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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 39

Heading east of Fortree I came back to this little pond...

Well hullo, there.

That was all I found in the cave though...

Suddenly it started raining. The screams of hundreds of Charmanders fills the air.

Yes I know I could just cut the grass next to it and walk on through. But eh, no EXP in that.

Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku!

I just took this one because I love the reflective effects on the water after it rains.

Well now I gotta go fuck their plans up again. Eh, later.

Oooooh. ? Please say .

My party's looking a little ragged at the moment. And they don't have a Pokémon Center here, but they've got that PC. So here's a little trick.

Deposit your injured monsters, then withdraw again.

And poof, cured with the healing power of the internet!

Yes, sir! Omigod I'mma catch a Wobbuffet and a Pikachu and a Natu and a...

"...I dunno I guess you can throw em at stuff."

Oh god yes a million times yes! I got me some Pokés to catch.



FUCK. Why should I need a Pokéblock case to catch shit. I never fucking use them here when I HAVE the case.

Alright, slight setback, we'll just run over to Lilycove real quick.