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Part 30: Realgam Tower, Part One

Realgam Tower, Part One

You know what's great? Boss battles. You know what's not great? Four boss battles. That and more await us in Realgam Tower. For your convenience, I have this diagram to show how the bottom of the tower is connected; there are vertically-moving platforms between each hub.


So, let's get started! In order to proceed into the upper level of Realgam Tower, we must beat each Cipher Admin, obtaining their colored ID card; all four will unlock this door in Dome 9. However, our room of priority is, in face, Dome 11. Why is this? Well... I'll explain after beating Ein, and the one trainer in the way between him and us. The game presumes that you won't battle Ein until you've beaten all the other trainers.

NO: >: Fufufu... That's the smart choice.
YES: >: Heh... You'll know right away if that's possible by battling me!
Piloswine (Lv.42)
Glalie (Lv.42)
Delibird (Lv.45, F, Poké Ball)
ARTON: Uwaaaah! I shouldn't have battled!
Weaknesses: Fire, Steel (all), Fighting (all but Delibird)
Hitmontop grew to Lv.59!
This Cipher Peon blocks the right door of Dome 7, which leads eventually to Dome 11 (where Ein is). His Pokémon are simple enough to take down, which tends to be a problem with the sub-par stats of Delibird.

Riding some more platforms, we eventually come to Ein, just standing in the middle of a dome, doing nothing. We will find this to be the case with all of the Cipher Admins. Odd.

It's not my fault... she keeps following me. Tried to ditch her at her grandparents' house, and that didn't work...
EIN: Well, let me inform you, this is no picnic. You will never defeat me with such a frivolous mind!
Manectric (Lv.50)
Pelipper (Lv.49)
Rhydon (Lv.50)
Crobat (Lv.48)
Starmie (Lv.49) (If Snagged Raikou)
EIN: Gwaah! He has improved since our last meeting?!
Weaknesses: Electric (Pelipper, Crobat, Starmie), Grass (Rhydon, Starmie), Water (Rhydon), Rock (Crobat, Pelipper), Ground (Manectric, Rhydon)
Vibrava grew to Lv.44!
All the Cipher Admins in this area have Pokémon whose levels exceed 45. Of note is that Ein still will use a general Rain Dance strategy, taking advantage of boosted Water and Electric attacks. He most likely will not use any Electric attacks while Manectric or Rhydon are out (unless Manectric is using them), and neither should you. The ability both of those Pokémon have, LightningRod, redirects Electric attacks towards them, bypassing your targeting. This will either be not very effective or negated by resistance, respectively. Target non-Electric weaknesses if either is out.

EIN: Grr... It is a shame that you oppose us, [NAME]. Here, use this. Go on, open the door with it.

EIN: Fufufu... What awaits you beyond the door? Why, you see with your own eyes!

At this point, Eagun will send an e-mail.

♀: Oh, Grandpa... The e-mail's cut off before he finally gets to th point. What should we do, [NAME]? Should we go back to AGATE VILLAGE? Or should we keep going?
An e-mail that's cut off. It's very much worth your time to head back to Agate Village, though. Why? Well...

EAGUN: I sent you an e-mail. I'm quite proud of myself for that!
♀: We got it, but... It was cut off before we got to anything worthwhile, Grandpa.
EAGUN: Oh? Is that so? That's odd... Well, since you're here, it would be just as well to tell you in person. Hohoho. I have a little something I'd like [NAME] to have. Please, take this.

[NAME] obtained the MASTER BALL!
EAGUN: Now, [NAME], ♀, it is time for you to go. Bring down the criminal syndicate threatening world peace.
And if you speak to Beluh:

That's right, we now have a Master Ball. It will catch any Shadow Pokémon (because ♀ won't let you Snag non-Shadow Pokémon, and opposing trainers will manage to deflect the ball in the handhelds if you try to steal their Pokémon), without fail, but you only receive one during the course of the game. Good thing Colosseum has that Ball-cloning glitch, hm? Seriously, though, I don't intend to use it on anything unless requested to; I don't really fancy its coloration scheme. With that, we can now sweep through the rest of the Domes. First, let's Snag the other accessable Shadow Pokémon.

NO: >: That's the right idea. You're about ten years too young to challenge me.
YES: >: Hmm... I'm guessing there's a daredevil in you.
Gloom (Lv.41)
Jumpluff (Lv.42)
Sunflora (Lv.45, F, Nest Ball)
BAILA: Huh? What do you mean I lost? Why?!
Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Flying(all)
An easy battle, but do be careful once more not to faint the Shadow Pokémon if you intend to Snag it.

Heading back to Dome 5 to save, let's see what this Fun Old Man has to say...
>: Oh, having trouble, are we?

NO: >: Ah, that is good to hear. Go with care.
YES: >: Ah, then I shall be happy to take you. Oh? Where am I going to take you? Hohoho. Well, since you ask, you deserve a reply.
At this point, he twirls around, and turns into a Cipher Peon. Seriously, that was an amazing costume.

CIPHER PEON BOPEN (Optional), P$1,600
Grimer (Lv.39)
Dustox (Lv.38)
Seviper (Lv.40)
BOPEN: Gah! So, this is it!
Weaknesses: Psychic (All), Ground (All but Dustox), Fire, Flying, Rock (Dustox)
If you haven't noticed it at this point, the Cipher Peons (and later, the optional trainers) all follow a type-trend, making them remarkably easy to beat if you've managed to maintain a diverse team whose attacks cover all major type bases.

I backtrack here to take on Rogue Cail one more time, since Vibrava is literally 2 EXP from evolving.
Espeon grew to Lv.60!
Vibrava grew to Lv.45!

Learned Iron Tail, Fire Blast (TMs), forgot Crunch, Sand Tomb.

That said and done, we're done with distractions outside of the Tower for this update. Time to take on the three remaining Cipher Admins.

MIROR B.: But, you know, we're not about to lose over and over to you. This time, I'll win... And I mean it this time. Let the music play! …Oh, never mind that. We'll battle right away!
Golduck (Lv.45)
Loudred (Lv.46)
Ludicolo (Lv.44)
Ludicolo (Lv.45)
Armaldo (Lv.43) (If Snagged Sudowoodo)
MIROR B.: I'm an awesome dancer... But I can't win in battles!
Weaknesses: His music not playing (All), Flying, Bug, Poison (Ludicolo x2), Water, Steel, Rock (Armaldo), Electric, Grass (Golduck), Fighting (Loudred)
Flygon grew to Lv.46!
Expect the rain to return, lest you take out the Water-types. The rain actually makes things much easier, if you plan on sweeping with Thunder. His Pokémon know some powerful TMs, such as Golduck and Ice Beam.

MIROR B.: This just won't do! But I'll admit you've beaten me thoroughly. Okay, since I'm done, I'll give you this. Here!

MIROR B.: Think of that as a little gift from our great leader NASCOUR. Don't leave without it, because you'll get nowhere. But, you know, maybe it'd be be for your own good if you didn't go on. Fuhohoho!

Wait a second. Let's encapsulate what's been going on recently. A criminal organization is attempting to take control of Orre in some way. They build a huge, fuck-off tower in the middle of the desert. They make it rather opulent. They have a lot of money behind them. They have the technology to create Shadow Pokémon. Completely unrelated, a former member of Team Snagem, a group who has the technology to steal Pokémon, but not make them Shadow Pokémon, goes turncoat and blows up the Snagem Hideout. He proceeds to defeat high-ranked members of the Cipher organization, even going so far as to Snag each signature Shadow Pokémon of their Admins. A huge, locked door prevents him from entering deeper into this tower... and their leader gives each Admin a key card? Not all the key cards to each, but one key card, so they would all have to be together in order to re-enter the tower? Not only that, but they willingly volunteer said key cards to the former Snagem member, such key cards that would, in fact, prevent him from ruining whatever plan Cipher has in place by keeping him locked out?

I just don't get it. Er... let's take on the others, I suppose.

DAKIM: Your stab at adventure's gone on long enough!
Forretress (Lv.45)
Whiscash (Lv.46)
Flygon (Lv.46)
Claydol (Lv.46)
Houndoom (Lv.47) (If Snagged Entei)
DAKIM: Gwaaaah! Why'd I lose to this punk?!
Weaknesses: Water (Houndoom, Claydol), Fire (Forretress), Grass (Claydol, Whiscash), Ice (Claydol, Flygon)
Flygon grew to Lv.47!
If you remember Dakim back all the way from Mt. Battle, it would seem he survived jumping off of that high platform. Sunny Day, Earthquake, and Protect are all what you'd expect from him, and what he delivers. Flygon and Claydol have Levitate, negating Earthquake's damage. And both can, and most likely will, use Earthquake. Double-Earthquake coming off of their STAB (Claydol and Flygon are Ground/Psychic and Dragon/Ground, respectively) hurts a lot, so be sure to not use Ground-weak Pokémon against him.

DAKIM: In all the time I've been battling, my only losses came at the hands of Master NASCOUR and you. Now, take this. It's your passport to terror and despair!

DAKIM: If you're thinking of turning back, now's the time to do it. Go on home to Mommy! Daahahahahah!

VENUS: Now, say your good-byes. This time, I really am going to be as serious as can be!
Raichu (Lv.48)
Bellossom (Lv.47)
Misdreavus (Lv.47)
Wigglytuff (Lv.48)
Milotic (Lv.48) (If Snagged Suicune)
VENUS: Waaaaah! I don't want to do this anymore!
Weaknesses: Ground (Raichu), Ice (Bellossom), Ghost (Misdreavus), Fighting (Wigglytuff), Electric (Milotic); See below.
Oh, dear... Venus is back, and more annoying than ever. An abundance of paralysis, infatuation and confusion will have you gnashing your teeth. If you have the move Safeguard, that will prevent statuses from Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, etc., but not infatuation from Attract or Cute Charm, or paralysis from contacting Raichu and activating its Static. Her team is also painfully diverse; the sum of her Pokémon are weak to any type of attack, except for Normal, Water, Psychic, Rock, Dragon, and Steel, and each Weakness is only used once. Listed above are the most common type of attack you should have to hit each of them for at least one of their weaknesses.

VENUS: Me, lose again? My pride will not stand for it! Here, take this thing away! For that, I want your silence that this battle never happened!

VENUS: I shall forget that I ever battled with you. Yes, that's what I'll do. Ohohohoh!

Too bad, Venus. Now the whole internet knows about it. With the four ID cards used, the door is unlocked, and we can finally ente-

Masquerain (Lv.42)
Ariados (Lv.41)
Heracross (Lv.45, F, Great Ball)
DIOGE: Nobody said a word about you being this tough!
Weaknesses: Fire, Flying (all), Rock (All but Heracross), Psychic (All but Masquerain)
Stantler grew to Lv.58!
Be aware that, if Masquerain uses Water Sport, damage from Fire attacks will be halved until it is switched or knocked out.

… Right. We finally enter through the door. We will arrive in the next update!

Delibird: Hustle, Quiet w/NeverMeltIce (Lv.45, F, Poké Ball): Blizzard, Attract, Present, Fly
Sunflora: Chlorophyll, Quiet w/None (Lv.45, F, Nest Ball): Sunny Day, Growth, Ingrain, SolarBeam
Heracross: Guts, Sassy w/None (Lv.45, F, Great Ball): Reversal, Endure, Counter, Brick Break

If you want to swap any of these in for a teammate, they'll only come into play during the Colosseum fights; I've recorded and saved at the point after the next update. Of note is that Heracross will learn its signature move, Megahorn, at Lv.53. Megahorn is a 120 base power, 85% accuracy Bug-type move, and represents one of the only strong Bug-type moves of Gen 3; working off of Heracross's phenomenal Attack stat and getting STAB, it is a powerful move indeed. If you want me to grind a bit more, just so we can see a certain Pokémon in action, just say the word; with enough support, I'll get on it.

Flygon didn't get Earthquake, because I didn't feel like dealing with self-inflicted damage. If you want to use it, we need a Pokémon that can resist or take no damage from Ground-type moves on our team. Ground-type attacks do half-damage to Bug or Grass-types, and no damage to Flying-types or Pokémon with the Levitate ability.