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Part 54

[Note: Sadly at this point the forums archive lost several updates After defeating the elite four, Roxy embarked on a tour of Kanto, finding it a somewhat disappointing shadow of the region described in her guidebook from the Pokemon Red/Blue era. We rejoin Roxy as she is travelling to Cerulean City, 4 Kanto gym badges already in her possesion.]



Hey look a ladder.

Man.. shouldn't there be trainers or something in he-

Oh. Well, that explains that.

Also, Zubat still live here.

Also Kangas- Wait, what?
Kangaskhan #115

Parent Pokémon
Height: 7'03" Weight: 176.4 lbs
Habitat: Grasslands Types: Normal
To avoid crushing the baby it carries in its pouch, it always sleeps standing up. The infant rarely ventures out of its mother's protective pouch until it is 3 years old. If it is safe, the young gets out of the belly pouch to play. The adult keeps a close eye on the youngster; if you come across a young Kangaskhan playing by itself, you must never disturb it or attempt to catch it. The baby pokémon's parent is sure to be in the area, and it will become violently enraged at you. To protect its young, it will never give up during battle, no matter how badly wounded it is. It is skilled at attacking using Comet Punch.

Ever since the Safari Zone closed down...

Well that was a very small cave. :I On to the next route!

That was fast.

Venomoth #049

Poison Moth Pokémon
Height: 4'11" Weight: 27.6 lbs
Habitat: Forests Types: Bug/Poison
Stage 1: Evolves from Venonat
Venomoth is nocturnal-it is a pokémon that only becomes active at night. Its favorite prey are small insects that gather around streetlights, attracted by the light in the darkness. The dust-like scales covering its wings are color coded based on the kinds of poison it has-poisonous if it is dark in color, paralysis if light. When it attacks, it flaps its large wings violently to scatter its poisonous powder all around.

May the light of Aeth- Wait, moths are nocturnal.

La, la-da di-da daaaa

This is in the grass, not while surfing
Electabuzz #125

Electric Pokémon
Height: 3'07" Weight: 66.1 lbs
Habitat: Grasslands Types: Electric
Electricity runs across the surface of its body. In darkness, its entire body glows a whitish-blue. Its body constantly discharges electricity, getting close to it will make your hair stand on end. When two Electabuzz touch, they control the electric currents to communicate their feelings. When a storm arrives, gangs of this pokémon compete with each other to scale heights that are likely to be stricken by lightning bolts. Some towns use Electabuzz in place of lightning rods.

According to the guidebook, this is an abandoned Power Plant that has become a huge habitat for electric Pokémon. omg Pikachu :o

Wait, I-


You aren't a very good Security guard, are you? I mean, there's only one entrance.



Oh goddammit, how did I even get here.
Hmm, Cerulean City. What to do in Cerulean City.


And suddenly, an irrational, fear washed over Roxy.

And suddenly, the irrational fear subsided.



..ok. :I

Wait, I "know nothing?"

...what the hell just happened?


Always gotta go look for- eh?

omigod omigod do you realize what this means?!

Misty is running a methlab or something! I think Methlabs use these parts, anyway.

You can't really see it but Roxy smashes through a bunch of trainers. :I


serves you right. <>

All girls in Kanto are LOOSE. <> Well except for Janine and Erika. They're pretty cool.

Decent upstanding citizens?

...Slut. :I

You can't have 'em.

...slut. :I Oh hey look, a cottage. Let's walk in without knocking!

He's that guy who's screwing up time-space with those time machines, right?

Oh.. wait.. be right back!

Yea I guess Lickitung are cute.


I know of a small blue Pokémon like that. :I Be right back!

Well huh, I wonder what-

Victreebel #071

Flycatcher Pokémon
Height: 5'07" Weight: 34.2 lbs
Habitat: Forests Types: Grass/Poison
Stage 2: Evolves from Weepinbell
Victreebel has a long vine that extends from its head. This vine is waved and flicked about as if it were an animal to attract prey. When an unsuspecting prey draws near, this pokémon swallows it whole. Once ingested into Victreebel's body, even the hardest object will melt into nothing. This horrifying plant pokémon attracts prey with the aromatic fluid in its body. Acid that has dissolved a lot of prey becomes sweeter, making it even more effective at attracting prey. Victreebel are said to live in huge colonies deep in jungles, although no one has ever returned from there.

Kanto is infuriating, even to Roxy

Left Ventricle posted:

This thread has now come full-circle. If this Misty is the same Misty... The very foundations of the world will tremble when they battle.