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Part 68: Bang in The Middle of The Village

Update 69: Bang in The Middle of The Village

Before we begin, a little bit of Adventure trivia:

If you manage to inflict Frozen on the Legendaries down here, when they hit the “move twice” part of the fight, the status effect prevents both moves and the game displays the ice graphic twice in a row. Neat!


Sonia's Theme - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

If I’d known it was going to be this cold here, I would’ve thought things through a bit more… But here I am, stuck in the Crown Tundra, trying to learn more about a group of Pokémon. There are some Pokémon that prefer places where there are no people, you see…

… Gloria?

You look… Stressed.

Just a little bit, yes.

… Okay, look. I’m renting a house in the village. Let’s head over there and I’ll put a pot on, yeah?

… I mean, I KNOW I should’ve taken some time to do a little research, but when it comes to the sort of thing, I don’t always think it all through, you know? I just… I was talking with a friend of mine and he mentioned how his family had kicked him out for reasons pretty similar to what happened to us and I was kind of bored with that place anyway, so I figured, why not go down there and give them a piece of my mind?

Except they are gone. Hell, the plot of land’s lain fallow so long the forest’s started growing over it. And nobody seems to know what happened to them! It’s like the whole family up and left their clan behind. No word. Which just seems like them, doesn’t it?

… And I don’t know that, do I? Look. I’ve always considered myself a Cameran, right? And like it or not, I come from among their ranks. So I at least… I want to have a connection to my past, I guess. But I want it to be on my own terms, you know? And for that matter, you know what I realized just after I walked into town?


I know fuckall about actual Cameran history! I’ve been studying Galarian history as a Cameran and didn’t realize I’d managed to miss Cameran history specifically! I mean, not entirely, obviously, but all of my studies focused on the northern half of the island and I only learned about the southern half in relation to it. God, how embarrassing. And I blew most of my break tooling around on the Isle of Armour so I can’t even spend any time familiarizing myself with the land before I head back! I dunno…

Have you talked with your mum about this yet? Or Marnie, for that matter…

I… No I have not. Why HAVEN’T I? Both of them could at least help me get my head in order, and I didn’t think of them before heading out! Too impulsive for my own good sometimes…

Call them. They can help you sort this out.

You’re an incredible friend, Sonia. If you need anything, absolutely anything, call on me and I’ll be there.

That isn’t the first time you’ve promised that, Gloria!

It’s still true .

Well, there is something I’ve been waiting on from you, you know.

Have you RSVPed for our wedding yet?

… FUCK! Okay, I need to go do that now.

Call them first!

Email me the details again so I don’t forget them!

See you later!

… Wait, I was going to ask for her help with finding the – ah, bollocks.

Freezington - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

… Of course, Mum. And no, I – I know. I understand, but even if YOU don’t, I’m still probably gonna hold on to that grudge.

Definitely. And nothing on this earth could stop me from coming to Hop’s birthday barbecue. All right, love you mum. And don’t forget to send those wool samples off to Marnie! All right, see you soon.

… Probably better off NOT finding them, honestly.

Anyway, welcome to Freezington, according to this game the only settlement in Scotland. This village seems built to reflect the drain of young people from the countryside into the cities that characterizes most industrial and postindustrial nations – especially Japan. But from what I hear about the British Isles the same thing’s been going down for even longer. It isn’t run down or anything, the citizens are still hanging around like they do in any other Pokémon settlement, but every single one of them is visibly aged and most of their dialogue talks about how all the young people left long ago.

Not that this village doesn’t have anything to recommend it, though. While I wouldn’t say that Spheals are one of my favorite Pokémon, I will stand by them being one of the cutest. Just look at this thing

Could this be important???

Probably best to get this over with.

Peony's Theme - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

This poky little place will be our lodgings!

I know, I know. Not much of a base camp, is it? Still, we’ve got to give it a proper air of importance, haven’t we? Now, enough faffin’ about, Gloria! Let me tell you what the Peony Exploration Team is after! Round here, they’ve got a fair few strange and mysterious legends! FOR EXAMPLE!

A huge-headed Pokémon known as the King of Bountiful Harvests! NOT TO MENTION!...

Wait, was that statue really made out of wood? How old even is it?

You’d think if it was old enough for the mayor to draw attention to it, then wood would have long since been worn away by the weight of the elements – wait, I think he’s finishing up.

… But who knows? They say even Chansey meetings can lead to Blissey-ful friendships!

So here’s to a grand adventure, Expedition Chief Gloria!

Wait, chief?

Obviously! Look... What do you think would happen if the two of us went gallivantin’ off together? My dear Nia could come along for a grand, emotional reunion...and find this place empty!

So I’ll be the hold-down-the-fort chief! Which means you get the pleasure of bein’ the expedition chief! Gahaha!

Which brings me to...this! Go on—have it!

I brought some spare uniforms so my dear Nia would have a few to change into. So there’s enough to give you one!

… Well, it certainly is pretty warm.

Gahaha, of course it is!
Here—have these, too! They’re Legendary Clues I’ve meticulously compiled from hours of dedicated telly watchin’!

Look, I’d love to help you with these –

First off, why not have a look at that clue about the King of Bountiful Harvests? Seems like this king’s bonds with its loyal steed— or whatever you call it—run proper deep! So if I had to name this expedition, I’d call it…

Aha! I’ve just had an idea. Here’s a little somethin’ to help you out!

Ah, the Master Ball, once a top-secret piece of technology hidden deep within a corrupt business’s R&D department, now something a retired Gym Leader gives to the child he shanghaied into helping him. This isn’t even the first Master Ball we’ve received this game – you can get one from Prof. Magnolia after beating Leon by visiting your house. Master Balls have 100% catch rates. No frills, no exceptions (except for Trainer Pokémon), you throw it at a Pokémon, you have it. Normally you only get one, but, Sword and Shield are easy games. Traditionally you either use them to catch the signature Legendary of your game, let them moulder in your inventory because what if you run into something you REALLY want to catch, or abuse glitches to get hundreds of them and waste them on Pidgies for laughs. I’ll be saving mine to test something out.

If you ever get a bit turned around, come on back to base camp anytime! You can’t miss it—just look for the adventurin’- crew flag I stuck out front! Handmade by yours truly! Anyway, I suppose that’s that! Let the grand adventure begin! Have a smashin’ time out there!

… Okay, let’s do THIS one and THEN tell him I need to leave in like three days… Also, I'm not going mining, I can get rid of the helmet...

Oi, listen here, Chief. I’ve got some wisdom to impart.

… Good to know.

Unfortunately, I went and left my favorite pillow back at home. So I went to have a look around town for…

C-come off it! You want me to hand over my ultra-mega-comfy pillow?! That’s askin’ a lot, even comin’ from you, Chief!

Hm? What’s that? You think my pillow’s got somethin’ to do with a Legendary Pokémon? Gaaah, ultra-mega-seriously?! This is just some old thing I found!

Freezington - Pokémon Sword and Shield OST

Nice. That wood really IS tough, I wonder what it’s made… Of…

???: Crow own…