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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 28

It's mine! Paleontologists be damned!

Sweet holy fuck how did I end up outside?

I'll get you one day Claw. One day.
Now what to do with this fossil.. if only there was a way to clone fossils. Wait... DR. HAMMOND! TO RUSTBORO! Along the way we're making a stop in Fallarbor though.

Well fuck dude, they were dressed as cultists what did you expect?

Uh oh. I don't like where this is going.

B-but it's mine. It can make tons on eBay.

My sweet, sweet moonrock.

I dunno, it's not that great. He did give me the TM for Return though.

Rustbo- Fuck it TO DEVON CORP!

YES. I just spent the past 10 minutes telling the sordid story of how I fought pirates and cultists and nazis to obtain it!

No I just thought I'd show you the fossil to teas- YES I FUCKING WANT IT. WHY THE FUCK DO YOU THINK I'M HERE?


Gettin me a dinosaaaaaaaaur!

DAMMIT. It's never "Oh hey it'll take a split second!". I want my extinct Poké dammit.

A stroll huh? What can we do while out for a stroll?

Rearrange our party!

Ruin Stitch further!

Smash some rocks!

Fight a big-nosed rock!

Capture said Big-nosed rock!

Stand around like a slacker!

Fun Fact: Slugma's Magma Armor halves the time it takes to hatch eggs.

Holy christ!

Man, some freakish worm-baby better not come out of this.

Happy Easter!

Seconds later, Becuz shat all over Misty's shoes.


Man, you should start a park or some shit full of dinosaurs or some shit with that machine. OH OH or even better, resurrect an unholy army of Coelophysis!

Wait. Lileep? That doesn't sound like an intimidating dinosaur's name.

Oh what the fuck is this.

So yea, apparently Misty is versed in the classification of Marine Invertebrates.

Ok people, I can finally catch a shitty low level Zigzagoon on my way back to Petalburg or I can catch a higher level on on my way towards Fortree. So you'll finally get your precious Clarence T.