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Part 7

I overslept and all the Phanpy were already asleep.

I just try to keep one of em from eating the others.

I think I've seen him before. He's the kid with the birds right? He's not to special I think...

Oooooooh, Sprout Tower. So maybe the guard wasn't a pervert.

This is... wow.

The one from that old monster movie from the 60s?

What do you mean "they say". There's a plaque right there on the wall thanking the studio for giving it.

So it's like a prize? I like prizes.

Uh oh, does this mean you use some big monster like Rhydon?

Oh god don't let it out here!

...oh. Oooooooh

Hoothoot has very decent Sp.Def for a basic monster. Combine that with it's resistance to Grass attacks and Bellsprout only having Vine Whip at this low a level and Hoothoot isn't going down anytime soon.

Yay! Though it was kinda cute.

Maybe you should get something other than Bellsprout?

Guarding the prize, right?

Aww, you all have cute things.



He grows wiser!

Your welcome!

like this?

I thought I did good.

You and Ponch aren't being too useful. :\

Shitashi's being awesome though. And he's cute.

"...I sense a dark aura among yours.... It terrifies me...."

They just keep coming!

Even the Totodile? Because honestly? I wouldn't blink when he's nearby.

Oh geez, another-


Heavy G.

Oh god, hide!

"beating them with that Tire Iron, and yelling at it to do Razor Leaf really isn't too healthy for it."

"Also stop threatening to break their thumbs."

"You're thinking of guns. Do these look like Guns to you?"

Ooh, so the prize is easy to get then?

I don't know what that means.

I beat you.

You're mean.

I swear I won't punch you like the last guy.

Yeah, my owl is enjoying it.

Do Totodile's count?

I want a prize!

Ok, just stay away from the ball on the left. He eats fingers.

Oh screw this.

Darn skippy!

Aaaaand, Grass on Rock/Ground is not a good thing.


Oh god... too fast...