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Part 62: Special Episode 4: Here Comes Team Charm! Part 1

Special Episode 4: Here Comes Team Charm! (Part 1)

So I bet the Aegis Cave update got you all super-interested in Team Charm. The entire fanbase totally wanted to know more about them after Time/Darkness came out! That's what Chunsoft believed, at least!

Mercifully, this is not their origin story. This is how Lopunny, Gardevoir, and Medicham first met characters that actually matter.

New music this update:

Team Charm's Theme

Here Comes Team Charm!

Southern Jungle

(Remaster of Friend Area ~Wilds~ from PMD Red/Blue)

Random Dungeon Theme 3


Benach posted:

I know it's literally the most grindy thing in the game and is straight-up impossible with most of the current team, but I'd appreciate taking a look at what is involved in getting what is by far the strongest and most elusive pokemon, ~!~Kecleon~!~ . I think they deserve some recognition, even if it does just end up as a post with a few screenshots and saying "fuck doing that ever."
Also, Zero Isles. But that's arguably less important.

Here you go. There's not much difference in how you go about it in Sky. Instead of the Friend Bow you equip the Golden Mask, and have someone at level 100 with the Fast Friend IQ skill, only learned by two IQ Groups. This increases your chance of recruiting Kecleon from 0.1% in Red/Blue to a whopping 0.5% in Sky.

You stand a better chance of making Kecleon viable for competitive play in the main Pokemon games, than you do of recruiting his twitchy ass in PMD.