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Part 4: Update #04: Through the Forest

As an aside, here's the in-depth look at Mankey. It's actually pretty good, aside from Defense, so it needs to hit or be hit.

And a pretty simple capture, but we won't be using it. To the box!

Finally time to head to new and exciting places.

Pretty easy to avoid the grass in this short area, nothing we haven't seen before. In this game, at least.

Also some annoying items we can't get for a while.

Let's enter Pokemon's first ever dungeon.

It's pretty tame, with grass still around, but it can be quite the difficult maze. For a five year old. Also, people will battle us in here.

Who doesn't know about this one?

Heading left, we'll find this girl who is standing on top of the grass...

Trainer battles usually have higher leveled Pokemon than the surrounding wild ones and can have up to 6, same as you. They also give you loads more exp.

Pretty simple. Mankey still needs a bit of babying.

Still really awkward...

And that's our first normal trainer battle. In this game, there's no way to rematch trainers, bar five. We're gonna take em all down!

"a PIKACHU here!"

I think I might have the last one, ever.

Plenty of items lying around, a lot are just throwaway crap we won't exactly use, but might as well pick them all up.

#010: Caterpie

Hey look, we caught a COWterpie. Haaaaaaaaaaa.

And now we're back at the entrance.

Let's find some more kid's pets to beat up and steal their lunch money.

Catching every Pokemon you come across can be a bit hard on the funds, but we'll manage.

"Let's battle 'em!"

Most trainers will come towards you if you walk in their vision. You could avoid battles, but where's the fun in that?

Get used to seeing a lot of these. This area has pretty shit species diversity in Yellow.

String Shot (Ito wo Haku: Spit Thread) lowers your Speed by one stage and can be kinda annoying.

It's now faster than me.

It does have a small chance of missing, but the game doesn't really tell you that. This is the same message that would come up if I tried to paralyze something with Thunder Wave twice.

I will try and balance everyone's levels. Pikachu will be the highest, but with only two members, it doesn't make much of a difference.

"cut it!"

Now Pikachu will be first out in battle.

"POKEMON trainer!"

#011: Metapod

Alright, new Pokemon, let's see what it can-

-never mind.

Okay, now let's see what it does.

And there we go, everything a Metapod does. Harden (Katakunaru: Stiffen) raises Defense by one stage. And it's what Metapod learns when it evolves from Caterpie.

But, if it came from a Caterpie, then surely it must know Tackle and String Shot? It doesn't just forget those moves? Well, actually, wild and trainer Pokemon alike just know the last four moves it can learn, no matter what, regardless of what it could learn by either previous evolutions, or TMs and HMs. This excludes Gym Leaders and the like, so they're not completely screwed over.

It can be a slow and painful process, but, being an evolved Pokemon, you do get a lot of exp for minimal effort.


He also had a Caterpie, but unless something really interesting happens, I won't be showing off battles of Pokemon we've seen before.

Good luck in this location. You'll need it.

There's not much else around here, so let's get ourselves some new Pokemon.

Now, I'm going to be very upfront in this LP and show you how I'm going to ignore low encounter rates and other such stuff to make this a smoother experience for all.

Oh wow, fancy that. With a very simple cheat, I can change what Pokemon I encounter next in the wild. For this instance, I save countless encounters with Pidgey and Caterpie and skip straight to what I want to see.

It acts exactly like the real thing, with the proper moveset. The only thing that won't be right is the level, it's what the Pokemon that had been replaced would've been at.

There's one other problem...

For Pokemon that aren't in the area, the sprite isn't loaded. Everything else is fine, again, aside from the level, but this is also the only way to obtain a Weedle in this game. So this is also how I'll get around version exclusivity: by not giving a shit!

#013: Weedle

Again, this is a fully legit Weedle. I just shouldn't be able to catch one here in this game. We won't be using it anyway.

That'll be it for now, since we're running low on balls, so let's continue on.

"can't beat me!"

Now this will be VERY useful.

They're both terrible.

For a maze, it's not a very interesting one towards the end.

Can't complain about free stuff though.

That should really not be a Caterpie right now.

"at this!"

"the ground!"

: I'm looking for the stuff I dropped!

Mine now!

And now we're done!

Oh wow, welcome to modern gaming.

Pewter City: A Stone Gray City
(Pewter is a metal alloy of copper, tin and gray lead)
Nibi City: Nibi is the color of gray stone
(From nibi oro, a dull gray colour)

Please stop my stuff from dying thank you.

: When JIGGLYPUFF sings, POKEMON get drowsy... Me too... Snore...

Pfft, yeah right.

You alright there buddy?



There's a couple neat things that happen when Pikachu is asleep.

Time to damn all these animals to eternal rest.

Wha? It's broken? Damn 90s tech...

Oh... hey... you're awake... great.

There's not much too this place (Gen 1 is kinda like that, really), so I'll buy some balls.

"have to go!"

Well, I, uh, it's kinda boring, maybe.

: See you around!


At least I'm not with people that amble around wanting to stare at everything.

"rare POKEMON."

"rare POKEMON."

Those are some kickass skeleton sprites.

"(MOON STONE?)" that a thought? Does this kid shaped robot we're wheeling around actually have sentience?

Pfft, space, who cares, right?

: Follow me!

Why can't I just leave and have some colour in my life...

"take on BROCK!"

Well since you dragged me here, sure, why not?

Let's go catch more Pokemon instead.

#017: Pidgeotto

If you find a Pidgeotto here, then you should've spent your luck on a lottery ticket. It has a 1% chance of appearing. Ash is one lucky motherfucker, lemme tell you. Obviously I found this legit, no cheating, no sirree.

It's also kinda hard to catch and since I che- er, have a strange bug, it's not at level 9, the only level it appears at. Pikachu would've OHKOed it regardless.

Low Kick (Ketaguri: Kick Down) is very different to what it is in later gens. It has a set BP of 50 and has a good chance to flinch. It's unfortunately one of the best Fighting moves this gen. And effective against Normal types to boot.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we'll talk about that later.

Time to catch it.

That's unfortunate, but kinda expected. Let's try again.

Hmm, that's annoying. Still, this is why I bought those Pokeballs.

Okay, this is just silly. You may have noticed it broke out on the same shake each time. We'll talk about that in a moment.

There we go, took long enough.

#014: Kakuna

Might as well catch this while I'm here, even though I really shouldn't.

Still a legit Pokemon, so I'm not complaining.

Let's take on the dumb Gym Leader then.