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Part 19

Yeah, no kidding.

I always wondered how people could tell considering they're inside Poké Balls all the time.

Wait. They made Rock Smash an HM?

After Shoryugget burns that fucker's house down we head to the shop with all the bikes up front.

Wow I didn't even say anything I just sorta stared at him.


And I didn't even have to listen to a boring story about a man having sex with a Rapidash! Well let's get to that gym!

That one guy... what's his fuck...

It's funny if you imagine the Uncle sounds like Jimmy Stewart.

Yea, only complete retards immediately challenge a gym not long after getting Pokémon.

Ok, and?

OH GODDAMMIT. I told that old bastard this would come back to bite me in the ass.

Nipped that little fuck in the bud.

"Even if you are a little pussy."

"Oh right. The AIDS. You fucking pussy."

Does anybody else find that just a little bit creepy?

Not really...

He's watching me even closer now.

I'll be frank, this battle didn't go well. Why a trainer with Meditites was in an Electric gym, I dunno. But the bastards took down three of our team. As such I'm leveling on the nearby routes to around L.20 for the party. At that point I'll be ready.

P.S. That sprite makes me giggle. Probably the expressions.

Here's something of note to those of you not familiar with the current generation.
Before I left to train, I deposited Jolt Cola the Electrike...
Once Ninjask evolved... well...

That's right. Buggy McDig evolved into TWO Pokémon. There's its adult Cicada form, Ninjask. But it also left the shed skin behind as a ghost Pokémon, Shedinja.

I've decided to name the Shedinja, Husk.