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Part 45

Ok, first, there is no fucking reason for this. I hate Bug Catchers almost as much as Magikarp trainers.
Moving on!

Hey mister, whatcha doooooin?

The same thing I always want, seeing you people suffer...

And with that Misty fired at the Wailmers with a handgun she bought at Lilycove Department Store.

Note how lifeless they are.

Oh look their base, I'm sure there's some havoc to unleash here.

Man I wish they'd stop asking that.

Well, damn, I want him to be here for this...

Rule of Inept Guards #3: If one guard refuses you information, his bumbling partner will usually tell you no problem. Example:

Now see? That's a reason Hoenn is fucking awesome compared to Kanto. Kanto builds 'em a little tower infested with Cubones and Gastlies. Hoenn makes a fucking NECROPOLIS covered with ghosts and kitsune.

Oh and did I mention it's surrounded by waters infested with toxic Jellyfish that want to rape you.

Oh man the music, so much better than Pokémon Tower's too.
(215 okuribi mountain)

Sure, it combos with That Pig's Psych Up, but why the hell would I want to do that?

Well there goes my good feeling.

Fuck that snake is awesome.

Hahaha, Kicked in the nut.

I love NPCs in games like this.

They buried your teacher in a Pokémon Gravesite? He better of been a Hitmonlee or something.
Wait, that'd be awesome cause there'd be like a Ghost Hitmonlee wandering around roundhousing shit from beyond the grave.

Well huh, there's a hole here I wonder if it-

[ Screenshot Missing ]


Well I can breed Wynaut now. ... I guess..


Well now I can breed Azurills too..


That fucking hurts...
Well we climbed the inside (which was infested with fucking Shuppets, if you don't have a monster with a decent Dark-type attack. Grab the Cleanse Tag from the woman on the first floor and equip it to your lead Pokémon I swear it'll cut the shuppet encounters damn near by half.)

Now to climb the outside...

Stiiiiill climbing...

Oh god, Ghost farts! It smells! It smells like the undead!

I still don't see why people say Seviper sucks.


Yeah... good luck with that.

Damn, I could of gotten both at once.

I. Misty, don't give a flying fuck.

Yeah your plans'll come to fruit-ion.. um... uh.. You're gay. LET'S BATTLE.

Wait, what? He just left? Where's my battle.

Well maybe if you two dumbshits did a better job protecting it.

I mean seriously, one's a dumbass who tried to use a Volcano to do stupid shit and the other is named "Archie". Jesus Christ you two are pitiful.

Man you'd think after you were robbed of a sacred relic the first time you'd learn.

Hello Access to Team Magma's base.

I fail to see what relevance any of that has to anything that's going on.

Next time We'll check up on Insecticon and Antoinette, and possibly burn down a secret hideout. YAY!

Also I'm gonna need names for Chimecho, Vulpix and Duskull.