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Part 30: Day 12 - Mt. Thunder Peak

Before entering the second part of the dungeon, we send Nicky and Walndorf back to their Friend Areas to make room for more potential recruits. As it turns out, Mt. Thunder Peak is a very short dungeon, with only two floors...

...but not so short that Jake can't make a new friend.

Yaaay! Mister Pinchy wants to join us!

Actually, my name's--

Huuugs for Mister Pinchy!

Mister Pinchy Carl (Gligar, #207) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 24. (Thanks, Furikuu (art) and RedChocobo (name)!)

With that, we join the team as they enter the third and final level of the peak...

This is the mountain's peak...

Hey! Zapdos! Where are you?! We came to rescue Shiftry! Show yourself!


I warned you! I have no mercy for meddlers!

...Not scared... You don't frighten me!

Hey, Zapdos! Let Shiftry go! A Pokémon rescue team! That's what we are!

You must be determined, to utter such words. Then you shall answer... to my great and righteous fury!

BOSS #3: ZAPDOS! Click here to watch the fight!

Sheldon, Mister Pinchy, get away!

My name is--

Jake, what are you--

Just do it!

All right. Good luck...


If Sheldon gets fried by Zapdos's electrical attacks, we'll fail the battle, and if Carl goes down, we won't get to keep him. Still, how does Jake plan to take Zapdos down all by himself?

That's how. With Protect on, Zapdos can't touch Jake, and with Jake right there it won't go after anyone else. The only worry for this fight is that Protect will fail (it has a chance of not working when used, and it only lasts several turns) or that we'll run out of PP before Zapdos goes down (Zapdos has the Pressure ability, which makes our moves cost extra PP against it). It takes a while...

...but in the end, Jake is triumphant.


Wh-what is going on...

Urrggh! Uwoah!

You want more? I'll take you on!

Enough! That's enough fighting. I've calmed down. Take Shiftry back. You kids... you've impressed me. But... things won't be this easy next time. I will go all out next time, so you'd best be prepared! Until then, you'd better hone your skills!

Look! There's Shiftry!

Are you okay?

Ungh... Uh, yeah... Somehow, I am...

I'm glad you're safe!

But that was an eye-opener. Driving off that Zapdos.

I agree. You're awfully strong for a plain Meowth.

...I sensed it when we first met... Perhaps... You aren't a Pokémon, are you?

Wow! How can you tell that?! But you're right. Jake isn't a Pokémon. Jake is a human.


A human?!

Is that possible? Can something like that happen?

I don't really know what happened either. I just woke up one morning, here, as a Pokémon.

He doesn't remember a thing about being a human either. Oh, that's right! Lombre was saying something in the square. He said Alakazam knows everything. Alakazam, do you know why Jake became a Pokémon?

...No... I can't determine that.

Oh... I thought you would know...

However... There is a way for unveiling the truth.

Oh, really? How?

Make way to the Hill of the Ancients. There, you will find a Pokémon that stares into the sun all day... A Pokémon who is said to see into the future. Xatu is his name. He should shed light on your puzzling friend.

Okay! So we should go see Xatu. Jake, let's roll! We're going to the Hill of the Ancients! There's no time to lose! We'd better go back quick! Shiftry, you too. Let's hurry back.

Uh... Yeah... I guess we should...

Jake! Don't just stand around. Let's go back.

Alakazam. I know you. I don't think you're completely ignorant about this. know something, don't you?

There is something that concerns me. But it should go unspoken for now. ...for their sake...

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