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Part 58

Heading East from Pewter City.


I bet it's made out of Marshmallows!
Clefairy #035

Fairy Pokémon
Height: 2'0" Weight: 16.5 lbs
Habitat: Mountains Types: Normal
The moonlight that it stores in the wings on its back apparently gives it the ability to float in midair. On every night of a full moon, groups of this Pokémon come out to play. When dawn arrives, the tired Clefairy return to their quiet mountain retreats and go to sleep nestled up against each other. Its adorable appearance makes it popular as a pet. However, it is rare and difficult to find.

You know, after the faerie...

....did you ever get the feeling something was.. I dunno... missing?

Mt. Moon! And...

..... ..... .....

Yea. :I

Wait... I don't see your tire iron...

Oh god he figured out the whole "love and respect" thing. We're fucked.

He's hiding that blackeye Roxy gave him.

Match 1
Hunk of Rock vs. Dark Kamaitachi


Man, I wish this would be changed to "Feint Attack"

Haha, boulder to da face yo.

Match 2
Voracious Pitcher Plant vs. Very effeminate Dinosaur

Just because a monster has a crappy movepool and weird stats does not mean it's easy to take down.

Well... uh... that was easy...

Match 3
Professor of Cuteness and Cuteness related fields vs. Gluttonous sangrophage.

Man, not his day...

Match 4
Awesome Axolotl vs. Electromagnetic Triplets

Yippy is a Jukebox Hero. You know.. cause he has stars in his eyes...

Match 5
Prophetic Bird vs. Psychokinetic Cat/fox thing.

Cleo was faster than an Alakazam?

T'was Psychic


And she just keeps ticking, even after a Critical Psychic from an Alakazam.


Match 6
Giant Fiddler Crab vs. Shadow Doppelganger

...well crap.



I DID N- Wait. What?


...somehow I doubt that.

Welp, let's get to explorin Mt. Moon!

Cave exporer Roxy!

.... Man, Kanto sucks.

Oh hey, we're back in Cerulean City. Hay lets go look in Cerulean Cave guys.

.... eh?

My only guess is this is the thing on the back of Mewtwo's neck, and he is desperately looking for this.