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Part 77: Ring For More Postgame (HGSS)

Update 61: Ring For More Postgame

PokeMart GB

Welcome back to the postgame, there's still quite a lot of things to do, so let's do them!

"have to be my dad."

: Ha! You don't know a thing! The best trainer in the world is Koga, one of the Elite Four! Namely--my dad!

: You are mistaken. My dad treats Poké...

: Please stop this! Why don't you just admit that my dad is the true Trainer!

"greater, right?"

I miss my dad... Uh, anyway, I don't know your dad, so I don't bloody know.

: Oh, well. You'll change your mind eventually.

"is greater?"

Uh yeah, sure, whatever.

: You do? Just as I thought! You know something? I'm sure we'll enjoy talking about my dad! Here is my number!

"my dad!"

Wow, that sounds great. Yeah, we're gonna be getting some Gym Leader numbers in this update in order to rematch them. They can be found in different places at different times that you basically need a guide for. Falkner is found in the Celadon Department Store at any time after you beat Janine. As you can guess, we need to call him Saturday morning to rematch him.

Viridian Forest GB

We'll be going in battle order even though that's not the best way of doing things at all. But hey, I can put these screenshots in any order!

"a stronger Bug-type Pokémon Trainer!

: Hey, why don't we swap phone numbers?

"Give me a call!"

Bugsy is in the Viridian Forest all day Thursday, so easy enough.

While we're in Viridian Forest we should catch a Pikachu. You'll see.

PokeMart GB

: Do you want to exchange phone numbers? Please?

: Give me a call when you've got time.

Whitney is found at the Goldenrod Department Store every day between 12pm and 4pm.

This place is cool.

: But that does not mean that I have lost out on my future. I will continue training until I discover a new future for me. Say, do you want to be part of my training?

Morty is found on the Bellchime Trail at any time on Monday and Tuesday.

Cianwood City GB

Next up is a real easy number.

: He should be able to chat with you then.

If you're only interested in grinding for the final postgame challenges, then getting Chuck's number and rematching him is the quickest and easiest. You can get his number from his wife at any time and his rematch period is during the night, meaning you can call him over and over again to refight him. Very quick and easy.

Olivine City GB

Jasmine's up next!

: These empty dishes in front of me are not all mine... Er... Actually the person who sat here ahead of me ate a lot... Anyway, do you want to exchange phone numbers?

: I should be able to battle you around noon on Wednesdays. I'll be waiting for your call!

Seems like Jasmine is a bit of a glutton. My kinda girl. She can be found at the Olivine Cafe on any day between 1pm and 2pm.

Route 42 GB

It's rainy days here at the Lake of Rage.

"raging lake."

: This must have some purpose that we meet again. Why don't we exchange phone numbers?

"body a spine."

: You could be a good training partner. I'll be waiting for your call!

Pryce can be found at the Lake of Rage any time it is raining, so not Wednesday, between 6am to 10am.

Dragon's Den GB

Let's meet the final Johto leader.

: I may have time to listen to you. If you insist, I can exchange numbers, too!

B-Baka! Clair is found at the Dragon's Den at any day between 6am and 10am, but only if you've beaten her and Lance in that double battle. There's a reason we're doing these rematches so late, as some of them have a few caveats. We've also hit a training wall, so it's necessary.

Diglett's Cave GB

Guess where we're gonna find Brock.

"don't you agree?"

: By the way, do you want to exchange numbers?

: Give me a call on Saturday nights!

Brock can be found in Diglett's Cave at any day, between 12pm and 3pm. However, like most Kanto Gym Leaders, you need to beat Blue first. You can get numbers after you beat the Elite Four, but you do need to beat Blue to schedule rematches.

Route 25 GB

Misty's next.

: Right! Why don't we exchange numbers?

: Give me a call on Wednesday morning if you want another battle with me!

After beating or catching Suicune (since it respawns in the Burned Tower) and beating Blue, you can find Misty here on the cape any day between 4pm and 6pm. Just in time for the sunset!

Route 10 GB

What a surprise. However, Surge has a few things you need to do before you get his number. Remember that Pikachu?


: Excellent! I'll give you my telephone number!

: Give me a call on Friday morning! We can have an electrifying battle!

Not only do you need Pikachu as your lead, you also need to have captured Zapdos (not beaten it), as well as beaten Blue in order to get his phone number. Any day between 9am and 11am.

Celadon City GB

Omg, let's have a gurl talk, yaaaaas boo.

Glad to hear it.

: Yes... I'm thinking maybe I should participate in this Contest in Sinnoh to try and be more vibrant...

: How did it go?

: I couldn't bring myself to go to the Contest.

: Oh, I see... Then why don't you try putting on something especially gorgeous?

: Ah, yes! Maybe I can bring myself to enter the Contest!

: How about a fancy, light blue outfit with a cape over it?

: What? That's too embarrassing!

: I see. You think Clair from Blackthorn is a little embarrassing... I'm just taking notes.

: Oh, no! Erika, that's not what I meant!

Hmm? Oh don't mind me, do please continue.

: I am often free in the morning on Sunday. Call me around then.

We can find this little chat on Saturday and Sunday between 3pm and 5pm, after beating Blue. Also, this confirms these games take place before DPP, since you can infer that Jasmine has yet to go to Sinnoh to take part in a Contest. However, it also sounds like she went to Sinnoh but chickened out at the last minute. So this could take place between receiving HM07 from her in Sunyshore, but before she takes part in the Master Rank contests in the postgame. Pokemon timelines are serious business, yo.

Route 27 GB

It's not time for the Elite Four matches just yet.

: The Elite Four has no time to rest, day or night. It's such hard work, you know? Say! Do you want to exchange numbers?

Don't try and explain why the Elite Four is available 24/7, that's one can of worms this universe does not need opening. Anyway, Janine can be found here between 4pm and 6pm, at any day without needing to beat Blue.

Olivine City GB

We're also not going on the SS Aqua, even though we can get Arcues plates for doing so from the Captain.

: It may be fun to exchange numbers with you... Do you want mine?

: I think I can keep my promises if you call me on Sundays around noon.

Sabrina can be found on Olivine's dock on Fridays at any time, without needing to fight Blue.

Cinnabar Island GB

Yo, Blaine, you built your gym yet?

: Why not exchange numbers!

: Hmm... We should be able to battle on Tuesday evenings!

Blaine can be found on Cinnabar Island on Tuesday, any time, after beating Blue.

Pallet Town GB

The last number is real easy to get. We won't find Blue anywhere except his Gym, so we need to have a little chat with Daisy.

: Would you like to join me? Oh, you seem to keep your Pokémon a bit on the dirty side. Grooming helps them become more beautiful and friendly. Would you like me to groom one? Which one should I groom?

Make my giant alligator boy beautiful.

: There you go! All done. See? Doesn't it look nice? It's such a cute Pokémon.

So here's the worst number to get. Every day between 3pm and 4pm you can visit Daisy to have your Pokemon groomed. In order to get Blue's number we need to do this a minimum of 7 times. That's some tedium right there. We also need to show her a Pokemon with max happiness, but that's easy enough. Her grooming increases happiness, but it also increases a Pokemon's Beauty stat. You can't see that info anywhere in HGSS, but if you trade it back to DPP you can see this is the case. That means you can evolve Feebas even in this game since the Prism Scale didn't exist yet. Daisy also groomed in GSC, but it only increased happiness, which doesn't do very much in those games, and I only just found that out, so that's why I didn't show it! Anyway, 6 days later...

: Would you like my kid brother's number? He's the Gym Leader at Viridian City. Have you challenged him? Do you want to register him?

: Give him a call when you feel like it. He can be overly confident, but he still needs company. He said he won't have any plans on Sunday nights... Giggle!

Now that we have all the numbers, now we need to call them when they said they were free and arrange a rematch!

: Yeah, I'm in top form. I was hoping for an invitation! We're battling again, correct? Excellent! Glad to hear it. I'm looking forward to this. I'll be waiting at the Fighting Dojo in Saffron City!

And there we go, phew. Doing this is a pain in the ass. Not only do you need to jump between days and times, but there's also some more added layers of bullshit in order to get everyone's number. It's much easier to just grab Chuck's number and grind from there. All the Gym Leaders have 6 Pokemon, have levels around 60-65 and use Pokemon from other regions, so it's definitely a lot of fun. And the rewards are worth it, our team is gonna jump up 5 levels each from this, which is very nice. But otherwise, there's one more thing we can do to grind.

Pokemon League GB

It's the Elite Four rematches! Don't worry, I won't be going over every little thing, I'm just going through it to give my team just a little bit extra.

VS Elite Four GB

Like the Gym Leaders, the Elite Four now have 6 Pokemon as well as Hoenn and Sinnoh Pokemon. Still not too bad though.

Koga's Muk, however, can fuck right off.

Bruno finally got variety, while Karen finally evolved some shit. Learn from this Silver!!!

Lance is still a real tough cookie, especially since he has a lot of really strong dragons.

Ow. Ice moves are your friend here.

His Dragonite is the same as it was in the double battle with Clair, so you can easy make it useless after a couple Draco Meteors. They still hurt like fuck.

This Garchomp is a fuckin problem.

Thankfully Toto outspeeds it.

This Altaria is a fuckin problem.

Just kidding, it knows Perish Song and is Lance's last Pokemon. Nice.

Time to put our training to the test. Let's fight Red for the final time.

VS Former Champion Red GB

This battle has changed a bit since Gen 2. First, his team is a lot stronger. Not just level wise either, but just in general, with powerful moves, nice stats and somewhat helpful abilities. Also it's hailing. Forever. This can actually be pretty helpful to whittle down the Pokemon you just can't do anything about. But yeah, this is definitely a tough fight, but we've trained long and hard, we can do this.

Pikachu is still not a problem, though it does have a Light Ball this time around, doubling its Attack and Special Attack.

Okay, Blastoise is gonna be a bit tough to break through.

Especially with Blizzards and Hail.

Thankfully the only move it has to hit Water types is Focus Blast, which will totally miss, maybe. It also has low PP.

We can also keep wearing it down.

That's annoying.

Okay, just hit all your Focus Blasts, it's cool, whatever. I don't care, I'm not mad.

While very impressive looking, that doesn't help you very much.

Eventually it goes down, thank you Hail. That's one big threat out of the way.

Ah shit it's the next big threat.

Thankfully we get enough chip to take it down. Very nice.

Oh god this thing. I miss Wukong.

Maybe we could poison it? Maybe? No? Okay then.

Okay, that helps a lot. It's nearly dead!

Gahhhhhhhhh. But on the bright side it doesn't have Rest. I would be so screwed if it had Rest.

Ooh yes, very good, let's keep up the chip.

Good job team!

Ah goddammit, another massive threat. Why not keep the Espeon? It's so much easier to deal with.

Like Snorlax, this thing is going to take a million years to take down.

It also doesn't take any Hail damage. While it's nice to whittle down things, it does mean super accurate Blizzards are being thrown around and your Pokemon are taking damage too.

Alright, I think we've got this. If you want to get rid of Hail from this battle, once you use another weather move or ability the perma-Hail is gone. You can also fight Red on special dates programmed into the game that turns the snow into diamond dust, which has no in-battle effect.

A necessary sacrifice.

A necessary sacrifice.

A necessary- okay, can my Pokemon please stop fainting already?

Okay, that? Was a necessary sacrifice.

With it whittled down so much, it's easy enough to knock out.

Christ alive that was a tough one.

The End

And yeah, yeah, we've seen it all before. So! There's still a little bit more left to do before we're 100% done with this LP. Just 2 more updates left. And one of them's the Battle Tower. Next time.