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Part 45

Oh boy, back down here with the nerds.

Oh my god, he really gave me the real key?

Stairs, lol

Am.. Am I in the sewers?


Oh, it's just you... I thought Mario was down here or something.

Oh god do you have one of those Mega Mushrooms?!

Like.. four times. :I

Oh.. I thought I was doing good.

You don't owe me money!


Oh god it wants my blood

..oh shit

Aww, I wish I coulda took that thing.


Oh god I-

You would think Meganium would know what was about to happen...

But eh.

Man, has that Magnemite ever worked?

Sneasel's sprite in Gold/Silver is brown.

Oh, also they're weak to rock.


Blind da ghost!

...well shit.

Now I gotta fight it out.

Oh hay

I tell you every fucking time. STOP USING THE TIRE IRON.

...Magnemite are tough?

Yeah, and look where that got your haunter. :/

You underestimated the cuteness!

Cuteness is awesome.

The part about how "If you aim the hyper beam for the chest it thoroughly carbonizes the target in seconds." or the "Hey, we have to kill these Electrodes." thing?

Oh, well obviously.

Love your Golbat!

Trust your- Well, I dunno I'm not sure you should trust Haunter... it has crazy eyes


I dunno, I'm kicking your ass and I have a Wooper and a Smoochum. A WOOPER AND A SMOOCHUM.

Well good.

He didn't even punch me this time.

Oh god he's gonna rape me.

I need an adult! I NEED AN ADULT.

Prof. Kissum has Ice Breath. Is that the same thing?

No, not really.

You'll have to do better than that!

Oh no...


Prof. Kissum's first real battle!

...oh crap maybe I-

Prof. Kissum you are pumped for this but I don't think-

Ok, I don't think that is very appropriate.

Hahahahaha, Prof. Kissum beat a Muk.

No, I'm kinda lost.

[Honeypot] GASP! YOU.

[Honeypot] You are the one who desecrated my familiy's ancestral home!

[Gloom] Only after you killed my father!

[Honeypot] He was a fool! Challenging the head of the powerful Nepenthes clan! It is to laugh!

[Gloom] I loved him! My father was a good and honorable man!

[Honeypot] Ha! And did this so called "good, honorable man" think his deeds just? Pressuring the poor Jumpluffs off their land for what?! Just another speakeasy?!

[Honeypot] You know nothing Gloom. NOTHING.

[Roxy] Pokémon make cute noises.

Good to know.

Gawrsh! You survived!

To be fair, you did kinda just tell me the password.

That's a Muk and Weezing that Prof. Kissum has beaten so far.

I guess! vv

TM35 is Sleep Talk


No prob. It was pretty easy since they just gave me the key and stuff.

Uhh, um.. hmm. I dunno, I'mma go with orgy? vv

Yeah, oh man it's lookin pretty bad in there.

Everyone's so generous in Johto!


Yes sir mista directa sir!

I said I'd do it.

They're trying to contact Giovanni.


Well there's also the police, the national defense force, I dunno.. Alakazam?

I bet one Alakazam could take Team Rocket.

I really don't think they're in that much trouble.

KQKyle posted:

Thanks to the Honeypot vs. Gloom fight, I now really want to see the backgrounds of some of your other pokemon.

No, I'd say they were just kinda chilling and Roxy came along. Everyone knows only Grass-types have a highly developed social order.

Kuraineko posted:

So. Was Glooms father a Vileplume or a Bellossom?

The late, Don Rafflesio.