, Tentacruel), Ground (All but Golbat)
Feraligatr grew to Lv.57!
Yep. Gotta love the weaknesses of Poison-types.

Zone 93:
You're going to knock me out? That's impossible!
Grumpig (Lv.59)
Kadabra (Lv.60)
Metang (Lv.60)
Lunatone (Lv.60)
QUINT: Knocked down and out!
QUINT: Hmm... I thought I was tougher than you.

Weaknesses: Bug/Ghost/Dark (All but Metang), Fire/Ground (Metang)
Ampharos grew to Lv.56!

Zone 94:
Oh, I think it's stupendous that you've come so far. But that doesn't mean I will ease up on you!
Castform (Lv.60)
Sunflora (Lv.60)
Vileplume (Lv.60)
Bellossom (Lv.60)
KOWLY: Ho... Hohoho!
KOWLY: That was a most wonderful battle. There remain but six ZONES. I wish you the best of luck.

Weaknesses: Fighting (Normal Castform), Water/Ground (Sunny Day Castform), Ice/Fire (All but Castform)
Hitmontop grew to Lv.56!

Zone 95:
You're now halfway through AREA 10. Getting complacent now can ruin you!
Mantine (Lv.60)
Seaking (Lv.60)
Huntail (Lv.60)
Gorebyss (Lv.60)
CRISOM: Ooh, well done!
CRISOM: You're not bad at all! We had a good battle. Thanks!

Weaknesses: Electric (All), Grass (All but Mantine)
Plusle grew to Lv.56!
Rain Dance and Hydro Pump are what you'll see here. Counter with Thunder, its accuracy boosted by the rain.

Zone 96:
Woohoo! You came all the way here? Excellent, excellent! I'm getting fired up!
Electrode (Lv.60)
Misdreavus (Lv.60)
Ninetales (Lv.60)
Camerupt (Lv.60)
RAUS: Burnt out!
RAUS: I think you can go all the way to the end!

Weaknesses: Ground (All but Misdreavus), Water (Ninetales, Camerupt), Ghost/Dark (Misdreavus)
Fired up, indeed! Electrode starts out with Explosion, not affecting Misdreavus, but very easily fainting two of your Pokémon at once. Misdreavus will follow with Sunny Day, setting up the way for Overheat by Ninetales and Camerupt. Misdreavus also has Hidden Power Fire, which it will use on Ninetales, boosting its Fire attack power. This is a whole bunch of stuff that you do not want happening. Raus isn't shy on switching out Pokémon whose Special Attack stages have dropped from using Overheat, either. Ghosts work well to survive the explosive onslaught, as do Intimidaters or slower Rain Dancers.

Zone 97:
You're awfully unlucky. I mean, you just had to run into me with only four ZONES to go.
Feraligatr (Lv.60)
Typhlosion (Lv.60)
Meganium (Lv.60)
Breloom (Lv.60)
Ampharos (Lv.60)
TRILO: Your skills appear to be real. Just three ZONES left. Go!

Weaknesses: Fire/Ice/Poison/Flying (Meganium, Breloom) Ground (Typhlosion, Ampharos), Electric/Grass (Feraligatr)
Espeon grew to Lv.58!
Feraligatr grew to Lv.58! Learned Hydro Pump, forgot Slash.
These Pokémon, already strong, have tough attacks, such as Flamethrower, Hyper Beam, including many others, and aren't shy about using them.

Zone 98:
There are just three to go including me. Will you fall here or advance? En garde!
Swampert (Lv.60)
Blaziken (Lv.60)
Sceptile (Lv.60)
Altaria (Lv.60)
Glalie (Lv.60)
LOMEN: It was I who fell!
LOMEN: Now, go on. There are only two ZONES left! Throw your all into it!

Weaknesses: Fire (Sceptile, Glalie), Flying (Blaziken, Sceptile), Rock (Altaria, Glalie), Grass (Swampert), Ice (Altaria)

Zone 99:
Oh, my, my, my! You've won your way up through the ranks to be here! You're more excellent than my pupils! Now, show me an excellent battle!
Crawdaunt (Lv.60)
Magneton (Lv.60)
Shedinja (Lv.60)
Heracross (Lv.60)
Gardevoir (Lv.60)
NACIE: Excellent!
NACIE: Okay! Finally, there's just one ZONE left. Hang tough!

Weaknesses: Fire (Magneton, Shedinja, Heracross), Bug (Crawdaunt, Gardevoir), Ghost, Dark (Gardevoir, Shedinja)
Ampharos grew to Lv.57!
Espeon grew to Lv.59!
Magneton's Zap Cannon only has 50% accuracy, but it will cause paralysis 100% of the time if it hits. Crawdaunt, Shedinja, and Heracross all enjoy employing Swords Dance to boost their Attack by two stages. The Gardevoir is mixed, carrying Shadow Ball and Psychic, and is Synchronize in ability, rather than Trace.


So, we've finally reached the top of Mt. Battle. To our right is an easily overlooked chest, containing the third (and final) Time Flute. Unlike other zones, this battle won't begin until we talk to the central trainer.

Zone 100:

SOMEK: Now, show me the results of your training. Don't hold anything back!
Pinsir (Lv.60)
Claydol (Lv.60)
Crobat (Lv.60)
Gligar (Lv.60)
Flygon (Lv.60)
Gyarados (Lv.60)
SOMEK: Stupendous!
SOMEK: This is fantastic! I say, fantastic! You had to be to defeat me! Now, I'd like you to have this!

Weaknesses: Ice (Claydol, Crobat, Gligar, Flygon), Electric (Crobat, Gyarados), Rock (Pinsir, Crobat, Gyarados), Water (Claydol, Gligar)
Feraligatr grew to Lv.59!
Above the volcano's caldera, we do battle with Somek. All of his Pokémon are Flying-type, or have the ability Levitate, making Ground-type attacks completely useless. His Pokémon also love to use Protect and Earthquake, which will only hit your Pokémon, unless they too can evade such attacks. Reflect is a great boon to your team, if you have something that still knows it. Pinsir and Gligar have Hyper Cutter as their ability, preventing Intimidate or any attack from causing them any Attack stage drops. Even if you fail at the last battle, remember you still get the EXP gained on the way up; in this sense, it's possible to grind the last Area, in order to eventually beat Somek.

Spiffy Point: The end of the Mt. Battle challenge, after Zone 100, is the only one to not automatically heal your Pokémon afterwards.

After the battle, Somek personally gives us our 1200 Poké Coupons.
SOMEK: Congratulations! But don't be content with this. Don't neglect your training! Would you like to have our ABRA TELEPORT you back to the registration counter?
YES: *teleported back*
NO: SOMEK: Well, that might not be a bad thing. It might be good to walk and savor this victorious quest. But if you decide to use ABRA, just let me know.
This will also be the only time you see the Zones empty of trainers; presumably, they were the ones to fill the stands. Or, maybe they were all out on lunch break.

So, here we truly end for this update. Hopefully this will be the last we'll ever see of Mt. Battle.  It isn't. 

Espeon: Synchronize, Mild w/TwistedSpoon (Lv.59, M, Poké Ball): Psybeam, Return, Reflect, Morning Sun

Feraligatr: Torrent, Quiet w/Mystic Water (Lv.59, F, Premier Ball): Surf, Hydro Pump, Bite, Ice Beam

Ampharos: Static, Quirky w/Quick Claw (Lv.57, F, Great Ball): Thunderbolt, Thunder, Cotton Spore, Light Screen

Plusle: Plus, Jolly w/(none) (Lv.56, M, Poké Ball): Thunder, Thunder Wave, Agility, Baton Pass

Hitmontop: Intimidate, Relaxed w/Black Belt (Lv.56, M, Great Ball): Agility, Focus Energy, Brick Break, Rapid Spin

Stantler: Intimidate, Adamant w/(none) (Lv.55, M, Nest Ball): Astonish, Hypnosis, Leer, Take Down

With just about all of the side-options out of the way, we'll be heading to the Shadow Pokémon Lab next time. Espeon and Feraligatr will be on the team; for the others, pick three of the following to accompany us in, and one to stay in the Day Care Center:

- Ampharos
- Dunsparce
- Plusle
- Hitmontop
- Stantler

Also, do we want to use the Shadow Ball TM on Stantler, Dunsparce, or save it for a later Pokémon?