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Part 12: When THIS Happens!


Well hello there, wanna see numbers go up? Well you're in the right place. Let's get started. If that's not what you're here for, you want the previous update where we skip most of this stuff, cause boy there's a lot of it.

Now I sense an even greater power than we had before, Pikachu. You feel it too, right? Let's stay friends, Pikachu!

Pichu evolves into Pikachu when its link reaches 50%.

Lampent... I sense a greater power than I did before... Do you feel it too? Well. Shall we set off, Lampent?

Litwick, meanwhile, evolves into Lampent when its Attack reaches 64. Good number.

While we're doing this, I'll show a bit of what our new Pokemon can do, but we'll be leaving most of it to when we actually use the fully evolved Warlords and Pokemon in future updates.

God this makes my life so much easier. I love cheating so much.

There's my handsome boy. Get used to seeing this a lot. Hanbei evolves when Pikachu or Raichu reaches 60% link while Kanbei is in the same kingdom. So...

Kanbei evolves when Lampent or Chandelure reaches 60% while Hanbei is in the same kingdom. Very cute.

Well I was gonna get Gracia's Perfect Link, Gothita, but Bokuzen had other ideas, the dick. Oh well, here's Brave Bird, it wrecks fools, but lowers your Defence and Range. If you can chain it though, it's amazing.

Muneshige evolves when his Staravia or Staraptor reach 60% link and Ginchiyo isn't in an adjacent kingdom.

Aya evolves when her Snorunt or Froslass (spoilers) reaches 55% link and we won't be evolving Snorunt in this story cause evolution items suck.

Some real powerhouses are coming up. Luxray is potent, but Thunder is like Rock Wrecker without the cooldown, still sucks cause of the range. Luxio evolves when its Attack reaches 95. Charizard's Flamethrower is amazing, but not incredibly powerful, since it hits 3 squares in front. Charmeleon evolves when its Attack reaches 83.


Getting Okuni is good, as we'll soon see, but now it's time for stuff that really should've happened already!

Kai evolves when she reaches 55% link with Darumaka, so it won't be a Darmanitan unless you evolved it previously cause it takes awhile (for good reason).

Monferno evolves when its Speed reaches 102. Fire Spin is now in our hands.

Ah, finally, Motochika isn't completely leaving you in the dust, kinda. Servine evolves when its Speed reaches 104 and like with Simisage, it's not a great constant attacker with Leaf Storm's Attack drop.

Sneaky password, what does it do??? Find out in February.

Got some good stuff here. This is why I levelled up this cave to 3, so Larvesta start appearing, which Okuni Perfect Links with. You're right, that is amazing. Sanada Yukitaka is the last Warrior alphabetically and was one of Shingen's Twenty-Four Generals. He participated in many battles, such as the Battle of Odaihara and the Siege of Toishi. He was one of three generals to be named Danjōchū by Shingen, three revered warriors that were the closest to him. He was father of Sanada Nobutsana and Sanada Masayuki, thus grandfather of Sanada Yukimura.

Aggron... Now I sense an even greater power when I'm with you than I did before. Do you sense it too? I've got high hopes for us!

See, he just looked weird without giant iron dinosaur behind him. Lairon evolves when its Defense reaches 130. You may have noticed that Ieyasu has a Perfect Link with Aggron, but not Lairon, which is a crime, since Lairon is one of my faves. I wonder what that could imply?

Soon I shall reveal why I keep evolving all these Poison types. Whirlipede evolves when its Speed reaches 57, while Croagunk evolves when its Attack reaches 81.

Choan will soon become the saviour of Ransei, he shall get his chance in another story. Hopefully. Bidoof evolves when its Attack reaches 39. Crazy.

I love baby murderbug.

Magoichi's Perfect Link is with the Treecko line, because of course it is. Soon I shall reveal why I keep evolving all these Ghost types.

Gotta treat my boy Kashinkoji right, cause his name is fuckin amazing. Skorupi evolves when its Defense reaches 90.

I am evolving other Pokemon, might as well right? Gives us more options in future stories when we don't have much to our army. Sewaddle evolves when its Defense reaches 60.

This might be a bit of a surprise, but Masamune's Perfect Link is the Rufflet line. Crazy, right? Also we need to register all the evolved Pokemon and Warlords, so you'll see them popping up here and there, but they won't be evolving again. Probably.

Haunter... I feel a greater strength when I am with you now... Do you feel it also? Haunter... Together, we will be unstoppable.

Yesssssssssssss. Gastly evolves when its Attack reaches 99.

No. If Snorunt were to evolve into Glalie, its HP needs to reach 128.

Handsome bird boys.

I'm not really focusing on Perfect Links for Warriors while it's Warlord power hour. Maybe next story.

Finally. Ginchiyo evolves when she reaches 60% link with Luxio or Luxray while Muneshige is not in an adjacent kingdom.

I love the different Warlord and Pokemon portraits.

There was an unrecruited Warlord. We fixed it.

Burn baby burn. Uh, yeah, Tsumaki Hiroko was Mitsuhide's wife and daughter of Tsumaki Norihiro, a retainer to the Toki clan. Since she still had smallpox scars when engaged to Mitsuhide, her father was prepared to offer her younger sisters as well in compensation, but Mitsuhide refused and gladly wed Hiroko, never taking on other concubines and treasuring her. She stayed with him during Nobunaga's constant slander and fought to restore Mitsuhide's name in court. They had one child together, Akechi Tama and she passed due to illness despite Mitsuhide's best efforts.

Cool, we won't do anything with you aside from register in the Gallery. Some Warlords need to be a surprise for later after all. Anyway, let the carnage begin.

Ah, the stache returns. Hideyoshi evolves when he reaches 60% link with Monferno or Infernape. It's crazy that our main Warlord didn't evolve during this story, another reason why cheating is good.

Elemental, my dear. Motochika evolves when he reaches 65% link with Dewott or Samurott. Motonari is a bit different, as he requires a 60% link with Servine or Serperior as well as 100 Pokemon registered in the Gallery. Before we started this mass evolution, we actually didn't have enough, so I'm glad we made it.

Yoshihiro evolves when he reaches 60% link with Gurdurr or Conkeldurr.

Ujiyasu evolves when he reaches 60% link with Boldore or Gigalith. Say... didn't Boldore recruit Ina just now?

Boldore evolves when you reach the requirements for Warrior recruitment at 60% link. Man, it's like I plan this stuff in advance, mental.

Spot the difference.

Oh this is good. Darumaka evolves when its Attack reaches 110.

They're perfect for each other. Next month time!

By entering this ~secret~ password we get an interesting event in Ignis. Let's go take a look.

Surprise surprise, a Gen 5 game with Zekrom in it has Reshiram too. However, due to it being an event (originally over Wi-Fi, but thankfully over password too), it's not counted towards 100% and the game will let you do stuff later on if you don't activate Reshiram's event. Again, full details in the main update

Yeah our guys are getting pretty powerful, Stone Edge and Fire Blast are great moves. Of course, it can be worth keeping a Pokemon at a lower evolution to have a weaker, but more accurate move. But where's the fun in that?

Neato. Yukimura evolves when he reaches 65% link with Charmeleon or Charizard while Shingen is in the same kingdom.

Certain characters have elements surrounding them during their fierce portrait. It's cool as heck and that's all this line is about okay see ya.

Getting there. Golbat evolves when it reaches 65% link.

Now we've got a Pokemon that is blocked by an evolution item we haven't seen. Isn't that fun?

It's perched on his shoulder!!!

Omi no kata was daughter of Akechi Mitsutsugu, grandfather of Mitsuhide, who served Saitō Dōsan. She became Dōsan's wife and birthed Nō, making Nō and Mitsuhide cousins (first cousins? Second? I dunno the specifics). Uh, there's not much known about her, okay, but it's cool how everyone relates to each other, I guess.

Hanzō evolves when he reaches 60% link with Haunter or Gengar. And cause I'm so good at this, Haunter knocked out a Warrior in this battle, soooooooooo...

Oh, uh, give it a sec.

Rufflet evolves when its Attack reaches 119. Don't get excited, we can't evolve Masamune yet. But one day...

There we go, Haunter evolves when you reach the requirements for Warrior recruitment at 60% link. This won't be the last time we have to do something like this, alas.

Hey, Grovyle... I feel an even greater strength when I am with you now... You know what I mean, don't you...? If you're with me, I reckon I can grow even stronger! We're still a team, right, Grovyle?

Was Grovyle always this small? Well, Magoichi is actually pretty tall, so it kinda makes sense. Treecko evolves when its Speed reaches 58.

Give me my Fabio already. Wait, I think I'm too early for that. Damn. Mareep evolves when it reaches 53 Attack.

Thankfully because of Shingen we don't have to think about evolving Rhydon. Makes my life easier. Rhyhorn evolves when its Attack reaches 108. If you were mad enough to evolve it again, you need to give it a Protector, then do the Warrior recruitment thingy. I don't wanna paste it again.

Get over here, Gothita. Yoshihime was the mother of Date Masamune and wed Date Terumune as he supported Hideyoshi in the power struggle from Nobunaga's death. She was known as the Demon Princess of Ōshū as she participated in many battles with her father, Mogami Yoshimori, daimyo of Dewa Province. Like most mothers, there's not much to talk about. Oh well!

Sheesh finally. Oichi evolves when she reaches 55% link with Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff, but you have to wait until after the main story to do this, like with every other Warlord aside from Azai. Bit annoying, but oh well, she looks cute af.

Mother bug! Swadloon evolves when it reaches 65% link.

Choan is now as perfect as I can make him. His time will come.

It's a lot of fun rolling over everything with strong Pokemon. Right, Amago Tsunehisa was a powerful daimyo who ruled over most of the Chūgoku region before Mōri Terumoto controlled the region. He fought against the Ōuchi clan to prevent Ōuchi Yoshioki from heading to Kyoto and rallied together the regional clans (Kokujin) to battle this powerful foe. Samurai from Iwami and Aki were caught in this conflict and one such samurai, Mōri Motonari, had to carefully negotiate between the two forces for his villages to survive. His eldest son, Amago Masahisa, died in battle and so he had to crush his third son, Amago Okihisa, to prevent the clan from being split in revolt for succession. He handed the clan over to Masahisa's eldest son, Amago Haruhisa, before he died, but feared he was too inexperienced for the role.

Murder buuuuuuuuug. Larvesta evolves when its Attack reaches 131, so it's a bit of a grind. But it is worth it, so we'll be having some fun in another story. Hopefully. Onward to the final month!

To see the annoyance that is the travelling merchant, please refer to the main update. This is the month we take on Dragnor, but there's still more to do, but finishing the story will, again, happen in the main update.

Gotokuhime was Nobunaga's eldest daughter and was quickly married to Tokugawa Noobuyasu, the eldest son of Ieyasu, when they were both 5 years old. She and Nobuyasa grew quite close, drawing the ire of Lady Tsukiyama, Ieyasu's wife. She was a jealous and contrary woman, making it difficult for Ieyasu to live with her. Since Gotokuhime only had two daughters, Tsukiyama took a daughter of a Takeda retainer for Nobuyasu's concubine. Gotokuhime retaliated by sending a letter to Nobunaga accusing Tsukiyama of conspiring with Takeda Katsuyori, one of Nobunaga's biggest enemies. He relayed this info to Ieyasu, who took his alliance with Nobunaga very seriously and imprisoned his wife. Since Nobuyasu was close to his mother, he was imprisoned also and Tsukiyama was executed, even though the accusation was probably false. To prevent Nobuyasu from seeking vengeance, Ieyasu ordered him to commit seppuku and Gotokuhime unwittingly became a widow due to the situation snowballing out of control.

Gothorita... It's weird--the feeling I have about you seems to have grown stronger... Do you get the same feeling? Okay! Let's stay friends, Gothorita.

This better just be a phase. Gothita evolves when its Defense reaches 70.

Grovyle evolves when its Speed reaches 118.

Well it doesn't have glorious locks, but it'll do. Flaaffy evolves when its Attack reaches 90.

Now that we've used Crobat in battle...

Crobat...? I feel an even greater strength than ever before... Do you feel it as well? Let's stay together, Crobat!

I was super happy I could show this off before the end of this story. Nene evolves when she reaches 60% link with Crobat, since you probably won't evolve her when she has Golbat as she only evolves when you've registered all 16 Poison types in this game into the Gallery. That's why I've been focusing on both them and Ghost types so much, since we might as well do it as early as we can. Do you Nō the other Warlord who evolves this way? Well, it'll be a surprise for later.

And that's it! We'll be defeating Dragnor and going over the end of the game in the main update, but we've done a lot. We evolved 15 Warlords in that space of time and got a lot of powerful Pokemon to make the rest of the postgame less completely tedious. You can have fun with this game in small chunks, this is on the DS after all, but I needed to do this to make the LP as smooth as possible. Back to the regular schedule.