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Part 44

Continuing from Part 1 of the thread.
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Recap time!

This is Roxy. Roxy lives in Johto.

One day, her asshole neighbor, Prof. Elm, invites her to his lab to offering Roxy her own Pokemon...

...a Totodile emerged from the ball and immediately latched onto Roxy's head.
Stuck with her new, crazyass partner Roxy left to run an errand for Prof. Elm.
While on the errand Roxy met Prof. Oak.

Drawn by HulkaMatt
Prof. Oak gave Roxy a Pokedex and tasked her with completing it.I swear, he gives those things out like candy.
Returning to Elm's lab with an egg, Roxy encountered a red-headed young man named Smogon.

Drawn by Reinanigans
Using the Chikorita he had stolen from Prof. Elm moments before, Gatorface the Totodile battled Chikorita and one in a horribly violent manner.

It was then suggested by Prof. Elm that Roxy take the Johto Gym challenge, defeating the 8 Gym Leaders of Johto.

Roxy left New Bark Town, trying to stop Gatorface from eating things as she went. Some of the things Gatorface managed to not eat included...

Drawn by GSGold
Heavy G, a Geodude.

Drawn by Count von Count
Shitashi, a Hoothoot.

Alternate Shitashi pic drawn by tomthebomb

Drawn by HulkaMatt
And Honeypot, a Bellsprout.
Traveling to nearby Violet City...

Drawn by MiyoKun
Roxy entered the Sprout Tower, a large temple dedicated to pokeyman training and I guess Bellsprout. Defeating the Master of the Temple earned Roxy the HM01.
Next Roxy made her way to the Violet City Pokemon Gym and battled its leader, Falkner.

Drawn by Count von Count
With the help of Heavy G, Falkner was beaten easily. Roxy earned the Zephyr Badge.

After leaving Violet City, Roxy headed south.

Drawn by Waffleopolis
Along the way she captured Yippy, a wooper.

Overjoyed with her new friend, Roxy promptly left Gatorface with her mother.

Colored by Drake Lake
Roxy also briefly stopped by the Ruins of Alph, and unlocked a secret of the Unown.
After traveling south and arriving in Azalea Town, Roxy encountered a newly resurfaced Team Rocket, running an illegal (?) Slowpoke Tail ring.

Enraged by the defilement of cuteness, Roxy snapped and unleashed the fury on Team Rocket.
Later, having saved the Slowpoke, Roxy battled the Azalea City Gym Leader, Bugsy. A complete pushover. I mean fuck, he has Kakuna and Metapod.

Drawn by Chibs
Yippy slammed Bugsy in the pills and Roxy earned the Hive Badge.

Leaving Azalea, Roxy encountered Smogon again.

Drawn by Chibs
After a battle, Smogon told Roxy to step off and keep out of his way. He hates the weak.

Drawn by tyrsHTML
In Ilex Forest, Roxy captured Pinchy, a Paras who would become her mini HM helper.

Checking in with her mother, Roxy learns her mother's beloved pet Azurill has gone missing...
Later, in Goldenrod City, Roxy battled Whitney, the Goldenrod Gym leader.

Drawn by Count von Count
Heavy G once again carried Roxy to victory and made Whitney cry because she is a big stupid baby. Roxy earned the Plain Badge.

Roxy managed to capture a sleeping Sudowoodo that had been saying inappropriate things to people.
Reaching Ecruteak City, Roxy was unable to battle the gym leader, as he had gone to the Burnt tower.
While in Burnt Tower, the floor beneath Roxy crumbled after a battle with Smogon.

The legendary beasts Entei, Raikou, and Suicune had awakened.Drawn by motherfish

Drawn by DrakeLake
Afterwards, Roxy managed to beat ECruteak's gym leader, Morty, in a battle. This earned Roxy the Fog Badge.

Drawn by Zorak
Heading back to the Ruins of Alph, a Natu was captured and named Cleo.

Later, in Olivine City, Roxy again found the Gym Leader missing. This time thanks to her Ampharos being sick.

Using her new partner and a barrel she stolefound, Roxy crossed the bay ocean sea water to Cianwood City.

While there, the beast Suicune again appeared to Roxy, only to flee.

Drawn by Satsu
Obtaining the "medicine" from the "pharmacist, Roxy returned and "healed" "Ampharos".

Meanwhile, back in New Bark, Gatorface is still fucking shit up.

Drawn by Motherfish
In Cianwood, Roxy battled Chuck's Poliwrath and won.

Drawn by Count von Count
In Olivine, Roxy battled Jasmine's Steelix and won thanks to Honeypot the Weepinbell.

Afterwards, Roxy headed east, towards Mahogany town.

Once again, Suicune appeared before Roxy. However it fled before she could react in a way other than soiling herself.

Drawn by Reinanigans
Stopped from entering the Gym, Roxy made her way to the Lake of Rage and battled the Red Gyarados.

Teaming up with Lance, a trainer of Dragon-types, Roxy infiltrated a Team Rocket hideout in Mahogany Town.

Clearing out their electrodes, Roxy and Lance put a stop to the Rocket's plans.

Drawn by Count von Count
Before battling the Gym leader, Claude the Krabby evolved into Kingler.

Drawn by nonbaka
Battling Pryce, Claude abused her new Guillotine technique and smashed through Pryce's entire gym by herself.

Drawn by Zorak
After leaving Mahogany, Roxy entered the Ice Path and fell on her ass several times. It was funny.

Drawn by dxmagikarp
Seriously, tell me that's not funny.

[ Drawing Missing ]

Capturing a Jynx named Omiakoq, Roxy promptly sent it to be bred. I.. I really don't have a logical reason for that one.

Roxy hatched Omiakoq's egg, adding Prof. Kissum the Smoochum to her team.
Back in GoldenRod, Team Rocket again appeared and took over a Radio Tower. Defeating a Rocket Exec in the top floor, he gave Roxy the information, location and key to everything she needed. I am not making this up.

Drawn by Miyokun

Drawn by dxmagikarp

Gatorface is still creepy.

Stuff that keeps getting asked

I am not good at Pokeymans.
Try It's probably slow as fuck though since Diamond/Pearl were just released in Japan and everyone's rushing them for D/P info. There's also a Pokemon Megathread in Games somewhere. Filter by the DS tag.

I missed this Emerald thread everybody is talking about. Where is it?
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I want to name stuff
Nearly all the names are suggestions from others. Usually through AIM or in #pokegoons on zirc. I honestly can't remember where most monsters live so I ask as I catch. Have a name suggestion for a monster I haven't caught yet? Throw it out there and I'll work with what I get.

Bring back Gatorface
No, go fuck yourself.

Update coming later.
Thanks for everybody that drew a pic for this recap.