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Part 23

Ecruteak City
A Historical City Where the Past Meets the Present

I'm kinda ok at it.

Well why are you trying to scrath them?


Hey.. hey guys.. stop spinning for one second... please I- My cute things want to fight...

Darn Skippy ya can!


Shitashi took a beating there...

Yippy does little dances when he wants food.

And I always give in because he's so durn cute.


I'll be honest. Espeon almost wrecked my shit. Look at the damage it did to Heavy G. This is after it smashed through Yippy and Shitashi. And considering Honeypot's Poison-type...

Yes. Yes you did. :I

I still want one of those hats Team Rocket wears...

I thought we were talking about hats.

Umbreon's japanese name is "Burakki" which unjapanifying it gives you... Blacky. :I


Noctowl #164

Owl Pokémon
Height: 5'03" Weight: 89.9 lbs
Habitat: Forests Types: Normal/Flying
Stage 1: Evolves from Hoothoot
Its eyes are specially adapted. They concentrate even faint light and enable it to see in the dark. Noctowl never fails at catching prey in darkness. This Pokémon owes its success to its superior vision that allows it to see in minimal light, and to its soft, supple wings that make no sound in flight. When it needs to think, it rotates its head 180 degrees to sharpen its intellectual power.

Now he really is Wise Shitashi! And it's still pretty cute even if it is a five foot owl.

I get a prize if I do, so yes.


I suck at dancing.

JOLTEON?! How completely unexpected!

Honeypot don't play dat.


Reward please.

I like priiiizes.

It certainly is!

Let's explore the rest of the town now...

That's scary...

You're lying.

Please be lying...

I think your grandfather is crazy...

You're not helping!


I only see one...

...oh :I

I'm gonna go see it!


Well one thing to do...

Gym Leader Battle tonight after work. Had a slight "Oh God, Don't drink the water" type crisis yesterday.

Here's some stupid pictures from OpenCanvas sessions with gooooons to tide you over.

[ Drawing Missing ]