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Part 11: An Entire Update About The Game Corner

Game Corner

There are lots of slot machines and video games you can play here. You can exchange the chips you win for a Promotional Card Voucher. I just got a few vouchers myself. Here, take one, Minto!

Of course, you can't put that card in any of your decks! Instead, you trade it and one of the other listed cards for sweet Promos! Be careful, though, because you won't get either card back. Anyway, I'm off to search for the people that Team GR kidnapped. I was so hooked to the games here that I almost forgot! Heh heh... later, Minto!

Bill's PC
This card is needed to exchange either an Omanyte, Haunter, Machoke, Graveler, or Kadabra for its corresponding evolution card.
This is a card necessary for enlistment in the "Communication Evolution campaign". For detailed contents, carefully read the remarks on the "Expansion Sheet – Green Edition".
(You can't use this card in games.)

So here's a weird card. It is an actual card that was released in the third series of the Vending expansion. Available on 2 of the 18 sheets, Bill's PC could be mailed to MediaFactory before April 1999 along with 1 of 5 cards, Kadabra, Machoke, Graveler, Haunter and... Omanyte. You'd then get an evolved Promo card back from them, which was the only way to obtain them. It's definitely, uh, one way of doing a promotion, but we'll be able to obtain all of those cards in this game through a similar method.

CHIP GIRL: You don't have any chips, do you? Here, I'll give you 10 chips! Alrighty, then! Please enjoy your time at the Game Center! Just remember that you can't take the chips outside of the Center.

You have to leave your chips at the left counter, but can reclaim them at any time, while the right counter is the prizes! We can get as many of these as we want, bar the coin, with the Present Pack being that amount of that booster, which, since we're not in tutorial land, can contain any card from any booster. You might recognise the top cards, they were the Card Pop! exclusives from last game. There's 2 Card Pop! exclusives in this game too, bah.

So you want to get every card in this game?

This is exactly how it sounds. No real tricks or cheats, you've gotta get 10 fucking heads in a fucking row. What are the chances? Well, 1 in 2, since they're independant variables, but it's a 1/1024 chance so we can go wow at the big number. So getting the Mew card is basically like getting a shiny, so congrats if you get it! I won't be getting it. As for payouts, you get rewards for 3 heads on, for 20, 40, 100, 200, 500, 1000, 3000 and then Mew.

Got kinda close after 45 minutes of trying. Even if you won't get the Mew card, because of how quick this game is and how good the rewards are if you get lucky, this is the best way to get chips and if you want to get 4 of each card, then you'll need a lot of chips. You don't need to buy any Bill's Computer though, since we get 4 more elsewhere, and you only need 5.

As for the Mew card? It's the one from the second Challenge Cup last game, uh, the one we technically didn't get. You're not missing much, though it doesn't take damage from evolved Pokemon. So, moving on!

Here's one way to get 5 Promos, I guess. Let's go over them, since I'm never gonna come back here after this update...

Tentacle Grip: Flip a number of coins equal to the number of Water Energy attached to Omastar. For each heads, draw 2 cards.

Corrosive Acid: Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed. If tails, you can't use this attack during your next turn.

Let's start with the odd one out, since it's something we could've seen when I used the fossil deck, but they're tricky to show everything if you don't get the right order, so oh well. It's not a great card due to so many coin flips, but you could use it for draws as you're charging it up. Probably not gonna though, and not being able to use a 40 damage attack if you flip wrong is proportionately excessive.

Oh hey some English cards! We did get some Vending, as well as the Promos, you just didn't know it. This was available through TCG leagues in Feb 2002 and seems pretty alright. You can do a lot of flips if you get damaged to increase your odds of more damage, but Fling is probably a preferable option since that's a lot of damage to then use with a bench damage mon or something. Still, ones where they choose the mon aren't as effective, but still not bad.


Rock Blast: You may discard up to 5 Fighting Energy cards attached to Golem. For each Fighting Energy you discarded, choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon and this attack does 20 damage to it. (You may choose the same Pokémon more than once.) Don’t apply Weakness or Resistance.

Hmm, well this one isn't as good. You can't get max damage consecutively for Rock Blast unless you have NINE Fighting energy, which seems a bit much, but man that's a lot of damage you can spread around. Still, considering how much effort you need to evolve this all the way, I think it's a bit much for a Stage 2. Oh well, maybe that's why we didn't get some cards, they're a bit shit!

Psycho Panic: If the Defending Pokémon is Psychic, this attack’s base damage is doubled.

Trance Damage: Discard all Energy cards attached to Alakazam. Move all damage counters from Alakazam to the Defending Pokémon.

This one seems a lot better. Psycho Panic pops up a couple of times and it's a very good move, since Psychic cards usually have a weakness to Psychic cards, so it's 120 damage for 2 energy, which is super big brained. Also 3 energy to fully heal you and KO any Pokemon lower than 80HP? Yes please! However, outside of those niche incidents, it's not a fantastic card and could also find itself on the other end of a Psycho Panic. But that first attack alone makes a good card.

Power of Darkness: When you play Gengar from your hand, you may flip a coin. If heads, choose 1 of your opponent’s Pokémon. Your opponent returns that Pokémon and all cards attached to it to his or her hand.

Psy Horror: Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Asleep. If tails, the Defending Pokémon is now Confused.

Last one is tricky, like Gengar usually is. If you're facing a scary evolved mon then the chance of getting rid of it is pretty damn powerful, while getting any ailment from an attack is always a good damage trade. No matter what, your opponent needs to flip well to do anything or get switching. Overall, not bad, but really, how many people really used these cards with how rare they are? At least this one got reprinted in the Web expansion...

Phew, that was a few Promos, so let's talk about more Promos! Well, while we can get a variety of Promos depending on the cards we put in, only 1 is actually exclusive to this machine, the rest are obtained through a variety of ways, mainly NPC trading, so this is a way to get more than 1 easily. Or, well, easy when you know the combinations. Look online.

Still, there's a LOT of combinations of cards you can feed into this machine to get various Promos, or evolved cards, or even a lot of random stuff, such as trading in 5 Energy Search for 1 Computer Search. Trading in Pokemon of different levels can result in getting the same evolution back, such as getting Fossil Arbok regardless of which Ekans you trade in, which you can then trade 5 of that to get 1 Vending Arbok. The combinations are endless and also not listed aside from a few extra outside of Promos! Great fun. Let's go over the exclusive Promo!

Peek: Once during your turn (before your attack), you may look at one of the following: the top card of either player's deck, a random card from your opponent's hand, or one of either player's Prizes. This power can't be used if Mankey is Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed.


By trading in a Fossil Hitmonlee and Vending Hitmonchan, you can get this cool card. Well, it's identical to the Fossil Mankey, but this was an insert to the first volume of How I Became A Pokemon Card, a manga that delved into the backstories and origins of various illustrations that also lasted for 6 volumes! Crazy what kids those days were into.

Kinky. This will be the bulk of the update, but there's 2 more attractions to show off.

Of course these are here. Depending on which symbol you match up depends on what you get paid out. No I don't know the amounts, but getting Fire/Lightning pays more than Water/Colourless.

It's best to use the golden machines instead, as they offer 5 times the rewards for 5 times the price, it just speeds everything up.

There's a very good chance you'll get something when CHANCE! comes up, but you can still fail. Lining up the only 3 Rainbow puts you into a bonus round where you can win 100/500 chips depending on the slots, or a booster pack with energy. Woo.

Not bad after a bit of playing, so this is the main reward we're getting.

Now we can get all these prizes as many times as we like!

You need to pay 10 chips to fight. Will you challenge me? We'll have a duel with 4 prize cards, then! Come on, let's fight!

Normal Duel

Ah dammit we have Fighting resistance while I'm using a Fighting deck. While on GR Island, we'll be using their own tools against them, so this is a Dark Machamp and Dark Primeape deck suggested by LiefKatano and anilEhilated. Good to lead off with the cool Promo.

Thankfully we have a card that lets us ignore resistance, since Drag Off is a very good attack to hit stuff you switch in. Or, you can do the opposite and hit something before it gets switched out, so it gives you a lot of freedom with your opponent's bench. And you know how much the AI loves slapping down any Basic it gets it paws on.

You can run, you can heal, but you can't escape! Honestly, it's a bit hard evolving Dark Machoke due to its utility, but Dark Machamp has its positives, too.

Besides, since we're not using a Water deck, this Moltres won't be doing much anyway. Also I like using Peek and other effects like it to see prize cards so I can pick the ones I need, uh, so long as I remember where they are.

This strategy will only work for so long lmao. Pawn's deck is pretty damn simple, just lots of beefy Basics to try and roll for various effects. Moltres is there so Fighting doesn't roll right over her and Magmar does some alright Fire damage. She also has 4 Potions and Energy Removals just to be the most annoying.

Paralysis is one way to get me to evolve! Nice and dependable damage with Mega Punch and then an incredibly devious attack in Fling. Usually if you throw a Pokemon away, the opponent can recover quickly by putting it back on the bench and attaching some energy. But throwing back into the DECK is so evil. Sure, they could draw it back with Computer Search or Pokeball, but only the Basic stage and it really helps getting rid of anything you seriously don't want to deal with. I do prefer sniping for prizes, but damn does this have utility.

The only thing is we, uh, need 4 Fighting energy for that, so let's show off the other half. We can finish off this Chansey no prob-

Hey, get back here!

Mmm, sounds about right. 2 energy for 70 damage is incredible, but you could also slam yourself in the face and die the next turn if you don't flip well. You can use a variety of switches, as well as using the free retreat from Mankey to get around dealing with confusion, cause 40 damage is still pretty damn good, but I tend to just eat shit when relying on coin flips, so I don't wanna bother with them otherwise. Shame, cause it's a fun concept and you can even use Imakuni? to deal 70 damage all the time! You know, if it works.

Wicked Jab: Flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.

Focus Blast: Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 20 damage to 1 of your opponent's Pokémon. Apply Weakness and Resistance.

Still, when I run out of options, I have one last idea, HADOKEN! I mean, uh, Fighting Spirit Bullet? Sure. And only if we get the flip.

Because of your victory, you may advance deeper into the dungeon! You may now leave with your winnings or continue your journey! Will you fight on? As you wish! I'll open the doors ahead! By all means! Advance onward!

If you seek to delve deeper into the dungeon, you'll need to defeat me. You may wager 10 or 20 chips on our fight. Whichever amount you pay, a victory will get you double your wager. Do you understand the rules? Would you like to challenge me? How many chips will you wager? So you're wagering 20 chips. We'll use 4 prize cards, then. Come one, let's battle!

Looking pretty similar, though the deck name indicates what fun we'll encounter shortly. Good thing about Machamp decks is Machop is so good, though we are using the Vending one also, this just shows up when I need it.

Mega Kick

Steady Punch: Flip a coin. If heads, this attack does 20 more damage.

What's that, you wanted ANOTHER Vending Machoke? Great card, 2 energy for 30 damage, or 3 energy for the same thing, but the chance of doing even more damage. Simple and has great artwork, of course I'll highlight it!

Lots of effects going around, wonder if he'll use them? Thankfully he doesn't have the evolution stopping Aerodactyl and also, uh, no Omastar? Well, his Kangaskhan and Charizard can pick up the slack when he just has Mysterious Fossils, because he will be using 4 Fossil Excavations. You might not kill them with 4 Defenders and 4 Bill either. Weird, seems like the AI are actually getting less garbage decks???

...uh, he just used Kabuto's power to devolve Omanyte, which KOed itself since it had 30 damage, so I couldn't get the prize card. Fucking big brain plays over here, goddamn.

Not that it really matters, fossil decks are always a pain to get going and it seems like he wasn't having much luck. Hell, we don't even need to be confused to OHKO his last mon.

Will you continue fighting or do you want to retire? Then I shall open the doors! There we are. Please proceed to the next room.

If you think you can compare to my might, bet me 10 or 30 chips! If you emerge victorious, you'll win a greater sum of chips back! If you wager 30 chips, you'll win 60. That is my decree! Choose now! Will you challenge my might? You're wagering 30 chips? Alright, let us begin! We'll duel for 4 prize cards!

Grass deck, this time around, surely it won't be that bad?

Ah crap Fighting resistance, ah crap confusion. But hey, I think we've got one more way around that.

The OG Machamp is still a terrifying threat, especially because Zubat is taken out in 1 turn even with resistance!

So good it happens 3 times! The AI never learns. Another load of Fighting resists in Golbat and Scyther to help Porygon and... Cool Porygon do their weakness and resistance changes. Hm, we'll see soon enough if it is as cool as it says. Otherwise, Switches and Scoop Ups let him keep his annoying mons nice and healthy, really glad we didn't see any Scyther, sheesh.

As I am defeated, I must open the door onward. Will you continue? Behold! The doors open at my call! Now continue your journey!

If you have the power to defeat me, you may go on to meet our queen. To battle me, you'll need to wager either 30 or 50 chips. Do you understand? Have you the courage to fight me? I'll take your 50 chips. Prepare yourself! I fight to 5 prize cards!

Another fight, another resistance. We're getting to the end, but hopefully we can ignore this bird long enough to snipe some stuff.

Well since I knocked out the Basic, guess he switched up what he was gonna attack with. Fearow can be tricky, but its biggest attack has the chance of doing nothing, so maybe we'll get lucky.

Just one attack will take us out. But don't worry, I've got a backup. Of course I do, do you think I was worried this whole time? Well, I wasn't! Don't put in the paper that I was!

The main issue is we need to knock out something in one hit so it doesn't retreat. Recycle Energy counts for 1 Colourless energy and returns to your hand instead of the discard, so it's very stubborn to get rid of.

Sheesh, finally. Was wondering if I was ever going to sack this thing.

Anyway, fuck outta here. We saw most of what Rook does, though he has the GB Eeveelutions to not rely on specific energy, as well as Dark Vaporeon, which is just below. He also had Moon Stone to draw an evolved Colourless mon from the deck, so he could get set up quickly if he got lucky, along with Trader and Energy Removal.

Oh no the fox has become EVIL! Well it seems pretty standard, but can drain your enemy with energy discard, which is always devilish. Emergy Retrieval hampers this strat somewhat, but if your opponent is struggling with their hand, having them unable to attack at all is the best thing you can do in the game if you can't knock them out.

How about it? Will you challenge the Queen? With my magnificent power, the doors shall open! The Queen awaits you just ahead!

It's quite a feat to make it to my throne room, I must say! My wait is over. I can finally put this duelling table to use! This is the dungeon's final battle. I am known as Queen. I'm afraid to say that this castle has no King, unfortunately. However, you should find me more than tough enough! You may wager either 50 or 100 chips in a battle against me. Are you prepared for a climactic finale? Finally, a true card battle! Best of luck to you, warrior. Sit down in the chair opposite me and we shall start our match. We shall fight using 6 prize cards!

This turned into quite the side mode, didn't it? Still, we can beat down any deck that comes our way! Right?

Well this might be a little trickier due to all the big Basics this deck is comprised of. There's Magmar, Lapras, Electabuzz, Jynx and Hitmonchan, with plenty of energy for each. It doesn't matter if she draws into the wrong one, it'll still do some damage and she has a bit of a way around that.

Woah, the absolute lad got a big attack off! If only it wasn't the only one with 80HP.

But hey, even Mankey gets a kill due to Thunderpunch's recoil! We're staying afloat.

Oh shit.

OH SHIT! Well hopefully she doesn't get another Intro Jynx up. Due to weakness, Doubleslap does 40 damage for each heads.

Thankfully Breeder lets you go straight to the last stage, even for Dark Pokemon, so we're still in this! If only I had one more energy!!!

She just threw. Now we can knock it out next turn with Mega Punch! Rainbow Energy is super useful when you need a specific energy and you need it now. The 10 damage is a little annoying, but this is obviously a better sub for mons that need 2 different kinds of energy instead of just Colourless. Oh wait we lose if she gets 2 heads.

Oh mama that was close!

You are indeed the warrior I've been waiting for! What strength! Well, then. Take your prize. And with that, I must bid you a fond farewell, brave hero. I do hope you'll come play again. It gets so lonely back here!

Alright, well, uh, that was a lot. For 220 chips. It's an interesting idea, but such a slow way to get ca$$$h, so just play the coin flip, since that's basically what we did.

Still, nothing an AR code can't fix, but that's it for the Game Center! That was a lot more than you expected huh? Well I'm sure next time it's time to, you guessed it, finally explore the island!

After all, a lot's changed on TCG Island now that Team GR have left, so let's check in with everyone!