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Part 9: Day 3 - Thunderwave Cave

Note: the following text has been spell- and grammar-checked for your convenience.

Dear diary, I got you from a nice Kangaskhan at the town square when I said I wished I had a diary. Then she let me hug her baby, which was really nice. Yay baby!

Baby (Kangaskhan, #115) is hugged! Pokémon hugged: 3. (Thanks, AniseApples!)

It has been three days since I woke up a Meowth. I don't remember much before that, but I remember I wasn't a Meowth. I don't know why I'm a Meowth now.

I met a nice Squirtle named Sheldon. Sometimes he yells, but mostly he is nice. He gave me a house to sleep in and let me join his rescue team. He even let me name it, which was very nice, even though I'm bad with names. I called it Team Hugs! We can help Pokémon, and then we can hug them! I like Pokémon.

Today we went to Pokémon Square to find Pokémon to rescue. I met lots of nice Pokémon, and we found a board where Pokémon write if they need help. Sheldon wanted me to pick some Pokémon to help, but I couldn't choose. I wanted to help them all! So he chose some for me.

I don't know why Sheldon thinks Jake is a funny name when this Ninetales is named Keyboard Fox. Sheldon said he wanted us to bring him an apple. I don't know why he didn't come get an apple, but Sheldon said some Pokémon are just lazy and we could do this while we were going to help other Pokémon. We bought an apple from the nice Kecleon at the store to take to him.

This Ninetales named Techokami lost his friend Byzantine in Thunderwave Cave, so we went to go rescue him. Sheldon said we just had to use our Rescue Badge and we could get him out. Then they would reward us!

We also had to rescue someone named Anticheese for someone named Zutaten. Maybe Sheldon thinks my name is weird because it's not

Note: the diary was not written in again until ten minutes later.

...Helgeland or something. But the important thing is, he needed to be rescued, so we went and rescued him.

Jake also took two more missions, but for narrative reasons, they aren't shown here.

Once we've taken missions, we first accept them (which we can do at the mailbox, the bulletin board, or our menu), then head south from our house to this path, which is where we select a dungeon to enter. The open envelope next to Thunderwave Cave lets us know we have active missions there.

When we reach the floor specified in one of our active missions, we get a helpful reminder not to, you know, go to the next floor before completing it.

So Sheldon and I went to look for the Ninetales to give our apple. Boy were we surprised when we found him!

Note: Jake's original sketches have been replaced with more accurate representations of the events.

There is an apple that we found on the floor.

And there is mister Keyboard Fox. I don't know why he didn't just eat that apple. Maybe he thought it was dirty, but it looked fine to me. Sheldon had a funny look on his face, but he didn't say anything.

But we gave him our apple, and he was happy. Yay happy!

He left before I could hug him, though.

We had to fight some of the Pokémon in the cave because they were sick and the sick made them mad. That's what Sheldon said. I wish we could hug them instead. Sheldon said he was getting stronger from the fighting, which I guess is nice.

On the next floor, we found mister Byzantine. He was happy to see us, and we rescued him right away. I like meeting nice Pokémon.

A mean Rattata dropped some rocks when he ran away. Sheldon said they were Gravelerocks and I should take them to throw at mean Pokémon. I don't want to, but I took them anyway.

We can set an item much like we set a move, to be used when we hold L and press R. Gravelerocks are a useful distance weapon; we can hit targets in a cone in front of us, and they can be thrown over obstacles. They also stack up to 99.

On the next floor, we met a Hitmonlee named Shaezerus! He looked scary, and he was mad, but not at us. He said his friend was supposed to meet him there and never showed up. He said he was tired of waiting, so we sent him back to town.

I was feeling stronger too from all the fighting. I don't like fighting, but I don't like getting hurt either, so that's good, I guess.

What was really good was finding mister Anticheese! He thanked us for rescuing him, and we sent him back to town. I wish I got the chance to hug him. I thought we should leave too, but Sheldon said we should keep going, so we did.

Sheldon says he knows how to hide his body in his shell now, so mean Pokémon can't hurt him as well. I'm glad. I don't want him to be hurt.

Ah, our first stat booster. The effects last for a while, or until we leave the current floor. We'll give him permission to use this, as buffs are more useful than debuffs in this game (thanks to their lasting more than one fight).

Guess what? On the last floor, we found a Hitmonchan named Rooreelooo-- and he was mad because Shaezerus had not come to meet him! I guess they got mixed up about where to meet. We told him about mister Shaezerus, and he got all embarr asked us to send him back too, so we did.

I was so tired by the time we reached the way out, I couldn't even scratch any more.

But we helped a lot of Pokémon, so it was all worth it!


Mister Keyboard Fox was nice and gave us money and a candy for bringing him his apple. I still don't know why he didn't just eat that apple, or one of the other three apples we found on the same floor, but Sheldon said if he wants to pay us for something that easy we shouldn't complain.

I'll talk a bit about gummis in my next update.

Mister Techokami was so glad to have mister Byzantine back that he gave me a really cute bow! He said if I wore it I would be more popular. I put it on right away!

(Thanks, The Sezza and Christo!)

This... is... awesome. I don't know if Techokami picked it just for the name or if he actually knew how nice a reward he was offering, but the Friend Bow is an item that, when worn, ups Jake's chance of recruiting a Pokémon by 10%-- and it's normally only available in a post-game dungeon! Admittedly, we're not quite far enough in the plot to recruit yet, but... Jake is never taking this off. Ever.

Mister Zutaten was glad to have mister Anticheese back too. He gave us money and a shiny orb. Sheldon says we can use it to get out of a dungeon like if we use our rescue badge on someone. I'd better keep it safe in case we get into trouble.

Note that PMD does not contain portraits for all 386 Pokémon, just the Pokémon we can choose from and important NPCs. This is a minor spoiler that  we'll be meeting an NPC Ninetales in the future .

Mister Shaezerus and mister Rooreeloo couldn't agree which one of them had needed rescuing, but they both said we should get something for our trouble. Then they couldn't agree what we should get, so they each gave us something. The scarf is nice, but it would hide my bow, so I gave it to Sheldon. I'm not sure what the other thing is, but Sheldon said it wouldn't work for me anyway, so I gave that to him too. He's been so nice, he deserves presents.

Rooreelooo gave us the Focus Punch TM. Unfortunately, Meowth can't learn Focus Punch, so we'll let Sheldon use it. We'll also give Sheldon the Defense Scarf, which raises his Defense stat as you might expect.

Then we went home to sleep. I wish Sheldon would stay with me, but I guess he has a family. I don't know if I had a family. If I did, I hope they're not too sad. Maybe some day I'll find them again.

Good night, diary!

Next time on Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: a mission delivered in a most unusual way!