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Part 32: Realgam Colosseum

Realgam Colosseum

One last thing I took care of, before we resume: I updated our Strategy Memo. That puts us at 241 species of Pokemon met thus far. When we left off last time, we were taking an elevator up to...

Hm... something tells me this isn't the best place to be.

NASCOUR: The time has come for you to pay off some debts. We'll have you battle as payment towards the huge losses you inflicted on us. I expect to see spectacular battling out of you. After all, you're here to entertain! Waahahahah!
If you haven't figured it out, we're at the top of Realgam Tower. There are four trainers, each with a Shadow Pokemon. No rests between these battles, just one after the other. Let's get going.

>: I don't want to be embarrassed here, so I'll battle to win!
Zangoose (Lv.45)
Porygon2 (Lv.45)
Miltank (Lv.48, F, Timer Ball)
JOMAS: Whaaaat?! That wasn't supposed to happen.
Weaknesses: Fighting (All)

Mightyena (Lv.46)
Sharpedo (Lv.47
Absol (Lv.48, F, Great Ball)
DELAN: I'd heard about you, but you were much more than I expected.
Weaknesses: Fighting, Bug (All)

>: Don't you think it's a great honor to battle on this fabulous stage? I'm going to beat you and earn my promotion to an ADMIN!
Torkoal (Lv.47)
Magcargo (Lv.48)
Houndoom (Lv.48, F, Timer Ball)
NELLA: It's no good! I might be fired!
Weaknesses: Water, Ground, Rock (All)

>: I'll show you exactly why I was chosen to anchor our squad!
Vileplume (Lv.48)
Cradily (Lv.48)
Cacturne (Lv.49)
Tropius (Lv.49, F, Nest Ball)
STON: Th-this power... It's beyond unreal...
Weaknesses: Ice (All), Fire, Flying (All but Cradily), Fighting (Cradily, Cacturne)

At this point, our Pokémon are restored to full HP, PP, and cured of status, as if we used a Healing Machine. The crowd starts to cheer for Nascour, as he walks out to approach us.

NASCOUR: Why not become a CIPHER show-battle trainer? Would you even consider it? I'll vouch that you will become a top star in no time. … I wouldn't have minded making that proposition, but I'm afraid I'm not that bighearted. I will destroy you in battle right now. You will know the humiliation of total domination before this crowd!

Gardevoir (Lv.55)
Dusclops (Lv.55)
Blaziken (Lv.54)
Xatu (Lv.54)
Walrein (Lv.56)
Metagross (Lv.50, Great Ball)
NASCOUR: N-No! There's no... This can't be happening!
Weaknesses: Ghost, Dark (Gardevoir, Dusclops, Xatu), Electric, Rock (Xatu, Walrein), Ground (Blaziken, Metagross)
As if Nascour's high-leveled Pokemon weren't bad enough, he also has strong, accurate STAB attacks, and isn't afraid to use Full Restores on Pokemon with low HP. As always, try to go for the weak points. For lower-leveled player teams, Revival Herbs might be vital over Revive + other healing item. Inducing Sleep and Paralysis can also be helpful, but be aware that Walrein has Attract. Thanks to our tackling of Mt. Battle, the only difficult part came from Snagging Metagross.

Another full healing of the team comes, after what might have been a rough battle for lower-leveled teams. Nascour is defeated, and we have trampled the criminal syndicate of Cipher once and fo...

>: Enough! Don't embarrass yourself, NASCOUR!
NASCOUR: Sir! I... I beg your pardon.

Wait, what.
♀: What's going on? NASCOUR's apologizing? Isn't he supposed to be the boss?
At this moment, a familiar tune kicks in. Striding from an elevator are the short legs of someone we've met quite a while ago; sorry, it's not Miror B.

ES CADE: I must be honest with you. I never imagined that you would get this far.
♀: Huh? Mr. MAYOR? Why are you here?
ES CADE: Oh, dear me. Do you fail to understand still? You're such an innocent child. At times, I am the affable mayor of PHENAC... And at others, I am the secret boss of the criminal syndicate CIPHER...


ES CADE: O-o-o-oh, my! Pokemon like a fighting machine? And it attacks people?!
Note: A Pokemon attacking people is not a common occurrence.
ES CADE: Now, if that were true, that would be truly frightening. However, it is a little hard to believe.
♀: It's true! It's true, Mr. MAYOR!
♀: Because I saw that Pokemon, I was made the prisoner of some frightening men just a little while ago.
ES CADE: Hmm... I see. I understand. I will order an investigation at once.


ES CADE: They did this deliberately while I was away. How dare them! We must step up and speed along our investigation! I will continue with our investigation. Whatever you do, please take care!


ES CADE: I can tell from the news that you two have been very busy. I think it's splendid! I will continue with our investigation. You can count on us!
Yeah... well... has your investigation turned up anything? No?


ES CADE: Ah, it's you two! I've heard! There is supposedly a criminal syndicate that is seeking world domination! I will continue with our investigation. You can count on us!
… Nope, nothing we couldn't have figured out from TV. Some investigation.


Oh, my, I've had a good scare. The MAYOR has stormed out of his house looking simply furious. I hope nothing terrible has happened.
That's... peculiar. Maybe he's finally on to something? Left us a note?

Oh, hi, lovebirds. The MAYOR's gone out. He's busy with things here and there and everywhere. He's always scurrying. Giggle...
Well, he doesn't seem to be too busy with things here, that's for sure.

ES CADE: I am EVICE, and I shall rule the world!

EVICE: The SHADOW POKEMON plan, we can resurrect from the start. But you two... You'll never be forgiven! I'll destroy you utterly so you may never again raise against me!
Machamp (Lv.61) {Weaknesses: Flying, Psychic}
Slowking (Lv.61) {Weaknesses: Electric, Grass, Bug, Ghost, Dark}
Salamence (Lv.60) {Weaknesses: Ice, Rock, Dragon}
Scizor (Lv.60) {Weaknesses: Fire}
Slaking (Lv.60) {Weaknesses: Fighting}
Tyranitar (Lv.55, F, Ultra Ball)
EVICE: Nooooooooh! Even my ultimate POKEMON!
Weaknesses: Diverse (see above)
I left Tyranitar out of the Weaknesses sections, because this is one Pokemon you do not want to knock out; things to avoid hitting it with include Fighting, Grass, Water, and Ground attacks. Some of Evice's Pokemon outlevel those of MT.BTLMASTER SOMEK. What Evice gains in Weakness and Resistance coverage, he loses in team coherence. There is no real set goal of the team, other than do a lot of damage. His Pokemon have diverse attacks to hit your own for their Weaknesses. Slaking is much stronger and faster than it appears, but alternates between attacking and failing to attack due to its ability. Do NOT allow Slowking to use Skill Swap, to relieve Slaking of Truant, or you might not last long enough to regret it.

I'm going to let the game sum itself up; it does a better job than I can do with text and screenshots.
All I edited out were the battles before it, and I don't think you want to see over 50 Nest Balls fail to capture a Tyranitar for over 40 minutes.

With these battles, we've defeated Evice, the villain that we never had any idea was actually the main villain behind this, Snagged the strongest Shadow Pokémon there is, and saved all of Orre from the menace of Shadow Pokémon... still, we do have to Purify the ones that we just Snagged to be really done. Though the cutscene would lead you to believe otherwise, there are still a great many other Pokémon left to Snag. Cipher may be leaderless, but aren't there still remnant factions about? Whatever happened to the Shadow Quilava and Bayleef? How is it that extremely large Pokémon can be stored in the same device as extremely small ones? Two of these three questions will be answered during the next update!

Our options essentially explode from here: trading Pokémon between Colosseum and the GBA cartridges (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen) is now available, and with them comes the ability to trade over pre-trained Pokémon, items held by them (making available for our use the Repeat, Dive, and Luxury Balls, otherwise unavailable in this game), and most important for some, trade over the Pokémon you've been using in Colosseum to use against your friends. All of this requires a Gamecube-GBA Game Link Cable, a GBA (original or SP), and copy of one of the aforementioned cartridges.

With this in mind, I'd like your opinion on how I should proceed:
Purist: How darest thou suggest a taint upon thy game! Ye, be true to thine team, and trade not, lest thee invoke our wrath! Just because the game gives thee the option to trade doest not mean thou should capitalize on it!
Collector: Like Purist, but allows me to trade a few Pokémon back and forth, just to get some Repeat, Dive, and Luxury Balls. No other items, just a few different varieties of Poké Balls.
Player: Trade over whatever you want, what you think would be fun, or what you think would be entertaining to the readers, be it items or Pokémon. Just keep things interesting, and don't try to overpower the game.
Demigod: Screw balance, break out those Lv.100 Uber Legendaries and rip Orre a new one.

I've prepared a nice surprise if we do option three; I'd like to take this the Player route, but if you'd really like to see it another way, by all means, vote for it.


Miltank: Thick Fat, Serious w/ None (Lv.48, F, Timer Ball):
 IVs: 29 / 29 / 28 / 18 / 14 / 28 (HP Fighting 60) 

Absol: Pressure, Sassy w/ None (Lv.48, F, Great Ball):
 IVs: 22 / 16 / 5 / 25 / 10 / 15 (HP Ghost 56) 

Houndoom: Early Bird, Docile w/ None (Lv.48, F, Timer Ball):
 IVs: 30 / 20 - 21 / 14 / 31 / 0 / 8 (HP Ground/Rock 43) 

Tropius: Chlorophyll, Bold w/ None (Lv.48, F, Nest Ball):
 IVs: 2 - 3 / 1 / 28 / 26 / 4 / 28 (HP Fighting 40) 

Metagross: Clear Body, Jolly w/ Metal Coat (Lv.50, F, Great Ball):
 IVs: 8 / 8 / 6 / 14 - 15 / 28 - 29 / 6 

Tyranitar: Sand Stream, Quiet w/ Nugget (Lv.55, F, Ultra Ball):
 IVs: 22 / 24 / 25 / 23 / 14 / 6 (HP Rock 66) 

Current Team:

Espeon: Synchronize, Mild w/ TwistedSpoon (Lv.60, M, Poké Ball):
Psychic, Return, Reflect, Morning Sun

Feraligatr: Torrent, Quiet w/ Mystic Water (Lv.61, F, Premier Ball):
Surf, Hydro Pump, Bite, Ice Beam

Hitmontop: Intimidate, Relaxed w/ Black Belt (Lv.60, M, Great Ball):
Agility, Focus Energy, Brick Break, Rapid Spin

Stantler: Intimidate, Adamant w/ Silk Scarf (Lv.58, M, Nest Ball):
Take Down, Hypnosis, Leer, Shadow Ball

Flygon: Levitate, Jolly w/ EXP Share (Lv.62, M, Nest Ball):
Sandstorm, Fire Blast, DragonBreath, Iron Tail