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Part 146: POKEDEX #080: Slowbro

HP:95 Atk:75 Def:110 Spd:30 Spc:80 Total:390

I'm not doing the gimmick from the Slowpoke analysis, sorry. Slowbro's a bit of a mixed bag. Very good defensive stats that kinda translate to good attacking stats. Slow as shit, of course. And it has an excellent typing, able to destroy many a fool. Its Psychic typing does nothing but help it and it can learn a huge amount of moves via TM. But it just doesn't hit as amazingly as its fellow Psychic, or even Water brethren. And you've still got a very dire level up movepool, nothing great until level 55. I can't even count that high! So yeah, this is a good choice. If you have the spare TMs.