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Part 142: POKEDEX #076: Golem

HP:80 Atk:110 Def:130 Spd:45 Spc:55 Total:420

One of the few Pokemon you'll never see in-game, Golem is one hell of a monster, with huge Attack and Defense, meaning it can survive basically any hit you want and smack things back with an impressive bite, since it can use the great combo of Rock Slide and Earthquake. And then if you really want to get rid of something, you can blow up and absolutely destroy things. This is one of the most used Pokemon in the metagame due to how much it just completely stops Zapdos's reign of terror. But that's about it really, this Pokemon is pretty simple and of course dies in one hit to any Special attacker that looks at it funny, but when it's in the zone, it's in the zone. And that zone hurts like crap.