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Part 72: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pokémon!

Update 73: Welcome to the Wonderful World of Pokémon!

The next afternoon…

He’s on his way! And he brought a friend of ours, be nice.

Hop’s Dad: Another one? Are we sure we have enough food?

Hop’s Mum: We raised him and Leon, of course we have enough food –


… That I will be welcome there?

Mate, they’re all good people. Nobody’s going to judge you.

Get ready.

Plus, Gloria is there, and I bet she’d jump in to help you if anything happened.

You know her better than I do. Though… I suppose you must be –


Hi .

I, ah, I was advised that this would be a small gathering.

It usually is, but we decided to change it up this year.

Did you plan this?

Of course I didn’t. Opal did. Now go greet your fans. Avery!


Hop’s probably going to be underwater for a little while and I doubt you’d be comfortable just standing in a corner – I wouldn’t – so I have to introduce you to someone I think you’d get along with. Let’s find wherever Bede is hiding and go bother him…

Three hours later…

Oh, THERE you are… How you feelin’?

I’ve been flaggin’ for a while, honestly… You think we can leave?

Absolutely, I just saw Piers and Sonia call a skytaxi and Leon and Raihan are doing their weird rival-flirting thing again, which means they’re probably going to knock off themselves soon.

… Can we go to your house? I’ve never been…

Don’t worry about it. As long as we don’t, you know, DO anything, Mum’s probably not going to mind you staying over. If you want to, you can go over there and ask her… Is she… Is she chatting up Milo?

I’m too knackered to read facial expressions now, you tell me

That isn’t the sort of thing I want to think too hard about. Let’s get outta here.

… C’mon in. I’d give you a more thorough tour, but after three hours of social interaction…

… We could both stand to get off our feet right away. But… I’m too wired to sleep yet, you know? How about we just watch somethin' on the telly for a bit?

Oh! Oh, take a seat, I have just the thing.

Pokemon Sword & Shield - Title Screen Music

The quality’s awful low, innit?

Welcome, one and all!

Ah, that’d be why.

Hey, he may be in jail now, but this was playing when Hop called me over to his house to get Bruce. I was kinda distracted by my phone at the time and wasn’t really paying attention, and I’m feeling a little nostalgic, you know?

And those of us who choose to raise and train Pokémon to do battle and compete… we call Pokémon Trainers! Oh! But I’m getting carried away. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Rose, and it is a pleasure to be here. Now turn your gaze to the Galar region’s greatest Pokémon Trainer, your undefeated Champion… it’s time for Champion Leon’s exhibition match!