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Part 75


Who the hell are you?

Still hittin' the sauce?

How did he get my address?!


You wanna fight smartass?

You do that.

You know she's just sitting there while the place falls apart.

Yeah, he's an asshole. I swear to god, me and Phoebe are gonna make a clubhouse and it'll be awesome. Nobody that pisses me off allowed.


This news station always exaggerates shit. It's probably just a lost Pidgey.

NO. Thanks a lot MOM.


Not letting you guys pick because I need a Latias in my Ruby game still.


Do you people just wait outside my house for me? Cause that's getting creepy.

Yeah, I'm not a hippy like you.

I'm pretty sure I chucked it in a river back near Fortree...


You were?


No it doesn't it just shows that people are releasing shit they shouldn't.

If this doesn't cost anything why didn't you just do this before? I mean, it's not like we would've seen any of these new species is it?

Soooo... Brendan, is it?

Ok, I thwarted the plans of two ecoterrorist groups, unsealed and captured three ancient guardians, witnessed the awakening of both Kyogre AND Groudon. Awakened Rayquaza, CAPTURED Rayquaza, oh and I became Pokémon League Champion.
You can thank me for not throwing your ass into a volcano or burning your house down like I planned.

Hells yea, brotha! I'm fucking QUEEN!

What's higher than Queen?

And there I shall build by kickass palace of awesomeness
Screw you guys, I'm headin' out.

I thought you went back to Hell.

Well, ok... weirdo. It's not Hell is it?

Huh.. who doesn't know I'm Champion yet and should be treated like the queen I am...?


Oh god Stevenm Wait til you- Steven?


But what do we name it?
It's a genderless Beldum.

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Also: Picture of Thatpig making people dance!