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Pokemon Yellow

by Crosspeice

Part 141: POKEDEX #075: Graveler

HP:55 Atk:95 Def:115 Spd:35 Spc:45 Total:345

So what's new with this rock? Like with Primeape, there's an even boost to each stat, but only 15, which really doesn't make too much of a difference, since we're still really slow and still can't take a Special hit, but at least we have boosts in the other stats that matter. Well, HP, is still pretty rubbish, but might as well focus on the positives. Still need to use TMs, since movepool is pretty bare for a while, but at least Earthquake is only late 30s. After the very useful Harden. And if you feel crazy, you could always breathe fire. Roll it on to the next stage!