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Part 36: Snagem Hideout

Snagem Hideout

One of six trainers will challenge you whenever you pass the upcoming area, be it going upstairs or coming back downstairs. They will stop appearing only after the following criteria have been met: Snag (or have already Snagged) the trainer's Shadow Pokémon, and beat all of them at least once. In this respect, you have infinite retries to Snag a Shadow Pokémon from them, but each opportunity will only come six battles after the previous one.

Ninjask (Lv.55)
Beautifly (Lv.54)
Masquerain (Lv.52)
Forretress (Lv.51)
NORE: You lived up to your reputation!
Weaknesses: Fire (all), Rock (all but Forretress)
Commodore grew to Lv.51!

Wobbuffet (Lv.52)
Huntail (Lv.51)
Medicham (Lv.50)
Golem (Lv.52)
SKRUB: My standing is going to take another huge hit!

Around here, I realized that I never did the one thing I intended to do: trade over the Hoenn-exclusive Poké Balls. Heading back to Phenac City, we now have 4 Luxury, Dive, and Repeat Balls in our inventory.
Spiffy Point: One of the benefits of using a Pokémon traded to you is that they gain experience points at 1.5x the rate they would normally receive them. This is reflected as "a boosted" in the experience-received dialog box.

Ariados (Lv.52)
Volbeat (Lv.53)
Illumise (Lv.53)
KLOAK: Arrgh! You're too strong to be a spy!
Weaknesses: Fire, Rock (all)
Commodore grew to Lv.52!
Espeon grew to Lv.61!

Vileplume (Lv.51)
Jumpluff (Lv.53)
Roselia (Lv.52)
BAILA Huh? I lost again?! Why? Why?
Weaknesses: Fire, Ice (all)
Spiffy Point: As linked above, the colon is missing between the trainer's name and her text.

Piloswine (Lv.55)
Glalie (Lv.54)
Sealeo (Lv.50)
ARTON: Awww, I shouldn't have battled after all!
Weaknesses: Fighting (all), Rock (all but Piloswine), Fire, Steel (all but Sealeo), Grass (all but Glalie)

Masquerain (Lv.54)
Forretress (Lv.43)
Dustox (Lv.50)
DIOGE: What? No fair! You didn't tell me that you turned way tougher than before.
Weaknesses: Fire (all), Rock (all but Forretress)
Commodore grew to Lv.53!

With those trainers out of the way, and assuming all of their Shadow Pokémon are Snagged, we will never run into them again. Heading upstairs, to the second floor, another e-mail arrives from Nett:

Looks like he's working on decrypting that Data ROM still. Yes, yes, we know about all of those alr... wait. Smeargle? I can assure you, we never missed a Smeargle in our playthrough...

It seems we don't have a location for this one; we'll have to keep an eye out for it. All the other trainers in this next section are optional ones; in order to initiate the battles, we need to speak to them. Not a single one of them, save for the last, has a Shadow Pokémon. But, at least we get to grab some fun items along the way!

Play time's over. I'll reduce you to the same sorry state as this SNAG MACHINE LAB!
TEAM SNAGEM NIVER (Optional), P$530
Rhyhorn (Lv.52)
Grovyle (Lv.52)
Vigoroth (Lv.52)
Zangoose (Lv.53)
NIVER: Wickedly strong!
NIVER: I didn't think you'd be this tough. No wonder you're famous!

If you remember the intro, people were drinking at the upper half of this room.

RIDER RIONS (Optional), P$540
Poochyena (Lv.54)
Kadabra (Lv.53)
Linoone (Lv.53)
Mightyena (Lv.50)
RIONS: I knew you had some! Some awesome POKé MON!
RIONS: Where did you find those? I want some, too.

Weaknesses: Fighting (all but Kadabra), Bug (all but Linoone), Dark, Ghost (Kadabra)
Commodore grew to Lv.54!
I've got my connections, Rions.

TEAM SNAGEM DRITON (Optional), P$550
Seadra (Lv.55)
Lanturn (Lv.50)
Pelipper (Lv.53)
Starmie (Lv.52)
DRITON: Wasted!
DRITON: I'll show you a painful time one day!

Huh? You're telling me you did this? Then, prove it to me! Show me what you can do!
BODYBUILDER COLAS (Optional), P$1,296
Shelgon (Lv.54)
Spinda (Lv.51)
Carvanha (Lv.51)
Pupitar (Lv.54)
COLAS: You rampage too much!
COLAS: Now I'm steamed! I'll rampage more than you!

Commodore grew to Lv.55!
Stantler grew to Lv.60!
Spiffy Point: In the same room as the most refreshing trainer in the land, you can see the silver mannequin that the portable Snag Machine was stolen off of in the intro.

BANDANA GUY CRUDO (Optional), P$880
Weezing (Lv.52)
Swablu (Lv.51)
Linoone (Lv.55)
Sandslash (Lv.53)
CRUDO: Owowowowow!
CRUDO: No fair, you. Stinking cheat... ...Mutter...

Hitmontop grew to Lv.61!

Heading down these stairs brings us to the back-left portion of the first floor that was cut off from us at the beginning.

TEAM SNAGEM FUSTON (Optional), P$540
Delibird (Lv.54)
Swellow (Lv.54)
Beautifly (Lv.53)
Golbat (Lv.53)
MJR. MAGMA grew to Lv.51!

A nice little touch on the part of the game designers, pressing A while looking at the scattered Balls on the floor near the broken Snag Machine will give you 5 Ultra Balls, as well as make the items disappear. It would've been perfect if the tops were yellow and black instead of red, but I'll take what I can get. A pity you can't get at the ones in the upright machine.

Navigating all the way through the Snagem Hideout, past the ruined Snag Machine, brings us to the trainer mentioned in the e-mail. In our case, this would be Verde. But before we do...

Yes, we could've bypassed the ENTIRE BUILDING by entering through this hole instead of the proper entrance. And no, we can't go in this way normally; walking back far enough to get to it instead brings us to the world map.

You quit TEAM SNAGEM. There's nothing here for you. Or did you come out to see me, VERDE?
VERDE: Fufufu... If that's the case, I'd better not disappoint you...

Bayleef (Lv.30, M, Nest Ball)
Grumpig (Lv.54)
Muk (Lv.55)
Sharpedo (Lv.53)
VERDE: That's not right! How could my BAYLEEF be defeated?!
VERDE: Enjoy Snagging my SHADOW BAYLEEF while you can! There are still more SHADOW POKé MON trainers out there!

Maybe it was defeated because it's more than 20 levels below the rest of your Pokémon, and Shadow Pokémon don't level-up or evolve?

With the Hideout cleared out, there's no reason to remain. The next area traveled to, even if the same area on the world map, results in a new e-mail:

Huh... Ursaring. We'll have to keep our eyes open for that. The next location after that brings another e-mail:

I do wonder, though, if it's possible the mayor retreated back to his house in Phenac City. Surely, he couldn't have been that foolish...

Nope! But we do have these two clowns instead, in case you missed Makuhita way, way back. And boy, did time in jail make their Pokémon strong...

FOLLY: Waah! Y-You... How did you know that we were here?! Gwaah! You persistent pests! That's it! We're gonna kick you out of here by force!
Ludicolo (Lv.55)
Exploud (Lv.53)
FOLLY: I shouldn't have bothered!
FOLLY: Hey, please, don't tell anyone that you saw us here.

TRUDLY: Awww, no! Not again! Not after we finally got our freedom! Don't think that we're here for you to beat up all the time! I'm putting an end to this once and for all!
Ariados (Lv.53)
Dusclops (Lv.54)
Machoke (Lv.53)
TRUDLY: Your toughness... It's criminal!
TRUDLY: Okay, I get it! I know how honkin' strong you are now! I won't battle you again!

Commodore grew to Lv.57!

Spiffy Point: Despite the complete lack of Miror B.'s presence, the two of them retain their trainer class of "MIROR B.PEON".

So, right. Next time, we swap MJR. MAGMA for Silverclaw, then we're off to The Under, in order to find out what's going on with that e-mail.