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Part 46

Oh hay, Amulet Coin. You are so pretty and shiny.

Ok.. now where was- oh right. Card Key.


Not a thing at all. You should go check the lock there and try to get it working again.


Oh screw this, CLAUDE.

I dunno, Oddish is cute as all get.

Oh it's not like they're threatening you at gun point or anything. I mean, you're just sitting there at your computer playing Minesweeper.


You're the what.

Ok then.

Man, how many of you guys are there?

That's how Heavy G rolls, yo.

...ok this could be a problem.

....Now how in the hell did that happen?

You're no Dungeon Man.

You were the one with the boobs, right?

You see this particular Rocket in another game...

Slam the blinded Cobra!

Yippy is so fucking awesome.

Case in point.

Hey Vileplume guess w-

wait what


Prof. Kissum! Strike down thy foe with thine cuteness!
-A critical Peck later-

To a Wooper and a Xatu. :I

Your underlings are all retards. There. I said it.

Not really, I just like cute things.

I thought you already did that. I mean it's all over the radio, you whining for your boss. "Oh boss please come back!"

You know he's probably just chilling in Jamaica, right?

I mean, last I heard. He had tons of money.

This rocket also appears in another game...


Oh holy-

I don't care what you say, I don't think jack squat was surviving that.


Look he couldn't hear you out on the Sevii Islands, either.

Three years, a loss to Redor Green and two losses to Roxy for him to finally grasp the concept.

Yeah, good bye.

..I don't have to deal with Team Rocket ever again, right?

:greatgift: PRESENT! :greatgift:

It is so shiny and pretty and clear and

Johto seems to like towers.

Replacing a tower with a Radio Tower? I'm sure this is the only time this has ever happened!

And you didn't donate it to a museum or something?

The what- Oh. OOOOOH!

Yeah me too.

Why would they be whispering?

Yeah but those monks were jerks and wouldn't let me through to see it.

Ah sure, why not?

I guess I should go.. tower? God I don't even know what I'm doing anymore.

GASP. What is happening at the Tin Tower?!

Fun in OC

Still fairly sick, but eh. Actual update once I feel better.
But eh, I drew some pictures.

Long ago, two towers stood in Ecruteak; The Brass Tower to the west, and the Tin Tower to the East. The majesty of these towers was enough to soothe those who saw them, both human and pokémon alike.

Atop these towers nested two beautiful and powerful creatures. On the Brass Tower, a majestic silver bird rested. This was the ryujin, Lugia. On the Tin Tower, a magnificent bird that shown with all colors of the rainbow perched. This was the Fenghuang, Ho-oh.

However, tragedy struck one night, as the Brass Tower mysteriously caught fire. Both Lugia and Ho-oh fled their nests. Lugia, never to return to its destroyed home.

Ho-oh, having returned to see the damage, wept at what it discovered; the Brass Tower was destroyed. In the flames that ravaged it, three monsters had perished in the inferno.

Using its enormous power, Ho-oh resurrected the three, giving them new life as three sacred guardians. The Emperor of flame, Entei. The Lord of thunder, Raikou. And the Prince of Waters, Suicune.

Well here's an odd snag I didn't foresee. Due to odd circumstances I upgraded from Win98SE to WinXP.

Turns out my TV Tuner suddenly doesn't work with WinXP, despite the fact it says it would. (There are no drivers for XP.)
So yeah, after driving down to Newport News (A good 30-45 minute drive each way) and buying a new one guess what! It's now toast. I am really not sure how the hell that happened.

So here's the deal, this is now an emulated playthrough. I'm doin a rush job through the game with the same party. I should be back up to speed within the next 2 hours. Here's an idea of how caught up I am. I've been playing for 5 minutes and I'm facing Falkner.

On the plus side you get better screencaps and updates more frequently. (Kinda like how Emerald's was updated more often.)

So yeah. Patience I'm not letting this thread die.

Fun. Sickness, then problems, then glitch, then toast. Something apparently does not want me finishing this thread.

RedChocobo posted:

Roxy's party is all basic evolutions again. DAMN YOU CELEBI AND YOUR TEMPORAL MISCHIEF

*That awesome fanfare from Metroid Zero Mission when you get your Fully-Powered Suit plays*