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Part 123: POKEDEX #057: Primeape

HP:65 Atk:105 Def:60 Spd:95 Spc:60 Total:385

You won't like this monkey when it's angry. Primeape is an improvement to Mankey and is higher in all stats. Literally, every stat is increased by 25. Which can be nice for some of the lower stats, since we're not too fragile anymore, it's not great for the stats we want, like Attack and Speed, since we have a useless increase in Special. There's quite a few Pokemon that just increase stats evenly and it's a bit of a shame, but where's the fun in making things too easy? We won't be learning many moves, but there's plenty to get in TMs, so we'll be fine. Hopefully. We can still learn Thunderbolt, if we're fucking insane.