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Pokemon Emerald

by Chorocojo

Part 79


Check it bitch!

Scott, Scott!

You're an asshole.

You will refer to me as queen.

Oh... OH!

Is it a frontier where you battle?

Note: "Spoken with" = "threatened"

Well great, so I'm on this ship for what reason? Well I might as well abuse my authority I gave myself and invade people's rooms.

OH god, what did I walk in on?

He didn't even have any Pokémon. Radium just sorta latched onto his head and kept tightening his grip until the rich fuck went limp. We put a belt around his neck to make it look like an accident.

Well, ok I guess.


Nope! I'm League Champion yo! I can do what I want!


FAILURE. GUARDS! SEIZE HIM! SEEEEEIZE HIM! Oh right. I don't have guards.

Congrats ya creepy bird loving freak!

Man Repiv's eaten a lot of Roselia lately.


I hate the sea and everything on it.