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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 15

Ok, back in this fucking cave.

Daaaaark as hell...

Let's get Marshall out here to do his shit.

Ok, so we can see a little better. I guess.

Along the way we I found an Everstone on a conspicuous rock right after a bunch of odd-looking brown rocks. I pay them no mind and continue on.

What is it with people wearing suits while exploring caves and forests in this region?

Get me the hell out of here.

Ooh.. Steel Wing. Now if only one of my monsters had WINGS. (Buggy McDig doesn't count.)

"...except for that Ralts that's sitting there banging its head on a rock."

On the way out of the cavern, I happened upon this little guy(girl). I switched Marshall in to check it's ability. Rock Head. The Aron took Marshall out in response. We have a winner.

She's bold but that's too bad, means she's gonna be a fucking tank.

Back out of the cave, we're leaving this fucking island.
Next stop: Slateport City.

EDIT: Ok, Thunderstorm moving through the area, so in the off case I don't return and update, enjoy this:

Alright, I'm at work at the moment, 50+ image update tonight. Until then: