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Part 5: Every Last Cell In Our Bodies

Update 5: Every Last Cell In Our Bodies

Professor Magnolia's Laboratory - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

I trust you received the Pokédex from Sonia. I’m sure you have it complete in no time!

Actually, we wanted to ask –

Hey, Professor, do me a favor, would you? Help me convince Lee he should endorse us for the Gym Challenge!

Oh Leon, why wouldn’t you endorse them?

Hop and Gloria only just started out as Pokémon Trainers… There’s still loads they don’t know yet!

Dearie, I thought your dream was to have everyone in the Galar region become strong Trainers. Isn’t that right?

Well, yeah… you’re not wrong. That goal’s precisely the reason I gave them both Pokémon, in fact. Right, then. In that case… how about this? Let’s see if the two of you can show me such a brilliant battle that I’m left with no choice but to endorse you. And don’t worry, I’ll make sure both your teams are in good shape before the battle starts.

He autoheals us.

Right! I’ll be waiting outside, Gloria

Now remember, be sure to give it everything you’ve got. That’s the best thing you can do for your Pokémon – and for yourself, too.

Hurry it up, Gloria!

Yeah, yeah.

I’m gonna be the greatest Trainer to ever live! And to do that, I need that endorsement to take part in the Gym Challenge! Come at me with everything you have so we can prove to Lee that we’ve got what it takes!

I’m rather interested in seeing how you two young Trainers battle, too.

Listen, you two. The reason I’m unbeatable is because I learned from every battle I see or take part in. That’s how I’ve gone to where I am today. So show me something good in this battle!

Battle! Hop [8-bit; VRC6] - Pokemon Sword and Shield

Have you and your team gotten a bit better? Let’s put you to the test and see what you can take!

Better than you can dish out. On average, my party has half again as many levels, and their comes a point in Pokémon where bigger numbers just win. Hop opens with his Wooloo, which I put down with one hit using Double-Kick (Fighting is strong against Normal).

You better believe it.

Next, he sends in Bonham, who’s quite a bit stronger and, well… Grass-type. He’s screwed. Bruce incinerates Bonham as Hop goes through a list of contextually-determined quotes.

It’ll be a close one. But that’s exactly my kind of match!

Ha, no. His Rookidee is
level 5. I ran into stronger ones on my way here. Bruce disposes of it and I win the fight.

Professor Magnolia's Laboratory - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

The sting of defeat and the joy of victory… I guess going through both is the key to the two of us getting stronger, right?

Gloria! Hop! Well, after seeing a match like that one… I suppose I have little choice but to give you both and endorsement as Champion!

He gives us letters of Endorsement, which are Key Items (items you can’t throw away). I think you need them to get it to the Gyms? Not like you can get to them anyway without running face first into plot.

Lee… I got destroyed. I don’t deserve this.

Oh, but you do. Gloria’s Pokémon are already very well trained –

– but so far, from what I’ve seen, your technique is superior. She’s making use of type advantages and rigorous training, but while that’s important I think you already have a connection with your Pokémon she just doesn’t have yet.

So yes, I think you’ve earned my endorsement.

Yes! Thanks, Lee! I swear I’m going to win my way through the Gym Challenge to reach you!

You may both be young and still, and plenty rough around the edges, but it was a proper battle. Charizard and I were both feeling the excitement in every last cell in our bodies! Hop, you’ve always tended to get caught up in things like how you throw your Pokéball out… Things that have nothing to do with real strength. Honestly, I’ve been worried about you still obsessing over that sort of nonsense, but it seems you really have grown a bit, Little Brother! [sic] And I’d like to see some more thrilling Pokémon battles out of you, too, Gloria.

All right, Gloria! You and me are going to train up against one another to aim for that Champion’s title! The more we keep battling together, the more our Pokémon grow.

Gloria! Would you look at this? They’re Wishing Stars!

Wow, another key item. I wonder if it has any plot relevance?

They say Wishing Stars fall down for those who have a true wish in their heart, you know.

But they won’t do a thing for you in that state. Give them to me now, and I’ll have you sorted.

First we got to battle against that mad Pokémon in the Slumbering Weald, and now this… It really feels like we’re getting caught up in the adventure of a lifetime!

I do understand your excitement, young man, but don’t get carried away. You may want to save your energy for tomorrow’s journey!

Hey, you lot, why not have some dinner. You must be hungry, right? I’ve been totally obsessed with making the latest trendy curries.

Cue inn-style fade to black.

It’s morning at last! And time for our adventure to truly start!

Good morning to you, young Challengers.

Hop, is it true you really met some Pokémon you didn’t recognize? Is there anything more you in to me about it?

Er, well, there was this weird heavy fog –

As we approached the old ruins in the deep forest, a heavy fog appeared in the area. After a short while, we heard a wolf howl, and we saw what appeared to be a large wolf Pokémon. It had a distinctive red color and pattern in around its large neck and chest, almost like a shield. We had our Pokémon attack it, but none of the attacks landed; they seemed to blur when they made contact, like light bending. It didn’t attack us, though. Every few moments, its eyes glowed and it released more mist from its mouth until we passed out. I don’t know why we passed out, but – I think it was Zamazenta! I’m sure of it!

A right fount of information you are. But you know Zamazenta and Zacian’re just legends, right? People have combed the Weald for years looking for them, it’s highly unlikely they’ve managed to evade detection for centuries.

But… I’d swear it was Zamazenta. You saw it too, right, Hop?

I don’t know what Zamazenta is, but I agree!

Well, at the very least I’ll have a look into it. Who knows – it might lineup with the legends. Anyway,
Gloria, Hop, these are for you.

Now we’re cooking with Torkoal. Dynamaxing’s this generation’s biggest mechanical development, and it’s one that won’t come around for a little while. The good professor gives us maybe a quarter of an explanation before cutting herself off, but I’ll sum it all up we get to it.

Now don’t be afraid to go all kinds of places and meet all kinds of Pokémon. That will help fill out your Pokédex, too.

The legend of my reign is finally about to begin!

Graduated from a legend, have you?

Nah, mate, kings are better than legends.

Kings die. Legends live forever.

Bloody hell, Gloria, and you make fun of ME for being dramatic –

No no, look. Most kings just fade into the history books after a couple generations, but legends end up talked about for YEARS. Kings are just great rich ponces with pedigrees, right?

Yeah, but, see, they get to live like kings.

All right, fair, but depending on what KIND of legend we’re talking about…

… Those date back to the Old Unovan Empire. They actually took over a lot of modern Camer a couple centuries before the Third Kalosian War drove them out of Galar proper.

Huh, I thought they never made it all the way down here.

Well, they didn’t hold it for more than a couple decades before they pulled back to their original holdings up north.

It’s mad, though, that there’s a temple that’s thousands of years old within walking distance of our houses… Oh, right.

Railway Station - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Thanks, mate. I’ll make good use of it!

What it’s for.

TMs are items that teach your Pokémon moves; if I remember right, those numbers indicate their place on an overall booth list, kind of like how Pokédexes list Pokémon.’s in this game, you have TMs and TRs, which are reusable and one-shot, respectively, but in the older games you had single-use TMs and multi-use HMs, which taught you moves that directly interfaced with the overworld; for instance, Cut let you cut down trees blocking paths Surf let you travel on water, and Fly functioned as fast travel. Most of them were pretty solid combat moves, too. A lot of people had what they called HM Slaves, Pokémon that rarely took part in battles but sat in the rear letting players use their HM moves; me, I taught them to a particularly hearty Pokémon and used it whenever I needed brute force. Technically this dates back to Gen 7 instead of 8, but I will admit I prefer it this way. It’s no fun to have two take a hit to your team just to be able to sail from island to island, especially when you can get items that do that for you (like you will here).

Wait, almost slipped my mind. Is the train here yet?

Nah, got a couple hours yet. Got something in mind – oh, off she goes.

THERE we are.

I’ve heard Sword and Shield called dress-up simulators and it’s not that far off the mark. You earn far too much money from Trainers to spend on even the most expensive items; instead, I think you’re expected to just drop tens of thousands of PokéYen on random outfits in the boutiques that show up every other town (each of which has their own unique and very pricey inventory). I can and will be blowing our money on expensive clothing for my own amusement. I also have a somewhat anemic fashion sense, so prepare to see a lot of odd-looking outfits. Feel free to go all YLLS on it – go ahead and tell me that that top does NOT go with that blouse. Anyway, just as the train arrives…

What’re you doing here, Mum?

Hop’s Mum: I knew this day was coming since the moment you chose Grookey as a partner, darling.

Prof. Magnolia was kind enough to let us know that you two were setting out. So here – a little gift to see you well set on your way. All the kid you’ll need for camping!

Hop’s Mum: No matter what happens out there, if you and your partner are together, I know you’ll be fine.

Thanks, Mum. And just think how lucky you are – mother to the first-ever pair of Champion brothers! You’ll see!

Hop’s Mum: Of course you will be, darling. Anyway, do have fun and take care of yourselves! Do you welcome back home anytime!

Wish us luck! Not that we’ll need it.

I haven’t been showing it much, but any time Hop gets excited, he crouches and starts waving his arms up and down. It looks extremely dumb.

My excitement’s running ahead of me even faster than that train can go, Gloria!

I didn’t mention this in the narrative because it would break the flow, but I caught a Yamper on my way to the train station. Naming’s open.