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by Chorocojo

Part 60

Surfing south from Pallet Town. There should be an island south of here.

Ah, there it is.

Oh god what the hell?


...never heard of you. :I

Uhhhhhh.. nope, not ringing any bells.

Who? :I

Yeah, kind of. I mean, I need that freaking badge.


It smells like hot dogs here.

I dunno, the Pokémon Center's still there.

....k :I


That's the way it's been.

Yup. :I

I am strong and cute and have a giant pitcher plant.

Man, can't we just battle here?

The Ironing is Delicious.

So he's like a hermit? Thanks for that Cooltrainer whatever your name is!

Heading East.

Good question!


Wait, am I about to walk into a cave in the middle of nowhere to confront a now homeless and possibly crazy old man with no witnesses?

Oh goddammit. Why do I do these things?


Wait, aren't you a Fire-type trainer?

...don't Magmar and stuff live in volcanos?

Man this is awkward.

What happened to all the Seel and Psyduck and stuff that lived here?

"But if you lose I get to eat your leg."

I don't.

Roxy vs Crazy old Scientist who is also homeless because of a volcano


..:I Well that solves that.


Fiyah Blast!

Yippy! Initiate Spin Cycle maneuver!

I think this was an attempt to Stomp?

FIRE DUCK Holy crap that thing has boobs on its head.



Seriously, can we get a bra or something for that thing? It's kind of creepy.



Oh man the Ironing. THE IRONING!

Crazy, crazy old man.

Sure we will buddy, sure we will.

Hey let's go catch a Seel!

Oh man.