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Part 61

Warning. Battle of Epic Proportions Imminent

Sorry 'bout that. I had to go fight a crazy old man.

Yea, Lego have that soothing effect on me too.

You're darn skippy I did!

Sure am, Ex-Kanto Champ who was defeated maybe 5 minutes after he became Champ!
Faux Pas

Roxy vs. Blue

Oh holy god look at the size of that bird.

Huh.. I wonder why Heavy G was faster than a higher level Pidgeot.



....Suddenly Roxy realizes that Salamanders probably have little chance of defeating Eagles.

HA. Didn't see that coming did you?


Oh god stop it

No Whirlwind?

...He's building up to something...

....yeah ok. "Hey Pidgeot, do what the big rock monster is doing and roll into it with your face!"

Dancing Coconuts!

[Cleo] Boy I can't wait to eat one of those coconuts


Roxy foresaw an attack!

So whatsit do?

Also this.
Lather, rinse, repeat actions until

Ahahahahahahaha k.

Where do people keep getting these?

...Oh Fuck this.

Oh you little bitch.

Ouch, my brain.


Fun Fact: Gyarados are hard to beat when you have no Electricity and they're a high enough level to know Hydro Pump.

Maybe Prof. Kissum is strong enough to beat it with psychic.

Oh god, Jynx are strong enough to survive a Gyarados's Hyper Beam, right?



Oh god please don't have Charizard.


Take one for the team, Honeypot!

Take one for the team, Cleo!

...A Battle as ancient as time itself, Giant Crab vs. Ancient Chinese Lion-Dog Thing.

Ouch! My Crab!

I luv dis crab!

This is like that scene in movies where botht he hero and badguy stop to reload their guns.

Ok... let's try this again...

...We appear to be evenly matched.

This continues like, for 3 more cycles of this until.

Note that Claude would of went down because of her burn.

Holy crap I'm almost unconscious. :I

I'm as shocked as you.




What's the current count of people that are going to beat me someday?

Well that's sixteen badges... now what...