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Part 24

Not particularly, but I know it's inevitable I end up there anyway.

Goddamn cults always fighting with pirates. Dammit, how did I end up in this? I just want to have my fire-chicken become kickboxing champion of the world. Is that so wrong?

Oh for fuck's sake.

Just ignore them, maybe they won't see you. Also why the fuck does everyone have Poochyena?

But, there's all that open land and desert area nobody's usig right now.
Repiv and Helios won this dual battle flawlessly, KOing the opposing Numel and Zubat with a Critical Bite and a Rock throw respectively.


Kick that fucker in the throat!
They don't make Team Admins like they used to.

It's a volcano... It erupts and kills us all. So?!

Wait a sec. Why the fuck am I up here, risking MY life to prevent these dumbshits from getting all crispy? Hell I could head back down the mountain now and just let them all be done.



For some stupid reason, yes. Yes I am.

Um.. they do that now. They're called animals... and to a lesser extent plants.

Well, you know. Except fish, and all other forms of seafood.

You know, I'm no geologist... but wouldn't causing this volcano to erupt not expand the landmass? I mean. We aren't even near the ocean. Fuck even if we were wouldn't it only give us maybe a foot of land at best?

Believe me, I'm not learning that much.


A'ight, a'ight let's kick this.

That Mightyena definitely had some moves, but nothing Shoryugget couldn't handle.

Helios's ability to spin in definitely proves to be invaluable in dance offs.

Oh shit, It's been brought y'all.

Note: I've had a bad experience drawing Camerupt recently so no drawing for this one.

Holy fuck you should of seen it. That was one for the ages. I mean, look how close Shoryugget came to being served. Thanks to an inverted double kick to the gullet shoryugget came out on top.

Check it bitch, you got Pokéseeeeeeerved.

Wouldn't that put you inside that caldera full of liquid hot lava?


Once again, it wouldn't of been that destructive.

Oh c'mon, you know I fucking hate you both.


Stolez it!