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Part 133: POKEDEX #067: Machoke

HP:80 Atk:100 Def:70 Spd:45 Spc:50 Total:345

I wanna be, your Machoke man... So if you don't have any means to trade, then this is an alright Pokemon to use. Pretty high Attack, especially for an NFE Pokemon, but everything else is mediocre to bad. Low Speed and Special mean you get annihilated by Psychic types, but you also get a number of moves to help it, as well as good ol' Fire Blast. But for level up, you have not a lot, even a not-100%-crit Karate Chop, so you should go with other Normal moves instead. So go nuts with the TMs and you'll have pretty good range. And sure, you could take a Flying move or two.