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Part 16

Duely noted!

It is dark here. :<

"God you REALLY fucked up this time, Kenji"

Why are you using a Farfetch'd to cut trees, why not a saw?

Yeah, the Caterpies and Kakunas might get you. :I

I'll do it!

Lil' bug wit' mushrooooooooms!

Paras #046

Mushroom Pokémon
Height: 1'00" Weight: 11.9 lbs
Habitat: Forests Types: Bug/Grass
Paras hatchlings are doused with mushroom spores when they are born. As its body grows, mushrooms sprout out from its back. The mushrooms, called tochukaso, leech nutrients from the bug Pokémon host. They are highly valued as a medicine for extending life. Paras burrows to suck tree roots, leeching nutrients off of them.

Huh? I don't know any Bill.

Your what now?

So they get stuck in boxes?

I do want to catch more...

Back to the Pokémon Center in a little, I guess.


Nooo don't run.

You keep running Farfetch'd

I can keep this up all day.

And by this I mean post screenshots.

Because I took a lot of Roxy chasing this bird through the forest.

It likes to run from stuff. :I

Keep it on a leesh then. :/

It wasn't so much finding, it was right around the corner. You just had to chase it.

Can I have some Charcoal?

Oh boy Charcoal?

Waaaay ahead of you.

Back in Azalea Town Pokémon Center


I wonder what lives here....

Maybe I should leave a ScentedCandle

I'll wait for you to finish.


No, that'd hurt my head.

Oh, make something else Headbutt it.

Well I dun wanna bother em if they're sleeping.

Pretty uneventful forest.

Sort of, kind of, not realy.

TM12 contains Sweet Scent. I think she just said I smell bad.

Aww, Poké Daycare.

Wait what?

Why do people keep doing this?

It's so cute but now I have to fight it.

Oh god Bellsprout's full of poison.

Poison does that to animals.

PokéDaycare, oh god there's probably cute things in here.

Oh, just old people.

I've had that talk.


Why are you telling me this?!

You people are gross.

Only if you clean it off first


You were planning on eating it, weren't you.

Aaaaand Goldenrod City. I wonder what sort of wacky shenanigans Roxy'll get into here

Hmm, ya know... I wonder if Gatorface has killed anyone yet...

Yep, no deaths to be announced?

Um... uh...

Nope, can't say that I have. Ok, love you bye!