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Part 14: Triple Story Time

Welcome to an update where instead of moving towards the final story, I'm gonna do 8 optional stories instead because I'm completely crazy! Thankfully, quite a few of them are pretty quick and interesting, so let's finally dive into the stories of Mitsunari, Kiyomasa and Masanori.


Unable to resolve their differences, the three went their separate ways, each to a different kingdom. That was not to be the last they would see of each other, however...

But they are no match for me! I'll show them who's boss!

For the first time in the LP, we've got control of Mitsunari and can finally, FINALLY, talk about him, since he never bothered to show up otherwise. Ishida Mitsunari was a samurai and the second son of Ishida Masatsugu, a retainer of the Azai clan. When he was young, he met Hideyoshi when he was daimyō of Nagahama. He joined his new lord in various battles and when Hideyoshi rose in power, so too did Mitsunari. He became a financial manager and became one of the bugyō, one of five administrators of Hideyoshi's government. He was known for his rigid character, but didn't get on well with various daimyōs that were good warriors. After Hideyoshi's death, his relations worsened and the big question was whether Ieyasu could be relied as a supporter of the Toyotomi government. He wasn't and so Mitsunari organized an army led by Mōri Terumoto to face Ieyasu in the Battle of Sekigahara. When Ieyasu emerged victorious, Mitsunari fled, but was captured by villagers and was beheaded in Kyoto.

So if you were coming into these stories hoping to get the three Warlords' Perfect Link and evolutions, then you'll be disappointed, as none of those Pokemon can appear in these stories, so you'll have to do it in other stories. Well, only Masanori only appeared outside of these stories, so we're gonna force these Pokemon to appear.

Easy enough.

However, uh, these AR codes force everything to be a certain Pokemon, so be careful using them and turn it off as soon as you can, or shit gets ruined super fast.

Since there's only 4 kingdoms, these stories end pretty quick, but we might as well see what these guys can do in general since we've never been able to really use them until now.

Pawniard is disappointed in you.

Like with Brendan, that white fluff is a hat, though he does have spikes poking out of his skull. Mitsunari evolves when Pawniard or Bisharp reaches 60% link.

Hey, Bisharp... you seem even stronger than before. You can feel the bond we have, right? I'm counting on your power, Bisharp...

Ow the edge. Pawniard evolves when its Attack reaches 118.

While you can't recruit the other two in these stories, you can get help from Oichi.

Otherwise, we're all done here. Good times.

...and yours aren't big enough. But I suppose you could be of some help to me nonetheless. Maybe serving under me would help those impoverished brains of yours to grow a little bit.

Hmph. He's insufferable. Look, if you want our help, just ask us.

This is why I set out on my own in the first place!

Don't worry! Come on, come with us... we'll go to the beach and have some fun!

Cheers for telling us this story was pointless. Well, technically it was Optional, but whatever.

It did however unlock the Optional story of Kiyomasa and the Pointless story of Oichi. Guess which one we're going for.

But I haven't forgotten what they did to me! And now's the time to make them pay!

Second verse, same as the first. We'll just skip Axew and just cheat a Fraxure in, might as well speed things up more.

I love teenage tusk dragon, Iris's Axew never evolving was a mistake.

Ow the edge. Kiyomasa evolves when Fraxure or Haxorus reach 60%. Katō Kiyomasa was a daimyō who entered Hideyoshi's service at a young age, as his mother was the cousin of Hideyoshi's mother. He fought in numerous battles and became one of the Seven Spears of Shizugatake, as well as one of the main forces of the Invasion of Korea, taking over Seoul from the Korean king and keeping two princes hostage to force lower ranking officials to surrender. He was a renowned castle builder and defended them well, though these exploits never reached Hideyoshi, due to Kiyomasa's superior and rival, Mitsunari. After Hideyoshi's death, Kiyomasa clashed with Mitsunari and was thus drawn to Ieyasu. He did not participate in the Battle of Sekigahara, believing the Toyotomi clan would fall without Ieyasu's help, though he still sided with Ieyasu and was thus rewarded after the war. He worked thereafter as mediator between Ieyasu and Toyotomi Hideyori until his death due to illness.

Also, here's a cool fact: Kiyomasa hated Christianity, so during one battle in Korea, he ordered his soldiers to cut open the stomachs of pregnant Christian women and slice off the heads of the child.

Hey, Haxorus... I feel an even greater strength when I'm with you now... do you know what I mean?

Fun fact, Kiyomasa has a different pose when evolved for this emotion sprite and is the only Warlord to do so, as he had his arms folded before. Anyway, Fraxure evolves into Haxorus when its Attack reaches 173.

And now, it has led to us staking our castles on the argument. All I did was cause a lot of trouble for the people of my kingdom... and now that it's over, I don't feel any better...

Eh? Why are you looking so sad all by yourself?

Hmph. I... I can't stand you seeing you all alone like this.

Come on, let's go to the seaside! You like the seaside, right?

I don't see the attraction myself, but if that's what's been decided...

Two down, one to go. Guess what we'll be doing in this story.

I'll show those brainiacs who's boss! I'll show them I was right!

Thankfully Masanori decided to appear last update, so he already has his Perfect Link line, so let's get going.

Right, Krokorok! I'm counting on ya!

Sandile evolves into Krokorok when its Attack reaches 80.

What a couple of good boys. They're about to become best boys though.

Owwwwwwwwww the edge. The best evolution in the game, no question. Masanori evolves when he reaches 60% link with Krokorok or Krookodile.

Krookodile... you're even more incredible than before... it's unbelievable! Right, Krookodile! I'm counting on ya!

Krokorok evolves into Krooooooooooookodile when its Attack reaches 110. So yeah, Fukushima Masanori was a daimyō that was possibly a cousin of Hideyoshi. He participated in a few battles, but in the Battle of Shizugatake, he took the head of general Ogasato Ieyoshi and became one of the Seven Spears, along with Kiyomasa. He was part of Hideyoshi's Kyūshū campaign and became a daimyō soon after, receiving the fief of Imabari. He also went to Korea and received distinction for taking the city of Ch'ongju. Following that, he was tasked with hunting down Toyotomi Hidetsugu, who attempted to plot a coup against Hideyoshi, and ensured he committed seppuku at Mt. Koya. When the Battle of Sekigahara loomed, he sided with Ieyasu to ensure the survival of his domain and was rewarded for his loyalty.

Too bad, let's rock.

...heh. I knew you'd forget.

It's embarrassing to even talk about it... we were arguing about who would get to buy the last ponigiri in the shop... I wish I could forget as easily as you did...

Oh, that was it? Well, never mind. How about we go to the seaside?

Yeah, that sounds good.

Hmph. I won't refuse.

Well that was a fun distraction (though I wish they never told us why they started arguing), but now we need to start a real important story, trust me.

And while this was going on...

Friends...? Ohh! I know! If I can get some Warriors to join my army, then I can order them to play Pokemari with me! It's a plan with no drawbacks!

We've now seen all the different objectives these stories have, getting 40 Warriors isn't difficult, a bit faster than 100 Pokemon, but you still need to take over like half the region.

Finally, we can evolve Yoshimoto. He evolves when he has 55% link with Pineco and, I guess, Forretress. I would seriously advise using Pineco instead as we'll soon see.

Now that we have some actual Warlords to fight for us...

Forretress... I feel an even greater strength with you now... do you know what I mean? I'm still counting on you!

Pineco evolves when its Defense reaches 73.

So why should you just stick with Pineco with Yoshimoto? Well, it's all because of Forretress's move Gyro Ball.

Yeeeeeeeeeep. It has the same effect as the main games, the lower your Speed compared to the enemy, the more damage you do. See, that's really bad in this game, as it's not particularly difficult to become much stronger and faster against the opponent, unless they get inspired by Gabite guy. Therefore, the stronger you get, the weaker Forretress gets, unless you get paralyzed, but that's not something you can rely on. Coupled with Yoshimoto's really bad Skill and it makes him the worst Warlord in the game. Thankfully, you don't have to use his Perfect Link and can go for Scizor, maybe, which has a 90% cap. Though where's the fun in that? But it doesn't matter, we're not gonna use him anymore anyway, so let's finish the story without him!

Like with Pawniard and Fraxure, we'll be encountering Eevee TOTALLY legit.

We'll properly go over all the Eeveelutions next update when we'll have all of them. Eevee evolves into Espeon when it has 70% link and you perform an action in Illusio.

I'm coming too!

Please, let me come with you as well!

Now this is a sight I'd like people from other kingdoms to see!

I have an idea! I will run to the neighboring kingdoms and let all there know of this beauty. They're sure to come running! Come on, Beedrill, let's go!

That was a pretty cute event, but since we already have Keiji from conquering Yaksha and evolved the three kids, there's no point to these events anymore.

Speaking of Keiji, let's get his Perfect Link, for important reasons.

Bastiodon... you're even stronger than you were before... it's like this is fate! When you and I are together, Bastiodon, no one can stop us!

Shieldon evolves when its Defense reaches 113. We'll evolve Keiji later.

That is why you were doing battle...?

Hmm... but you're pretty handy out there on the battlefield, Lord Yoshimoto.

Ohh?! Lord Kenshin! Lord Shingen! We must play Pokemari together! Pokemari brings peace to people's hearts. Ohh, if everyone played it, the world would be a much better place!

And Pokemari became known across the whole world... though that's really another story.

Pokemari for a Gen 8 minigame.

Next bunch of stories we'll be going for are the Wi-Fi (and password) exclusive stories. They're not particularly interesting, or have anything unique about them, but hey might as well.

It does mean we can play as Keiji whenever, instead of going for ones where he's Yaksha's Warlord.

Just as rumors concerning the missing Warlord were spreading... the kingdom of Yaksha received a visit...

You need to find a replacement, fast. Huh? Me? No way, I'm just a drifter. I just wander from kingdom to kingdom following my nose. That's the life for me. Having said that, though, these people are in a jam. I guess I could take over, just until they find a permanent replacement. And I think the first thing I'll do as Warlord is start gathering some Pokemon. This place needs a bit of extra life. I think a hundred Pokemon or so should do the trick.

Alright, let's conquer the region. And get some Pokemon along the way, I guess.

Oh baby, hello there. Keiji evolves when he reaches 70% link with Bastiodon. Maeda Keiji was a samurai under Oda Nobunaga, along with his uncle, Maeda Toshihisa. Keiji was supposed to inherit the Maeda family headship, but Nobunaga replaced Toshihisa with Maeda Toshiie, preventing that, causing Keiji to quarrel with his uncle. While in Kyoto, Keiji befriended Naoe Kanetsugu and joined the Uesugi clan in their battles, especially in the invasion of Aizu. While the attack failed, because of Keiji's skill in the rear guard, the Uesugi forces were able to retreat intact.

Despite this, he was unable to participate in Hideyoshi's Kyūshū campaign for being too wild. He was present in the battle against the Mogami clan, as part of the larger clash between the Tokugawa and Uesugi clans, and was able to break through enemy lines with only a few riders, shattering their formation. When the Uesugi clan moved to the Yonezawa Domain, Keiji stayed with them as a retainer.

Word is, it seems incredibly powerful! I wonder what kind of Pokemon it could be...

How interesting! I think I'd better go take a look.

We're not done with legendaries just yet, as Keiji can get one!

It's one of the Swords of Justice. This actually has some real life truth to it, Keiji's mount, Matsukaze (wind in the pines), was a finely bred horse, but refused to let anyone ride him. Keiji managed to tame him, since they had similar personalities, and became inseparable, Matsukaze being strong enough to carry his master's large frame for days.

I can tell you and I are going to do some real damage together!

Since we can get Azai in this story, might as well get another Eeveelution. Eevee evolves into Jolteon when it finishes a battle holding a Thunderstone. Only 3 more to get!

I'm a drifter, see. I don't like being tied down. Not to people, and not to kingdoms. It's not easy sometimes, but it's the only life I know. Looks like the people here don't need me anymore. Time for me to hit the road!

Wasn't that fun? Doing the Wi-Fi stories don't do anything, it just lets you play as characters you wouldn't be able to otherwise... which begs the question as to why they're locked behind this in the first place. Ah whatever, thinking about Pokemon events is too annoying.

Unfortunately, Okuni's story is just another Junior Warlord one, so off to conquer we go!

Well... okay. I guess there'll be lots of guys taking part in this contest too, right?

Yes, indeed. It would appear that many male Warriors of great renown are participat-

Oh, great! In that case... I'm definitely doing it!

So begins thirsty girl's adventure.

Volcarona... something feels different from how it did before, you know... does it to you, too? Let's stay together, Volcarona!

I left Okuni's evolution til now so there's actually something to go over, as conquering Ransei for like the 5th time has really lost its lustre. Okuni evolves when she reaches 65% link with Larvesta or Volcarona. And with that, we've evolved every single Warlord in the game. Yaaaaaaaay! Wasn't it all worth it?

Phew, let's not conquer Ransei for a while now, yeah?

It's just... there are probably loads of wonderful men in Ransei that I haven't met yet... I know! I'll go on a journey! That way I'm sure to meet my soul mate! Oh, I can't wait!

Alright, the last special story. Oh thank god it's the Beauty Contest.

Is anyone going to notice...? But I don't want to ruin the contest. Everyone in Ransei is so excited, after all. If only Lord Nobunaga were here... but he has gone away, entrusting me with the castle. Well, there is only one thing for it! I must battle as if my very life depended on it!

Well, while Ranmaru looks like a girl, we must find out if he's a pretty girl, so let's get going! Since we need Nobunaga to evolve him, I did that already, so yay.

The best stories are ones I can beat in four turns.

Does that really matter, though...?

It does not.

Lord Nobunaga...!

You have done well. Nobunaga is here to praise you for your efforts.

Oh... nothing could make me happier than hearing those words, my lord!

They make such a cute couple... anyway, this should be the end, I've shown off all the stories I wanted to, now I need to beat all the ones that unlock the final story and end this LP already. However, I did let you guys vote on which stories I wasn't going to completely skip over. You chose Muneshige, Gracia and Hanbei to cover, which is alright, as Muneshige's story is necessary to complete to reach the final story. So here's the third and final block, though unfortunately all three stories are part of the Junior Warlord scenario, so we're gonna go and conquer Ransei THREE TIMES IN A ROW! Oh boy, I can't wait!

So, the first person to unite Ransei is the winner... this might be just a game, but... it sounds like I'm going to achieve your ambition before you do, Ginchiyo!

As a saving grace, Muneshige starts with 3 kingdoms instead of 1, for whatever reason. That means there's only 14 kingdoms left to conquer, which is about 10 too many.

It's never difficult doing these stories, even if you're not cheating horrendously like me, it just takes a while regardless. Still, Staraptor does a shit ton of damage and while it has lower Range and Defense after using Brave Bird, its better than an Attack decrease, so you can chain attacks no problem if everyone's close enough.

Such insolence! I am the only Warlord around here!

You may be a Warlord here in Ransei. But I don't think the rest of the world cares about the squabbles that happen here. Do you, Ginchiyo?

The... world? I will not be taken in by such ridiculous talk!


Muneshige's story unlocks Motonari's story, so it's necessary. Next up, Gracia!

This is a test for Junior Warriors, not for Warlords. If I were to involve myself... it would be akin to a parent fighting their children's battles.

Oh... so I would have to do battle without you, Father...?

Yes. I know you don't want to leave my side. Without me, you-

I'll do it! I've always wanted to visit other kingdoms! With you telling me never to leave the castle, I hardly ever get the chance to travel... but this contest will let me travel as much as I want!

Hmm... I'm not sure this is such a good idea...

It still gets me how casually the game just tells you to conquer loads of kingdoms just like that. There has to be a better way of doing this. Still, least we don't have to conquer Valora!

So how good is Gothitelle and Future Sight?

Omae wa mou shindeiru...


I say it's pretty good.


I always knew that you were a child who could achieve anything you put your mind to. However... I do wish you could show a little more humility and grace, as befits a lady...

What?! You're telling me off now, of all times?!

Magoichi's story is Pointless, so on to the final story of the update, I hope you're enjoying the deep stories we've been seeing so far, it's been totally worth it, yep, absolutely.

Yeah, of course! There's no one out there that's a match for you!

Oh, my lord... can't you just let me sleep? I really can't be bothered with this, Kanbei. Let's get it over with as soon as possible...

Watch your mouth in front of Lord Hideyoshi, Hanbei.

Hehe. Didn't you hear him, Kanbei? I'm the Warlord of this kingdom now. He should be the one who watches his mouth in front of me!


That's the spirit, Hanbei! Now don't let me down, all right?

Taking over Ransei won't be too difficult this time, because of one thing...

Raichu can do a lot of damage with Volt Tackle if the enemy lines up right, but Fire Spin is the best move in the game, able to dish out so much damage to so many opponents. Even if you're not cheating, Hanbei and Hideyoshi will be able to solo a kingdom no problem, it's that good.

Painting the region orange. Also, nothing interesting happened in those stories, no new events, no swarms, just nothing except battling in the same maps I've done... way too many times by now. This shit is draining.

Wh-What's the matter, Hanbei?! Surely you haven't caught a cold?!

No, it's nothing. Just something in my throat.


You're not wrong! And your kids will probably look like that as well, Kanbei!

Hanbei! Don't be so cruel! Haha!

Alright, we're done, no more stories, I'm just gonna blitz through the last of them and get the final one unlocked already. We only had six stories left to go: Yoshihiro, Nō, Motonari, Motochika, Ujiyasu and Nene. During that time...

We got the last two Eeveelutions! Huh? There's one left? Oh, uh, in that case, we'll get it during the last story. Eevee evolves into Umbreon when you reach 70% link and perform an action in Yaksha. Eevee evolves into Vaporeon when you equip a Water Stone and fight in a battle.

And the remaining ending cards for beating specific stories... bar the one for beating Kanbei's story.

So here it is. We also have a Zekrom image that I don't know where from and a long image of the scrolling one from the opening. It's pretty neat!

Alright, we've beaten all 16 stories of the main Warlords, as well as Muneshige's, Yukimura's, Kanetsugu's and Kotarō's, as they unlock main Warlord stories. So 20 out of 36, which, uh, ain't great.

Next time: the final story and the final update.